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  1. Developers don't spend their dev time based on every avarage Joe' comment on the forums. Future content is already announced and probably being worked on. Current biggest problem of the game is 1. Bugs then 2. Difficulty. ( imo ) There are lots of complaints and bug reports about the game, and there is this 1 post that points out that they shouldn't forget balance. Balance is crucial, there is a huge difference between strong builds and overpowered ones, and there is more of the latter. EDIT : I dare to say that performance is an issue for lots too, but I doubt that can be fixed with the engine.
  2. It is very realistic and great. On the other hand for me this ruined my roleplay a bit, because I wanted to be somewhat `evil`, but the good nature of the companions somewhat altered me to not be that `evil`, so I don't piss them off. Serafen also gets mad if you side with Slavers...so the only pirate companion you have is a sissy. I wish the game had companinos who lean more towards greed/aggression/cruelty. For my Evil Playthrough I will have to play with Adventures instead of scripted companions.
  3. I am having a main character based on what you say. He is a Fighter ( Black Jacket ) / Rogue ( Streetfighter ). He has 4 weapons sets, that means 8 shots. I burst 8 shots using Penetrating Shot from Fighter ( +4 Penetration ) That's usually around 200-300 damage burst. Then I finish people off with Takedown, not sur about the name ( Rogue Execution ). The game supports you with amazing guns and items for -reload time, I can only recommend this build. Pros: - Strong Burst, very quickly ( 4 weapons sets = 8 guns, Almost 0 Switch time with Black Jacket + Switch Talent ) - Lots of Full Attack Abilities that are spammable ( Penetrating Shot, Crippling Shot ) - Guns Only. ( My Blunderbusses also do slash damage against undead ) - No disposition class ( Paladin / Priest ) - No pet - Really fast recovery thanks to fighter. - Good survivability with Rogue Escapes. - PIRATES YARRRR
  4. Well I think there are options to kill them, for sure you can send them away.
  5. I haven't found a sidekick yet honestly. You just reminded me that I could just make my own team of adventurers for an evil playthrough lol. The problem with that is still that they are silent companions.
  6. Is there anyone doing an Evil playthrough with pillars? I would be really interested in tips/opinions or just your experiences about it. Myself, I tried to go as a money hungry pirate, but as i started unlocking my companions I just always somehow fall back to being a good guy. It's hard to be a douchebag at the first place because of your morals, but at the same time I am having the problem that....in this game all the companions are just...good. None of them have questionable morality really, in my opinion or more like attitude leaning towards evil. What's your take on it? Do you think It's possible to play Evil without breaking immersion? Or is the only way to play immersive evil to solo the game with no companions? All tips/hints on playing Evil is appreciated!
  7. I am really curious about this as I am altering what faction to join being afraid to lose a companion. Anyone has experience with this? More specifically I am afraid to join the Vailian Trading Company, because Maia is my favourite companion and I don't want to lose her.
  8. I have a friend doing this and I almost did the same thing. But fortunately found the character I am 100% satisfied with. What I did was, I made a character, played around 20 hours into the story and THEN i restarted as I had a clear vision of what character I would like to be the most, instead of the one i am playing. I don't regret restarting at all, the game is amazing.
  9. If you'd written this at the start of your post, I'd stopped reading it. I mean it's very clearly explained. Thinking further, this invalidates for me your opinion about the main story kind of. Is it possible your rushed the game a bit ?
  10. I haven't done that yet, but that sword is cursed according to the quest and I wouldn't be surprised if you had to complete the quest to be able to use it, or even not be able to use it at all if you kill the boss for it, as you didn't earn it. I would try to do the questline for it and see what happens.
  11. The new AI is not really complete yet, it requiers lots of tweaks and new conditions to make it fully work. I'd only use it for basic buffs and preparations, the more complicated actions I would do myself. I even disabled it, because the AI interrupts your manual actions, he thinks he is smarter
  12. Search the ruins more where you go down with the lift. It's in one of the water pools as an event.
  13. Make sure to explore the whole crypt. If you did that, sounds like someone does not care to read items he picks up
  14. You will have a better time interrupting with knock down with Eder probably. If you are going Full support with Xoti, there is no reason to use her offensive weapons at all, that's more for an offensive monk, or multi-class hybrid. There are lots of CCs apart from Paralysis, You can use Blind, Prone, Dominate, Charm, Immobilize. I have no problem CCing with them, you just have to adjust to the changes of the second game. I went with Paladin / Chanter aswell, and they supplement each other perfectly! It's a very powerful combo, very tanky and also insane damage after dragon trashed. Maia has unique Ranger Subclass and Armor specializing for Guns. I would go Solo Ranger on her and full Arquebus damage as she is dishing out insane damage with her super low reload speed! Tekéhu is superior as a druid imho, not bad as a chanter, but I think his druid class is just WAY superior with it's subclass.If you have any questions or would like me to expand more make sure to ask
  15. From playing, so far my biggest struggle is choosing who to ally. I have pros and cons for all the factions but in the end all of they seem like slimy lying bastards....at least the Princípi is straight-forward about not being good guys. All the rest are pretentious lying douchebags. The BIGGEST struggle by the end is also, that your companions lean towards one another and, whatever faction you choose, one of your beloved companions wll hate you for it.
  16. That sounds odd. If difficulty indicator is enabled, how is the game thinking level 12 area quest is not difficulty for my level 6?
  17. Wizard will help you survive close-range more, and their abilities will give you more damage than Soul whip would possibly. And I would spread the style of play what you like instead of what is better, as it will make the game more fun for you.
  18. Leveling up with any character, unequips all 3rd and 4th weapon sets from all your characters. Not too big, but can be annoying if you forget about it and end up in a battle with your fists. ( Excuse me...This was supposed to go to bug reports. Dumb me. )
  19. It's not what you are specifically asking for but Kind Wayfarer ( paladin ) + Helwaker ( Monk ) - is a blast. Your Flames of Devotion heal you each time you use it, your helwalker monk passive increases your damage AND your healing amount. You are tanky, have good damage and utility. dunehunter has a great build for it I believe here
  20. That sounds exactly what a Battlemage would say. On a serious note, you won't spend much time casting as a battlemage, I wouldn't worry about it. My aloth is a battlemage and he is doing amazing, and i barely notice him casting. There are even items helping you become a battlemage. One of my favourite points about PoE 2, there seems to be a unqiue item for WHATEVER build you think of.
  21. 1. - I consider Druid the better healer as it even has a subclass to it. Tekéhu does not fill this role though, but from Xoti and Tekéhu I think he is the better healer. 2 - Ofc it's viable, there are amazing unique pistols and items to support it. I personally dislike Serafen though for his subclass. ( There is even a pistol that promotes Pistol + Sword gameplay, really amazing ) 3 - I am using her as Solo Ranger focuing on Arquebuses and she is a MONSTER, I wish I could make my main character have her subclass. 4 - There is no such thing as too much in a party, just make sure they are all pulling their own weight, and are not useless. That's true for anything. 5 - Wizards have great CC and Damage, all you lose is experiencing how a Wizard is. He is not necessary, especially if you will have a druid or a cipher in the party. Feel free to respond with more questions if needed. Happy to help!
  22. Just play with her and gather souls whereever you can...I didn't even bother going back to the beach, had multiple places where I could gather souls and I think I have completed her questline. At least the Lantern of Gaunt is completed and I am waiting for the consiquences of my choices. Don't overthink, just play.
  23. Continue adventuring with her. It's based on time spent with her i think
  24. You can cheese the fight by constantly charming him with Serafin and knocking him down / interrupting him inbetween charms. I found this to be the only way as he is one-shotting. At least on POTD. This way you can kill him.
  25. Yes https://i.imgur.com/CLB4lv1.jpg I'm curious though, why poleaxe in particular? Pollaxes are quite unique. I tend to use weapons I can't use in other games aswell usually. Also they have good penetration and 2 good damage types.
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