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  1. see, can't handle that. I watched "My Girl" the other day with my daughter and cried. I hate that.

  2. yeah, I haven't seen that. Chick-flick, perhaps? If so, not interested. I can't handle movies that make me sad. :(

  3. oh yeah, and Enchanted, "the other man, again!"

  4. But since then, he's done x-men, the Notebook, and Superman, in which he basically plays "the other man"

  5. lets see... first movie I remember thinking "he's hot" was 'Disturbing Behavior when I was an unmarried 18-year-old. :D

  6. sounded like an order to me ;)

  7. Atton in my head>James Marsden

  8. I told you - Pretty Hate Machine. I've had it on repeat in my car the past week.

  9. Head like a hole. Dark as your sole. I'd rather die, than give you control...

  10. Be happy, K! Or try to, anyway. I've been there myself, and not much helps but time and maybe some funny movies. Watch Animal House. :D

  11. Jeez, I hate to be the one that finally breaks this to you, but eventually EVERYONE dies.

  12. See what happens when there's no topics I feel like posting in?

  13. Sup, new "new chick". :)

  14. BOOOOO. As in, scary-boo. Not you-suck-boo.

  15. You doing OK? I hope you're not still sad. :(

  16. he, he. Make a simple blunder. A funny one at that. And what happens? Did Pi simply delete your comment? No. And now we all get to laugh at it.

  17. And hi, Pi! Please don't die (yet).

  18. That's SOOO awesome. I love you, Krezack!

  19. I only lie when I'm not telling the truth

  20. Nah, he's 8. :D

  21. Nobody's talking to you, Walkerguy. :b I like Jediphile because he's one of the few intelligent people on here. :D

  22. Bao DOES have a nice muscular tushy and ripped arm muscles... I mean arm MUSCLE. But he's not as witty as Atton. :b

  23. no friends for you, huh? Don't tell me you're one of those people who thinks internet socializing is lame. After all, that is exactly what you're doing when you post in a forum... :D

  24. Hi, Brittany! And Archie! And Accept! Since it seems you'll be posting here regularly. If you're on the internet drunk regularly.

  25. watch this:

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