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  1. Im going off for a while,its gonna say im online though,imma play some kotor on my comp,ill be back in an hour or two to play halo see ya

  2. Ill see it in one sec,also I sent you a friend request on xbl

  3. I like this one:

    (not my video)
  4. Lets just say I make halo machinima


  5. so, does the 117 mean you're a Master Chief fan?

  6. Thank you,and nothign much :)

  7. What's up? Welcome to the forums :)

  8. Just a xbox 360,except black/grey-ish and has a larger memory,and some automatic updates on it for origina; xbox games,which supposedley make them run much better then normal 360 updates...
  9. Its only on medium,anti alasting is on 2x,frame buffer effects for the NATURAL look of stealth,camera,and force sight,and v-sync...is it really too much?I mean my graphics card is ABOVE what kotOR 2 needs...
  10. ELITE I KNOW its bad on the 360,I meant elite,theres a difference
  11. Its only a rumor,but I heard from some of my friends that if you play most original xbox games on a 360 elite,most of their bugs,or game issues are fixed...truth or lie?
  12. Ahh thanks,and yes I DO have Frame buffer effects on,force sight,and the blue camera effect(along with stealth not looking yellow) is in effect
  13. Ahh thanks,and yes I DO have Frame buffer effects on,force sight,and the blue camera effect(along with stealth not looking yellow) is in effect
  14. No,only my video/graphics card dosent meet recommended,it meets minimum,everything else meets rec
  15. Okay,these 5 issues seem to hit my game when playing koTOR 2,they DON'T make my game unplayable,but it gets anoying sometimes,I'd rather be experiencing the full "REALITY" Of he game... I've updated all my video drives,I meet all the recommeneded requiements,except for my video/graphics card,I only have minimum,I updated my sound drivers too I believe I have the following: Graphics texture:high Anti-alasting(not sure which,the first one that goes to 8x)at 2x V-sync:on frame buffer effects:on Eax 2,and Force software unchecked... I believe thats everything,any help would be appreciated,heres my issues; My problems with kotOR 2 -Carth onasi(admiral) hologram on dantooine with Michel DOES NOT appear,only the corner of the wall,and Michel is talking to basically nothing... -T3-m4 skips his dialouge E.X. Beedt breewt dooo -My character says something,t3's dialouge then appears at my top text box thing,and im able to choose stuff again...) -Something during a cutscene after a battle,ally NPC(Master Vrook for example) DOES NOT appear in the scene until a few moments(seconds)later.... -When equipping weapons to characters ON the Ebon Hawk,the weapons will not appear in their hands until AFTER I leave the Ebon Hawk... -During battle character might teleport a few feet forward,away from the target,and must turn around to begin attacking when they were currentley facing the target... -Now this one im not sure when it actives,but it seems to be after a cutscene(like Visas on the ship,or any movie scene)I will not hear any sound until enetering a few area...(no special effects sounds,like footsteps,blasters,gernades,pressing x etc,but background volume is still in effect)This only occurs if im already in a place,not a cutscene before(loading screen time) i enter an area. I believe those are my issues,any help with any would be nice,but the only one's I really hope to be fixed would be the first 3,but If any solution for all 5 is there,that would be great! -Thanks
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