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  1. Still, that sounds really impressive! It does seem like you're the furthest of everyone here. Hoping to see a recording soon
  2. Just wanted to give a quick show of support here from an observer. Those stealth runs look awesome, and seeing the overall builds/creativity employed to tackle this insane challenge is very entertaining. Good luck to all those actively working on it! If I didn't have a baby to take care of, I'd have joined in myself.
  3. Bleak walker flames of devotion. One of the tier two wizard spells also causes weakened. Cant check for more atm.
  4. I think a better way to do this is to find a characteristic all your targeted party members respond well to. Eder, xoti, takehu, serafen and maia all appreciate humor/clever options. Pallegrina, maya and aloth appreciate duty options. Some conflicts almost cannot be avoided, since sometimes party members automatically respond to what is happening, which can change their relationship to others.This is outside of your control other than removing people who have conflicted views from the party entirely. Examples of this last one are xoti vs pallegrina (religion vs anti religion),
  5. How is the availability of explosives? That sounds pretty cool actually! Classes that get explosives as starting skills seem to be only fighter and druid (?). There is one background, scientist, that grants an additional +1 explosives. I believe that is exclusive to the white that wends area. Regarding availability of explosives, there are a total of 6 cinder bombs on the starting island, 3 from near the beach where you startt and 3 can be bought from the rogue vendor at the tavern in port Mahe. You can also steal these 3 from his chest. I assume these restock over time but haven't
  6. I wouldn't mind it so much if I could counter arcane dampener as well. However, once cast, NOTHING seems to work against it. It automatically sticks to everyone, moves with them, and cannot be dispelled. It is also seemingly impossible to reflect. It is by far the most frustrating spell in the game to have against you. Having it wok against drugs (realistically, why on earth would it do that?) is just an additional kick in the groin.
  7. I had a good time with an island Aumaua shieldbearers/troubadour tank using explosives/grenades. I made the character using blessing of Berath bonusses but should be viable either way. The through the waves racial is bad but the best boots in the game for tanks are sold by the vendor at port Mahe anyway and grant might resistance. I used the +2 dex/+2 explosives gloves on him since he specialises in explosives as an active skill. Idea: he uses max might (22) to get ancient memory to 2hp/sec at level 7 (we need over +50% bonus, so 36% from might and 15% from PL 3). We give him int 20
  8. Good idea. You can also do : Base - Cleave stance Number of attacks = number max of engagement (Foes can be hurt even when there is no physical "engagement" (the link between two characters) but max possible number of engagements is the key) +No self-triggering +Primary attack. And here, engagement become Gold. : p People NEED to stack a capacity of engagement to increase the effect ! If you want to be strong with cleave stance. Engagement +2 = 2 attacks max arround. A good way to put forward a mechanic a little bit... under used in the actual system. EDIT+ : Engagement
  9. I'd like to add here that the Gorecci street fight ended up being really easy for me once I used an explosive on the group to the right. I did the fight on both level 4 and level 5 (requires starting at 4 from blessings of berath or doing the main quest in the ruins first, which also gets you aloth). I had a MC Shieldbearer/Troubadour tank with dagger and large shield modal slightly to the center of the room with Eder as swashbuckler dual wield and priest Xoti with a crossbow to the right (just the three of them). That setup worked for me, but I'm pretty sure any MC with Eder as tank ins
  10. I haven't added to the wiki yet, but I'm keeping a word document of every unique item I come across: the stats, where to find it and what the upgrades are. It's not complete yet since I started doing this roughly 30% into my playthrough and thus am missing quite a bit, but I'm trying to keep it as complete as i can. If someone wants to start entering what i have into the wiki then I could share the file as I have it now.
  11. The Firethrower's Gloves are looted from a chest in the fortress of the "Fire Giants" in the Ashen Maw: it is in the area where you can meet their faction leader. At the start of that area you can take a left, central and right way: the chest is found in the right way. I don't remember all the specific names but I tried to be as specific as possible. The cloak is looted in one of the three vases in the treasure of the "Magma dragon" in the Lair of the Ancients in Ashen Maw. The second item I have no clue which one it is. You get it from furrante as a quest reward for d
  12. Well, I made a similar post earlier in the non spoiler section and was told it probably didn't count as spoilers. Oh well. I'll go back there next time.
  13. That shield is a large shield that gives deflection based on Athletics skill and damage reduction based on Metaphysics skill. In the family feud quest you can also get an armor that gives deflection based on you Intimidate skill and on an island I found a cloak that gives Fortitude/Reflex/Will based on you History skill. Really? How do you get the intimidate armor then? Is it a reward for solving it a different way than the peaceful ending?
  14. Hey everyone, My current party is around level 14 now and has almost cleared the southern half of the world map. I currently run into the issue that I severely lack gems to upgrade my stuff further. Specifically, pyrite/emerald/mother of pearls. Does anyone know If I can buy this somewhere? Kind regards!
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