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  1. Michigan State University

  2. are you too busy writing? Haven't seen you around any of the forums lately :(

  3. Ahg! No lectures! *squeals and runs*

  4. Yes, curly brunettes are a superior species.
  5. I think Atton's appeal has to do with his dark streak. He's funny and does have some of the greatest lines but I think what really gave him that extra intrigue for me was the fact that he had a bit of an attitude and that his past wasn't squeaky clean. This is not the sort of man I would like in real life. But he's fun in a game. I really would have liked to see that.
  6. Since I am one, I'm going to have to go with brunettes.
  7. I think so too. One of the best sigs I've seen!
  8. I am a passionate Carth lover. Flame away all you want, o male members. Carth is my all-time favorite, though. He's funny, he's handsome, he's wounded--these are things women dig. However, I also really, really liked Canderous and took him around with my PC almost all the time. I loved his backstory and I thought he was a very complex character. I liked how shaken he was after his encounter with Jagi. Jolee is also a favorite because I think he's hilarious. If you take him to Korriban with you and get into the Academy by persuading Yuthura to let you in and then tell her that your companions are slaves, he will make a funny remark about how he's glad his nice master doesn't beat him so much anymore. I also really liked Atton because I also found him complex. When he revealed his backstory, I was truly shocked. I only wish he'd been romanceable. Disciple was interesting and I would have liked to see him developed further. Psst, Brittany. Check my sig for a link to my fanfic.
  9. That's how they hook you. Just when you finally get bored with the game, they bring out another expansion pack so that you'll spend hours building your Sim's business or buying them a vacation home or sending them off to college and on and on and on. I'm pathetically excited about the kitchen and bath stuff pack that's coming out and will likely end up playing hours of the Sims once again so that I can redo their kitchens and baths. And that's why that game gets a place in my top ten!
  10. Well, you got one anyway. :p

  11. I don't get to live in a mansion with expensive pieces of artwork but my Sims sure do! I get so obsessively addicted to that game because there are so many sides to it. There's the dollhouse effect, the endless lifestory possibilities, the ability to craft (thanks to Free Time) as I never could in real life...
  12. I'm working on that right now. My hubby is helping me set up a forum so that it will have a nice home. I'll definitely post the link for you once it's up and running. We're playing around with it today and I hope to have at least several of the chapters up by the end of the weekend.
  13. Just wanted to throw in my two cents about Stardust, which I also liked. It is very similar to The Princess Bride and I thought it was very enjoyable and well done. I have a serious aversion to Claire Danes so if I liked the movie, it's saying a lot. The last thing I saw in theaters was The Other Boleyn Girl and I liked that one quite a lot.
  14. Baldur's Gate II Knights of the Old Republic I The Sims Age of Empires Civilization Caesar SimTower (yes, this cheesy game is one of my all-time favorites) Hordes of the Underdark (NWN I OC and Shadows of Undrentide just don't quite make the cut) That's it for me for now. I've played tons of games but these are the ones that I've enjoyed repeatedly. There are other games I really like (such as NWN 2 and MotB) but I've gotten the most mileage out of these games.
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