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  1. This seemed to have gone unnoticed and I'd encountered this many times enough so that i remember and bother to post and I manage to find this before I start a new topic Basically as per OP , and not just limited to rusty dragon, any location with an on closed property will be able to reactivate that property by discarding a spell card. In exceptional cases , you can run it endlessly with a spell that could be cancelled like stride ( not tested myself but on account of OP report ) So I'm necroing this post.
  2. At OP, the treasure cards in your deck should be left untouched. Otherwise someone clicking that off in setting will be left with incomplete deck prior to an adventure. Let's await verdict from pinkrose though
  3. I strongly suggest you wait for the patch to see if it restore your game without causing loss of game data. It's supposed to be out this week , ( yes I know it's already Friday ) If you want to risk losing the data, you can check out someone's post here But bear in mind you seem to be running a emulator environment on PC and it may not work. do so at your own risk
  4. That sounds awesome. Can I run my car on that ? I wonder if the vault is recreated anew because I'd added 2 new characters to the initial 4 that I had which could explain the failure to recognize I already had a deathbane crossbow . But , this is the second instance where I'm getting cards beyond the vault limit as we know it, the first being a third masterwork tool. Had it being the case of a whole new vault, I should have been seeing a lot more copies of other cards.
  5. Got a second deathbane crossbow in a proper quest mode play through . And I'm of the understanding this is gravity vault defying stuff. So what gives ?
  6. You should theoretically be getting it before tier 3. Because the Warhammer+2 is accessible at tier3 which wouldn't make sense if the inferior +1 is made available at that same point.
  7. It doesn't come much later in 'early next week' than today. Into Thursday and it's late week in my book. So, where's my patch
  8. Looking on bright side, there's every chance that laughable goblin is going to make a hilarious return when you battling in AP 6 . In between takes of taking out tough monsters they present a welcome breather I say ! Also it being a percentage cull, it doesn't mean the beloved basic cards you love are definitely gone forever. You just need to luck into a scenario when they are not culled .Unless their intent is a cumulative cull every scenario but since they expressly mention doing away with a tracked vault I can't see how that's possible. For 'traditionalist' who wish to exercise resolute control on which goblins et al they like not to see down the line , maybe obsidian can patch up the solo story mode and introduce a mode that's closer to physical game . At the cost of disallowing characters to be swopped in and out of a traditional game .
  9. Sometimes I wish they have a speed option to toggle fast animation or remove it altogether. That combo of illsoari sounds good on paper but never make it at all into my squad. It's too slow as the saying goes :ever seen paint dry? Now you can watch dice spin as the new coined phrase Imagine doing it ad nauseum as you basically redraw that card every reset. There's quite some instances in game when I wish animation can be sped up.
  10. I'd seen this happen many times with the scenario power of summoned ancient skeleton after a henchman encounter in quest mode. May or may not be reproduced with a normal horde barrier. Haven't tested or remembered to observe it in such instances.
  11. I was more along with the thinking that having a card that adds an effective trait would have allowed you to bypass certain immunities
  12. How does the physical game handle the instance where party A already have zero potion of hiding in their vault and then have a merisiel, with an indescribable fetish for potion of hiding and thus have copies of that potion in her vault, join them?
  13. A caveat about this should probably have been made in the game about this perhaps. For now, if you have parties with multiple versions of the same experienced character be sure that there is nothing you like in the deck of the version in the party you are about to delete. Otherwise it will be overridden when other parties are played and irretrievably lost.
  14. Abit of an off tangent but I'll add this question here since its to do with trait. How are immunities in monster dealt with, in cases where the combat check have multiple trait present ? Eg, lamatar Bayden is immune to cold , poison, . I decide to throw my only spell frozen Ray at it but augmented with a flask of fire. Will lamatar be standing and smirking still or will he obliterated by magical cold fire?
  15. Now I don't know about the physical game but if that mechanic gets implemented when future packs get added in I hope there is an option for basic boons to be kept in game. As I can see what you mean by finding it useful to have certain lower basic boons still in game
  16. I expect this to be implemented at some point. Logically if the team is lv 70s the equivalent to adventure pack 6 completion on rough estimate they shouldn't be twiddling their thumb facing off black fang and ancient skeleton . May not lead to what you said about the boas being in a smaller pool and hence bring more probable to encounter . Could be designed to be a moving band of accessible henchman by tiers as the pool to draw from ( like deck b to deck 3 for any party at or below tier 3 , if your party is at tier 7 , the draw pool would be something like henchman from deck 4 to deck6 ) . This would provide a somewhat consistent size of the pool while ensuring lower end villains and henchman are replaced by higher end ones. At this point though, it's any body guess as to what obsidian have in mind. Having said that I believe the higher deck boons will comparatively make the encounter with boas easier , even if the worst case scenario happened where you find yourself facing boas more often as your party levels up.
  17. In story mode, if any single character in your party has completed the scenario in normal, redoing that scenario in normal mode again will not grant you gold upon completion. this is true on heroic mode for any scenario but you can repeatedly complete legendary mode of the same scenario for 200 gold each time.
  18. Those are non treasure cards don't think they will be salvageable.
  19. If only it's the case where the animation stop and the cards get deposited into your vault . Someone made that proposal for optional removal of animation, but that's probably not high on obsidian priority list I guess. I haven't come across the animation hanging and cards being lost myself though.
  20. Can only speak from my own experience, small sampling pool I know but still, I find (B) most likely to be the case. After getting the nth great club for the umpteenth time for instance, scrapping those many copies of them in gallery seem to throw up the singular base weapon card I'm looking for in my game.
  21. Check the merisiels in the experienced tab of party creation. You can see their decks there. If the merisiel 2 you mentioned didn't share the same source as another merisiel you created in a second party, or if you did have another merisiel made with the same source but didn't finish a game with her after you dissolve the first party, you should find the deathbane crossbow in the source
  22. I'm fairly certain the two merisiel, regardless of the source of their origin, will be distinctly different characters. Each will have their own different deck in their respective parties. If party A merisiel finds a potion of healing the merisiel in party B will not have one automatically. IF you created the merisiel in party B from the same experienced merisiel A from the party creation screen, say they are both merisiel1 in the experienced character screen, they share the same source . The two merisiel in party A and B will still have separate adventure with separate decks. However, bring cut from the same cloth, the experienced merisiel1 in the party creation screen will be updated based on whichever merisiel most recently finishes a game. The source is dynamic in that sense , but the 2 merisiel kicking in their respective parties are wholly different. Do I make sense ?
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