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  1. So after hearing about how great multi-classing is, especially when I need most of my guile for invisibility, I've been checking out possible builds. However, I have no idea what breaks stealth and invisibility - and I need to know the bare details so I don't come across any irritating surprises. Is there a cardinal rule for it beyond attacks? To tell you specifically what I'm trying to build, I'm thinking about making a marauder that uses an arquebus as her main weapon (scream to make bullet hit harder), on turn-based mode. Going into frenzy has some obvious perks, and I'm hoping it's n
  2. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/frm7ja992te1wsg/AABAoPGrVc6PL0y1J6j35Ol1a?dl=0 Link to all the bug stuff there. Not sure a video or pictures are necessary since it's pretty simply: reloading that only stops when I switch to my melee weapons. Still doing it after saving and quitting the game. I'm dual wielding Eccea's and Thundercrack pistols. Other thing I noticed: I originally had The Kitchen Sink the reload enchant on in my offhand, and when I moved it to another party member its buff was still on my character. RIGHT when that character went down, the reload bug struck me, midfight. The
  3. I know about the quick switch builds, a good staple from PoE1 and all not really my thing, I get too attached to my weapons to just toss them aside like that, lol looking for more input on the mechanics than actual builds, because I like to try and whip up my own ideas any more... crunchy advice would be preferable
  4. Heya, didn't see too much on this, but I'm debating on a few things for my hearth orlan gun rogue. The big questions are pistol vs. blunderbuss, and two weapon style vs. single weapon style. I saw that the pistol modal gives me an accuracy penalty that's worse than what the blunderbuss has to begin with, but I presumably get more shots. The speed calculator has also pointed out that stealth massively increases my reload speed - which, given the diminishing returns for buffs, means that if that I make a rogue who has all the invisibility abilities then I wouldn't be worrying about reloa
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