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  1. man we are already up to part 6, personally im waiting till 1.0C comes out because i want a (more) compleate feel of the project.
  2. thanx i don't know how it got turned back on or how i forgot how to turn it off
  3. i enter Security center from Control panel and i go down to other security settings and then down to UAC...but i can't turn it off, I AM an administrator but i can't turn it off, please help
  4. i disagree, in k1 if you have a high enough security you can unlock the black vulker base door effectivly cutting out the undercity, oh and you can do the same to the sith base door, if you do these things and kill jolee, carth and juhani, at the end you only have hk, bastila, and candalor as party members
  5. i found the best mod that lets me dual weild double blades.
  6. i don't know how many people out there play Star Wars Miniatures Game, but news for the new KOTOR themed set reveals that darth sion,Kriea, Atton, Mira, Visas Marr, and T3 are confirmed peices so far. as well as an echani handmaiden peice, and several k1 characters.
  7. Oh, yeah, 'cause without the Force and dependent on technology, we're the happiest galaxy out there! We aren't conquered by a race of Reptilian like sentients who use the Dark Side to build massive space stations that build fleets from pure star matter are we? The Force seems to be the reason every war has started, besides the rebellion. please, please tell me you arn't refering to the Ssi-ruuk they were terrible villians
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