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  1. I played it without any patches, and didn't encounter a single problem.
  2. Judging by the thread Canderous and Atton are better than all other male characters in KOTORs by a large margin Nobody likes anybody else but them. Interesting.
  3. It is only "better" because it was fully finished IMHO. KOTOR2 can be too weird and confusing, with all the cut contents.
  4. What I disliked about KOTOR1 was how ridiculous it was. Just think: a young, inexperienced student of the Jedi Academy managed to become a brilliant strategist overnight and led people to war. That's impossible and sounds really stupid, his background is all wrong... The same about Malak, of course. And Bastila. How can a padawan realistically threaten a Sith Lord on his own ship? (as in the cutscene) KOTOR2 had some of it, too, but such slips were all connected to KOTOR1. Fans would cry if the Exile was not connected to Revan , so she had to be "a gerenal" in the same unrealistic way. What I liked most about KOTOR2 was that there were personal motives involved. Usually characters have pretty boring motives, it's either "save the world" or "ruin the world"... and nobody has anything personal, only two main motives to choose from! But in KOTOR2 you can't call Kreia "bad", she was something else entirely, with her weird idea about killing the Force. It was weird, but it was something else, neither good or bad. She didn't want to conquer or ruin the world. Sion was not truly "evil", too, he was a slave of the Dark Side because he wanted to live. Didn't want to conquer the world, too. The same with Nihilus, a slave of his hunger.... Didn't want to conquer the world. The Exile, too, wasn't exactly saving the world! Etc, etc.
  5. There's just one thing that makes it sound wrong. The Exile was told about being hunted for being the last Jedi. But then she went in search of other surviving Jedi, who certainly weren't "dark"! So even if we assume that the Sith misjudged Bastila's alignment, there were still surviving members of the Jedi Order whom they couldn't misjudge... So either they were able to mask their presence, or... or I don't know what to think. Ability to mask your presence sounds wrong, though. Because if it was possible, then it means that everybody (!) knew how to do it, except such a powerful force-user and Sith-Lords-killer like the Exile
  6. Don't reinstall just yet, first try to use your old videocard with your old drivers! My friend had problems with a few games crashing when he bought a new videocard, but with the old one they worked fine. Maybe you have the same problem. Try the old one with your new comp.
  7. Ok, so Bastila ceased to be a Jedi or what? I mean, why those Sith Lords couldn't "feel" her through the Force? They should've known that she was alive. If they "felt" force-users through the Force so well that they could perfectly trace where the Exile was and attack, there couldn't be any problems with tracing Bastila, too! But nobody bothered with her, she wasn't even mentioned in that respect. And when she appeared in the game she mentioned no threats to herself either.
  8. Using the same comp? Maybe reinstall XP, then...
  9. How come it was so stressed that the Exile was "the last Jedi" and therefore chased by the Sith... if Bastila later made an appearance in the game?!
  10. I think it was good, it was more realistic. You're a general with troubled past, you hide from people and from your past, and then what, you suddenly go about falling in love and kissing everybody? That's not serious... Even Revan realized this and left Bastila behind But somehing was missing, I agree. Perhaps they could introduce a member of family into the game to create some "love feeling", like a brother or a sister. They did it in Doom3 movie. It'd be stupid if the protagonist was saving a hot chick, no romances were in game, so he was saving his sister. And nothing felt missing.
  11. Haha, thanx! I'm in good mood now, was in bad one just a minute ago
  12. Hm, it's strange that everybody likes Atton. He seemed more like an idiot to me, or like somebody who pretends to be an idiot. You couldn't even know him well, he wasn't saying anything about himself. And the worst thing about him is that he'd probably stab you in the back any time. And probably he'd run away if somebody attacked you, just because he's too smart to waste his life helping you A rather untrustable man...
  13. Seeing the topic about Bastila, I decided to make another one, but this time about a man. To choose the best man is more difficult, because you don't do it by how they look like For me that has to be Canderous, he was "a real man", so to speak. A man who could deal with anything, and wouldn't cry and complain like a little boy when somebody offended him. Malak could stand a little chance, but he was behaving like a fool most of the time, stupidly laughing and talking nonsense. It made him look ridiculous and funny. Darth Sion was rather interesting, his behaviour (if you played a female Exile) made him interesting. Not many people would ever decide that they should kill somebody to prevent "the bigger evil". It was an interesting idea. But he was complaining too much, I think, and proved to be weak in the end. What kind of man would willingly escape life. If he was stronger, he'd help the Exile to fight Kreia instead, just to take revenge if nothing else. Share your opinions! P.S. Revan is out. His personality wasn't clear, you could play him however you wanted and imagine him whatever you wanted him to be.
  14. I'm so happy that Bioware isn't making KOTOR 3!!! I almost cried when I heard the "news"... I want to say that they'd probably make it as standard as KOTOR 1 was with its standard plot, villains, and good guys. And who needs a standard game after KOTOR 2... Obsidian, please! Bioware's KOTOR 1 was not bad, of course, but as they say "The best is the enemy of the good". Now I'll be disappointed in KOTOR series to see just a good game, and not best... I'll hope to the end that Obsidian will make another KOTOR.
  15. Starwars, maybe you just don't like fighting or fighting the way it was implemented in KOTORs? I'm not a fan of Star Wars series at all, but these two games are so great that they're my favorite games now And fighting was the best part of both for me, it was really cool to be able to use "magic" and lightsabers, the way it all was implemented was perfect for me (unlike many other games). But it was not just what you fight with, it was how it was done that made fighting so enjoyable! As for being bored, there was only one thing I can complain about: the beginning of KOTOR2. I felt that the game lacked any action whatsoever, quests were interesting but it all felt more like a long introduction than the game, and I was dreading that the whole game would be like that.... but the game suddenly picked up pace when I went to the Czerka Base on Telos. After that, it was balanced, fighting mixed with various quests. Still I felt there was not enough of fighting in the game overall, it was especially clear on Malachor's surface. The Academy was great, though About the planets I can say I really liked all of them, but I'd like them all to be as big as Taris was. It had three levels to investigate, lots of quests, and all other planets from both games seem shallow after such a magnificent start. Think Korriban in KOTOR2, what an awfully small area, and you spend too little time there. All in all, we disagree almost on everything I'm not a fan of action in RPGs, but in KOTORs it was done in such a great way that I loved it.
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