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  1. It works apparently if you have the 9 metaphysics on main char and not on companion. So if you want to do it that way just respec, it was fine for me
  2. Hello, i have few questions regarding companion builds if anyone is so kind to shed some light . I tried searching for information but the game beeing really new , the content guides out there are quite scarce 1. What is the strongest healer/support between priest and druid? Im kinda liking Tekehu companion more than Xoti, but yea dont want to gimp myself very hard (my party is main char fighter, eder, serafen and maia) 2. Is Cypher with pistol a viable choice? Id would like to go that way with serafen but kinda lost how to build him optimised 3. Is pure ranger + arquebus a viab
  3. Hi, can you please share what console command you are using? i would like to make a devoted and thing that stopped me so far is the pain of beeing stuck in one weapon choice. Also for a fighter that wants to do damage but also beeing tanky, what is the best choice between 2h, 1h+shield, 2x1h or 1h alone?
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