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  1. Actually, the realization that she didn't believe in redemption came later on Nar Shaddaa, after I trained her as a Jedi.
  2. Sounds like you got more influence with Visas than Handmaiden. Did you get a cutscene of Handmaiden "talking" to Visas? If so reload before you talked to Visas, or before Visas showed up, and you should be fine. See this is exactly why I don't really like Handmaiden, she's immature and she obviously doesn't believe in redemption. Which are bad traits in a Jedi, IMO. ;)
  3. But the planet wasn't destroyed, just the Enclave. And since that's the only thing of interest there why go back in the first game? Not to mention there were Sith crawling all about the place.
  4. Sion: "Why have you returned?" Kreia: "Because now I understand why the exile did what she did." It was always the why that Kreia wanted to know. She already knew the how because of Nihilus, but she wanted to know why the Exile choose to cut herself off from the Force rather than become what Nihilus was. Anyway, I agree that whoever wrote that ariticle is interpreting the game in a way that it was not intended. Kreia's the one that showed the Exile how the recconnect to the Force, and it had nothing to do with all the dead people on Peragus, it was the presence of Force users/sensitives, Kreia and Atton. I mean she says flat out that the Exile is hearing the Force through her: "Perhaps you can hear the Force again... distantly, through me."
  5. You can also gain influence with T3 for asking him to check. He doesn't fix it as well as Bao though.
  6. Is that the way it was supposed to play out? I wasn't entirely sure.
  7. Maybe, but you never know. Oh, I know. It would all depend on the out come of Atton's fight with Sion. If he lost then you'd get the death scene, if he won then you'd get the "Where are we going?" dialog after Kreia kicked the bucket. And that's only if you had higher influence with him over Mical. If you had higher influence with Mical you would have gotten the Atton killing Di scene, IIRC.
  8. Resolution for Atton's plot line is what I meant, like how Visas meditates in her chamber on the Ravagar and puts to rest the past, or Handmaidens confrontation of her sisters. Honestly, I'm glad Atton's death was cut in a way, because that is some of the worst acting I have ever heard.
  9. Nope that's not Kevin Michael Richardson. Zez-Kai Ell is voiced by the same guy that does those commericals for the U.S. Marine Corps. I don't know his name, but I recognize his voice. What do you mean? If you're talking about all the droids, then they are not related to the droid factory, they're related to Goto's true identity. Well the one on Dantooine was probably bombed to hell by Malak.
  10. If it was a small one man fighter/ship then Kreia wouldn't be able to get the Exile off the Harbinger in it. And the HK-50 would have followed where the Exile went to get her back. You never know, she showed up at her trial in her undies.
  11. Harbinger Captain: "We have taken on passengers to Telos..." The Exile was not the only passenger that the Harbinger picked up. It is possible, though I find it unlikely, that Kreia was one of these passengers. This is what I've always assumed, that there was another ship (a small one like Bastila's G-wing in K1 or something). Simply because of this line: "When we intercepted the Harbinger, it was crippled, drifting in space. It was a simple matter to board the vessel and rescue you. Unknown to me, however, the Sith were already on board." If they (who is this "they", btw? Kreia wasn't alone?) intercepted the Harbinger and the Sith were already on board that means the Ebon Hawk was already on board the Harbinger. So she couldn't have been on the Ebon Hawk. It also implies that Kreia was not on the Harbinger, either. That leaves only one other option, the aforementioned ship. The prologue is actually incorrect about the use of a hyperdrive. As I understand it, hyperdrive is only used to jump from system to system (ex: Taris to Dantooine in K1) Sub-light engines are what get you around insystem (say like when you come out of hyperspace at Telos and fly toward Citadel Station those are the sub-light engines at work) and these would be what T3 would use to get to the Peragus mining facility. Anyway the hyperdrive may have worked long enough to get from where the Harbinger was to Peragus then conked out. Edit: I doubt the Exile was naked on the Harbinger. The medical officer on Peragus was most likely the one to undress the Exile when she put him/her in the kolto tank. What she did with the Exile's clothes is a mystery though.
  12. I consider Citadel Station and the actual surface of Telos two different places. And while I dislike the former, nothing compares to how I feel about Nar Shaddaa. It was fun the first couple of times, but after awhile it's just become annoying.
  13. I was looking through some of my ff.net reviews the other day and ran across some you'd written on my stuff a few years back... as soon as I saw the name I thought, "I know her!" lol, I'm a dork... :D

  14. hey, girlfriend!

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