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  1. The game will make it VERY clear where you will have to choose a faction. It will like...literally say the lines "The time of being a freelancer is over, and it's time to choose who you will do SPOILERISH VILE THINGS"
  2. I overall felt almost every companion is shallow or at least not developed enough for me to care about them too much. ( Okay maybe Eder and Maia, but the stories are overall really short ) - At this point I rather have them created more side-kicks with no stories, but with more distinct personalities, like evil companions with reactions here and there to spice things up.
  3. I don't know how to get rid of them, but i disagree it's a bad game design. There are default companions in the game which you can use, and don't have to worry about making your own companions. If you make a custom one, the developers expect that you exactly know what kind of companion you want, since you don't want the ones they created for you. If you are experimenting, well create a save-game and experiment. But in an RPG I think it's a completely normal design that they don't expect you to have 30 companions. It's a DnD-like RPG and companions are supposed to be a tight-party for you to play with, not an army to switch them constantly.
  4. My main is a Black Jacket / Assassin multi-class gun only character, and is fairly overpowered. - I have 4 Weapon sets - Meaning I have 8 guns as I am dual-wielding them, and I can switch between them with 0 recovery. - 4 Blunderbusses and 4 pistols. - I can switch and shoot the first volley of all 8 guns in about 5 seconds, all attacks are Full Attacks with warrior's Penetrating Strike, causing an overall 200-300 damage at the beginning of a fight. - Both Pistols and Blunderbusses are good, Pistols have good penetration , blunderbusses have great aoe and better damage from my experience. In my opinion the most powerful gun in the game was one specific pistol, it had an op lightning aoe skill. - Dual wield is far more powerful than single using your guns, as Dual-Wield will shoot both guns with a Full Attack skill, while single will only shoot 1. The game is quite easy right now and nothing requires you too have really high penetration or anything, except for the contructs.
  5. I mean, it's probably possible to implement it, but it is far easier and more simple for you to just recreate your character.
  6. They changed how they work. Now Books actually matter. Each book has a list of spells you can use by using the book, and many of these spells are only found within grimoires and you can't learn by leveling. So yes, if you find unique spells you like, you will have to quick switch books.
  7. I'd rather have them do what ( I think ) they said it would, which is add more challenging punishments for the player. I remembered that these will be curses, so I was quite surprised to see they made the game easier, and not harder. I'd love curses such as : - Level up slower. - Minus stats, instead of bonus. - Wrath of the Gods - Random debuffs on you in fights. These are just examples of course, not necessarily guidelines, of what kind of creative ideas would be really fun for replayability
  8. Recommended for PC as it was designed for it. I seldom play it with Steam controller for fun ( I am a huge controller fan ), but really...this is for PC, Mouse and keyboard.
  9. I definitely choose the Vailian, everybody else is a slimy ****roach really. I can't stand any of them. The Vailians are FAAR from being good, but at least they are not pretentious **** trying to sell you that they are doing good here. I will probably make a playthrough for Huana then Pirates after, but I just get sick from the Deadfire Company.
  10. I actually had someone tell me this is a soul-like game recently haha..
  11. I personally feel if Maia's sublcass would be available to the player, ranger's would be amazing tier. At least my Maia is an absolute beast and I wish I could play that subclass as my main.
  12. Until level 10 I feel currency is balanced. After Level 10 the game just breaks... It's definitely visible how the end-game is less tested.
  13. My Black Jacket / Assassin feels overpowered. But it's rather the items then the class really. I have 8 pistols/blunderbusses equipped, with 4 Penetrating Strike Full Attacks in a row, I can start a fight doing around 300-400 damage in a few seconds to anything. I feel it's quite broken, after that I just use some unique abilities like the Storm Pulse Bullets from The Storm Pistol, or spam Rogue Takedown and anything dies. I killed the dragon in Magran's teeth in about 6 seconds without it being able to move
  14. I encouraged her towards the darkness, so I presume I made her insane, and there is a way for the opposite?
  15. I really like those talking pets, but I think they should make them talk waaay less often, and also shut them up during cutscenes. I don't want to hear Nemnok say "I HOPE YOUR SHIP SINKS" while I am talking with Eothas.
  16. I made peace with him, by siding with the slavers in crookspur and offering them slaves.
  17. There are not a lot of charms in the game, except for 1 place I know, so you will be fine. Every character should have proper defenses though on PotD, because enemy will one-shot them if not. Apart from that really, you shouldn't worry at all, especially that you made custom characters. That's going to make the game a walk in the park. Current game -even PotD - is VERY easy, and you can cruise through it without dying at all. ------------------------------------------------------- To note a few things: - I am not sure I understand the way you use barbarian, you say you use it for more health, that's odd to me. But yeah frenzy will help a lot. - Priest is essential to every party I think, it's possible to play without them, but it's really essential. - I think you lack CC honestly. You went for high health and high damage wtih all your party members, but that won't do anything in itself. In this game, CC is king and everything. Your fighter will definitely not do enough CC. - You said the ranger pet is pointless. Most of a ranger's damage comes from the pet, if you don't utilize that, you might aswell use another class for your archer, like a rogue. - What is your monks role in the party? You didn't write anything. Maybe that character has no real purpose there for you? You could switch it to anything like a Cipher / Wizard / Chanter. - As a last note, the rule I play PotD is always, build every character to be able to handle any situation and you will have fun. As soon as your characters rely too much on each other, bad things happen.
  18. I think maybe you get more loot, because the ship does not explode. Apart from that, the ship battle is...kind of wonky really, but fun for me i guess.
  19. I like the companions, but I hate the fact that everyone is a princess. None of them AGAIN like if the main character does Evil things. Also, I haven't finished the game but I completed quests for Xoti, Serafen, Aloth, Maia.....are the companion quests....this short? Or there will be some continuation. Like Aloth's quests was...a disappointment.
  20. It's going to be fixed in time. Come on be patient. There are way bigger problems than PotD right now in the game that needs fixing. It's more disappointing to me how impatient some people seem here on the forums.
  21. Generally this is way easier, but it doesn't bother me that much, except for two things. Per encounter abilities remove SOOOO MUCH strategizing from the game. I really liked it at the start, but now I just feel It makes the game sooo spammy. The practically infinite resting. It's just op. You can summon all your creatures every fight, use all your op per rest abilities every fight. I really like the second game, I think it's superior to the first game, but it lost lots of it's charm to me as a strategic game. It became an amazing roleplaying game though. PS : The only difficulty I had was Fampyrs, and only because I play currently without a priest in my party. How do you pronounce Fampyr
  22. What did you guys do with this quest? Really interested in the other outcomes. I've entered the place, slaughtered a bunch of fampyr and undead, then I convinced the leader that I better as an ally than an enemy, I can supply them with fresh slave corpses but in return they should serve me, and he promised to give me a fleet ? when the time comes. Just can't wait to see the results... What are you experiences? What happened for you. PS. : How do you pronounce Fampyr?
  23. Given Josh has made it clear that he thinks balance is important even in a single player game I doubt our discussion is going to divert dev time in any significant way. My own view is that balance is important. It doesn't have to be balance in the sense that games like DotA strive for, but it's important that there isn't too big a disparity between class power (PoE achieved this pretty well by the end) and, ideally, no abilities should be massively over or under powered. I want (and I suspect most players do to) to be able to take a spell or ability because it appeals to me and know that it'll be roughly as powerful as its power level suggests. I don't want to have to decide my builds based on power first and appeal of abilities second. To give an example of this: I like the idea of Sacred Immolation and really enjoyed it in PoE. In Deadfire it does 43 raw damage per tick to the Paladin which is terrible. I can't play a SI Paladin at the moment and so I would very much like Obsidian to rebalance the ability to make the self damage less harsh. Similarly the Monk ability Inner Death might appeal to someone thematically but perhaps they don't want to be able to one shot any enemy in the game. Scaling it back a bit so that it's still a powerful single target ability but is less likely to one shot bosses seems sensible to me. Bro I never said I am against balance, nor that overly OP abilities shouldn't get looked at. All I'm saying is that this easily gets out of control and people start bitching about things like Faith and Conviction (a powerful ability clearly balanced by the fact you HAVE to robotically play a character instead of RP saying whatever you want, a form of power-gaming much like dumping stats, imho) and that starts creating a nearly endless loop of to-and-fro balancing, which takes some serious dev time. And all because someone REALLY wanted to use THAT ability, but not have it THAT powerful. I get it, we all want balance (believe it or not, me too) but what gets me is when everyone starts chiming in on what they find too powerful and then it becomes a cluster****, since things are already hard enough to balance if they didn't manage it in what two years of alpha and beta testing?! Try to be more respectful please, you are stepping out of line really. This sub-forum is about strategies and partly powergaming, so if anywhere, this is the place to complain about op things. And Faith and Conviction is not robotical play, it's called roleplaying. That's how paladins always were in these games. Also this is FEEDBACK, just because someone doesn't like it, it doesn't mean the devs will change it. Stop overdramatizing the topic or the situation and enjoy the game instead of derailing topics on forums.
  24. It remains easy to be honest, I suggest roleplaying on the first playthrough more. I had very easy time beating 4-5 levels highter enemies even on PotD. I even restarted the game on normal difficulty, and I keep PotD for when it's going to be a bit more of a challenge. PS: Completely misread your comment, sorry.... I would argue the meta knowledge you gain from a previous runthrough will make PotD far easier then any charges Obsidian may do to make it harder. That's true, it remains a decision if you want to wait to play the game now or not. Playing on easier difficulty still at least will leave me excited to see the enemy number and class changes on PotD
  25. It remains easy to be honest, I suggest roleplaying on the first playthrough more. I had very easy time beating 4-5 levels highter enemies even on PotD. I even restarted the game on normal difficulty, and I keep PotD for when it's going to be a bit more of a challenge. PS: Completely misread your comment, sorry....
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