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  1. Congrats and welcome to the grind to tier 3 ;-pI'm still hunting for my third fiery bolt and 2nd scorching Ray and frozen Ray. I'm beginning to think there's a hidden cap on number of a specific card for a given party on quest mode. Ie, if you got only one arcane caster in your party you don't get 5 fiery bolt cards dropping to incinerate a goblin at your fancy . So if you find an inordinate amount of the same spell cards do give a shout. This could apply to other card type as well like I'd never found a second amulet of life. In other news, more proof the loot table is either random or a jumbled up database wholly different from the decks we know of from gallery ... At tier 3 I stumbled on arcane lizard which is a deck4 ally . Of course I don't got a use for it with my setup but still.. Maybe I'll stumble upon that clockwork librarian soon.. Just maybe .. Edit : devs if you happen to know or can find out info on the alleged cap on the same specific card in a given party , do chime in
  2. Nope, haven't seen any so far in quest mode. But caster especially arcane should do well with just one mirror image and amulet of life.
  3. Seems like seelah's inspired grace bug leading to seeing the next location card is a known issue . I'll just add a bit on what I'd observed. This happens on most checks except barrier check and villain henchman combat. The dice roll type gets changed to the next location card. If the next is a trap dex roll, the wisdom roll seelah is attempting will be changed to a dex roll. If the villain has 2 checks , like black fang fortitude and then combat, inspired grace usage on fortitude will be changed to the combat roll . You don't see the next location card. When having seelah use a spell to aid a companion check such as improved aid, after resolution of companion check there is a recharge check for spell card used by seelah. NOT using inspired grace at this check will see the skill button lighted and clickable after the dice roll is completing/completed. Clicking this skill button now will see inspired grace activated ON COMPANION screen . In my first screen shot it shows the wizard having the option to discard from his deck a card . note that in this case the wizard initial check was failed . Seeing through inspired grace ON wizard will see dice rolling against no check and nothing happens except wasting a card from wizard's deck ( sorry, no screen shot of this ) What happens get interesting when the wizard succeeded at a treasure check using seelah's spell aid and this bug/exploit is executed on seelah's spell recharge check. Wizard gets another roll against the same treasure using inspired grace on his screen. Succeeding at this check again will see an exploding cascade of reward from the treasure chest. Refer to second screen shot. I rolled a 4 for count of weapon but I got something like thrice that number.
  4. This might have been reported by others but not reflected in known issues so here goes Occasionally , about say 1 in 10 times, using improved mending will see the card back at the hand and not either discarded or recharged . This works whether recycling items armour or weapon so could be just the code for improved mending. I'd never use the mending version but might similarly have same issue. Patience needed if you are reproducing bug because it mostly work correctly but happens enough .
  5. And if anyone look at their vault during quest mode and sees an incomplete looking vault missing several cards , like I do, just ignore it. The loot table as far as I can tell follows the vault in gallery view.
  6. I'm not sure sure if the Dev actually read post and bother to answer the queries. Perhaps general discussion is really for self discussion amongst players eh. By now though , I'd advanced enough in quest mode to answer my own questions and here's for those who may be interested. Level cap as of now is lv 30 . Can't gain any more exp after that. It's tier 3. Character development at this point is abit further along than the story mode allows, like one more power at and one more card feat. Just short of the very intriguing character role specialization. I'd expect exp and char growth to continue once expansion packs are released. As for loot table, it's abit quirky but as a general rule of thumb, , other than tier b and 1 which basically share deck b loot, other tier mostly has access to one tier lower ie tier 2 will access deck 1 stuff, tier 3 access deck 2 etc. Some exceptions to this for certain cards exist as far as I can tell. For instance war razor +1 , light crossbow +1 , chime of unlocking , merchant are deck 2 which can be found at , well, tier 2. For most other boons, expect deck( tier -1) loot. banes and barrier, going off my memory I don't pay them as much attention though: barriers are encountered as per your tier level -1 ,just as your loot . Villains are encountered at your tier level. Although I think I might have seen deck B black fang at late tier 2. Henchman are an oddity. At tier 2 I'm encountering deck 3 henchman. Neat for those who like abit of challenge
  7. Dev, so is it possible to level up and experience character progression and card content beyond what the present story mode may hold pending further expansion packs? I'm talking about level 40, 50s etc *gulp* I was near to the character progression point similar to end of story mode for now but a glitch lost me my save game. Appreciate if you could shed some light on this so I could decide if it's worthwhile grinding it out Regarding cards contents at tier 1 my experience is that spells card in particular doesn't drop any deck 1 cards until tier 2. At tier 2, exactly at lv 20 it seemed suddenly deck 1 becomes fairly available while I get the odd deck 2 cards. At tier 2 up to lv 25 I get a few deck 3 banes and villain but nary a single deck 3 boon. If I were to guess it seems likelihood of snaring a deck 3 boon at tier 2 gets slightly higher as you progress to the end level of that tier and once you hit the next tier(4) , the deck 3 might again be readily available.
  8. Where I was at, I get the impression that deck 2 boons are like likely to appear than deck 1 .by the time I was at lv 20s deck 1 boons are getting quite common . From my experience if you want to obtain deck 1 boons you will have greater success as you hit lv 20. I haven't found anything bugged about the loot table though. As you near lv 20 (tier 2 ) you should get more of deck 1 boons and after which
  9. Where are the saved files for experienced characters stored in ? I'm on iPad . I had to quit game mid session and sometime later after reopening the app, pressing the quest button on main menu did nothing. Tried restarting the iPad, restarting app, nothing works. And when I reinstall the app again from AppStore , I find all my saved character files on quest and story mode all gone . Is there a way for you to help me restore the data?
  10. Just had a game where i had encountered 2 henchman nightbelly boa and lamatar from deck 3! This is looking great if we can uncovered banes and boons from deck 3 and beyond
  11. Yep, by now I'd come across villains henchman and mob as well as boons from deck 1 and 2 as referencced from the vault in story mode. The vault in quest mode though is largely missing all the cards I should have , but you can pick them up all the same in actual game play. I think.
  12. In quest mode, when u go into vault you will see the cards displayed in deck 1 and 2 are vastly limited. This led me to think that in quest mode the cards available for discovery are limited . This has turned out to be a false assumption. In my quest mode game I'd run into deck 2 villains henchman and mobs as well as boons belonging to deck 1 and 2. So I think the way the vault display the cards in the quest mode is bugged. In gallery or in story mode I would see my entire selection. I would post a pic or 2 but apparently I can't do it not least on iPad. iPad Air 2 iOS 8.4? Edited : the attached pic shows the vault accessed from within quest mode with the missing cards in spell category as well as entire missing tabs for deck 1 boons( villains barrier etc) . All of which can encountered in game though. Also noticed the way that quest mode lump the banes into one base B and hence account for the entire missing tabs where they should have appeared in for the various decks . For instance the attached pic 2 would show henchman from deck 3 ( story mode or gallery) encountered in quest mode but labeled as deck B. However I couldn't find this henchman card in vault ( quest mode)at all, certainly not under deck B.
  13. For those interested on quest mode cards availability, I'd like to report on my findings after having taken my party to lv 20 and hence tier 2 . To my pleasant surprise, the academy instantly made available 2 spells for my wizard upon hitting lv 20 on my first scenario. One is scorching Ray and the other is fiery bolt. Previously, these 2 cards which are deck 1 cards , are never seen in my play through on quest mode even in legendary mode. The significance of finding scorching Ray is that in my vault screen accessed from quest mode, the only deck 1 spell available is the fiery bolt.( which might be. chest -only card) Finding scorching Ray seem to suggest that in quest mode it is possible to even uncover cards that are normally available as seen in the vault at main screen or in story mode. It could be the great number of missing cards seen in vault under quest mode could just be that - an interface bug. They can still be found in game under quest mode. Hopefully I will find my theory consistent when I make more play through.
  14. I'd finished many times over the story mode and have enjoyed grinding up my party in quest mode now that the patch have enable quest mode play. One thing I'd noted from my lv 17 party is the lack of available cards from different decks. Unlike story mode the cards I have unlocked are barely accessible . Except for the basic B deck, most of the cards in the rest of the decks ( 1,2, C etc up to deck 6) aren't available when I looked at the vault in quest mode. Will there be , at any point in my current game after further leveling or at future game patches , expansion to the selection of cards available for quest mode? I hope to see full selection of my entire vault in quest mode. Second, one of the perks of playing quest mode is the prospect of leveling and choosing new roles ( eg, crusader for paladin ) for the characters in the party which, at this point of the story mode campaign , isn't available yet in the story mode. I hope to be able to grind up the characters to where they can access the roles at higher level even right now . So, will this be possible or will levels and class and role advancement be capped at a point equivalent to where the story mode is at presently?
  15. On the few occasion I manage to get past the screen freeze in v1.0 on quest mode, I found the available turns for 2 char party at a low 8 turns per scenario. I'm not quite sure if it's by design because then it would take some luck to actually complete those scenario
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