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  1. I personally consider the Blessings' to be something for funsies, but I wouldn't take them as the standard for min maxing. I certainly wouldn't ruin a first playthrough with using blessings. Builds will be built without the blessing buffs I am sure, and if you want to get somewhat overpowered then you can get blessings. They obviously break the balance. ( Basically, behind the fancy words, I think they are cheats )
  2. I tried this, and I really think the only solution is multi classing to become a Zealot - Even the game points to that as he multi class is called Zealot. So you if remain Priest of Skaen, you are somewhat a priest, that knows a thing or two about melee. But if you really want to be a Skaen Zealot, then you need to multi-class. For the record, the multi-class is quite strong, had a blast with it on PotD. I subclassed into assassin, and you can dish out crazy burst on some enemies.
  3. If you are completely new, I would just suggest play on normal difficulty or lower, and just enjoy the game and roleplay as much as you can. You won't be crushed at all, and it will be enjoyable. BUUUUT If you insist, I personally have a good class to recommend : Race : Moon Godlike Multi-class : Figher ( Unbroken ) - Rogue ( Streetfighter ) Play as a sword + shield tank, and you will probably have a really strong character.
  4. Maia's speciality is not around the Bird, it's around guns. She reloads 20% faster and has 2 more percentage based buffs for guns that I can't name personally. She is amazing with arquebuses!
  5. I had to restart my playthrough, quite a few hours in as I had this IMMENSE pressure to start a Pirate character, it fits all of these SO WELL. So Fighter/Rogue multi-class focusing on dual pistols/ blunderbuss for me. Loving it!
  6. I just started a Fighter ( Black Jacket ) + Streetfighter Rogue, duel Blunderbuss / Pistol character. 4 Weapon sets from level 1 and it's a BLAST Human 19 Might 14 Constitution 16 Dexterity + Archipelago 14 Perception 10 Intelligence 3 Resolve
  7. Since you rolled Shattered Pillar + Soul Blade, it narrows it quite down to using buffing abilites only on your cipher as you will need to dish out melee damage to utilize your subclasses. Pick anything that buffs you, as casting damaging spells won't really affect your subclasses at all.
  8. Everything can be solved by combat of course Stealth is mostly for scouting areas on the world map and avoiding tough situations. My favourite part is that stealth allows yes....stealthy approach to quests and I really recommend it. I overall just recommend using skills for more than you think you would use them, as Deadfire utilizes them SO WELL.
  9. I have some ideas, not sure how viable they are in-game : - Helwalker : Really works with any melee as it's stacking might, it empowers your streetfighter's strength even further, but can make you a bit squishy so healing is important. - Unbroken : More engagements, Focus on locking down opponents so they can't disengage from you, I think Boeroer was testing this and sounds really awesome. This is my most absurd idea but even maybe - Corpse Eater? - make sure there are always enemies behind you, disable Gib, and while there are enemies around you and you kill them, just consume their corpses and follow on. Doesn't always work, but can be fun. Dunehunter also has a cool Bleak Walker / Streetfighter - dual blunderbuss idea, which I was testing yesterday, really great burst on it, but I couldn't utilize Streetfighter enough.
  10. From what I see, It's not there - Can't seem to unlock it on my paladin at all
  11. The good thing is that now skills are shared in party so you can focus on a specific skill with each party member ( what I am doing ). Mechanics is king absolutely. From my experience based on how often you get dialogues and the frequency of their usefullness in order : [ These 4 are absolutely king on exploring the map, all of them equally important ] - Mechanics - Athetics - Survival - Sneak ( Yes, sneaking got quite important with the new events ) - Bluff - Sleight of Hand - Intimidate - Insight Ofc you can see I play somewhat shady character, but I still feel these are the most used ones, not just in gameplay but in INTERACTIONS. PS : [ I would answer but not being able to post more than 4 times a day cripples me hard x) ]
  12. I will experimentw his Witch ( Barbarian + Cipher ) Multiclass. The idea is to use his cipher to empoer himself instead of CCing the enemy to make more damage. So Deflection / Armor or Pain link enemies and focus on dishing out damage as a barbarian with carnage. It is only an idea so far, but I think it will work.
  13. Hello! First I would like to say thank you for all the active people on these forums, helped me tremendously over weeks, learning the game! With Pillar of Eternity II, I would like to create a character that focuses heavily around using pistols or any gun really and has a pirate theme, and I am curious if anyone has a build for it or ideas? So far what I have found / thought myself : Bleak Walker / Streetfighter - This one I found from Dunehunter, tried to test it, not sure what attributes i should max, but it seemed powerful enough, though I don't think I utilize the Streetfighters passive enough. Bleak Walker / Helwalker - quite risky, but high damage! Bleak Walker / Devoted - FoD + High penetration Devoted / Helwalker - High Pen, good damage and survivability. Black Jacket / Streetfighter - Newest Idea. It drops paladin so you can roleplay in expert mode. 4 Weapon sets from level 1 - Quick weapon swapping - You will have full attack from Fighter as soon as you unlock Penetrating strike. Good damage + Survivability later. ( Bonus that the class name is Swashbuckler ) I feel ranger a bit lacking, can't really make up my mind on a good build, so if anyone has ideas, I'd be glad to hear about them ^^ Looking forward to opinions/ideas! Cheers!
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