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  1. Just as I feel genuinely sorry for anyone who drunk posts to the Pathfinder Adventures general forums.
  2. I think they made a mistake in releasing it when they did. Sure, I wanted to be able to play the game just like everyone else, but it was very buggy on release and really for the first couple of weeks it was out. Multiple easily reproducible bugs involving key components like Seelah's base power, cards that roll to increase difficulty before combat (the Justicar guy from deck 1 or 2 is one example) not adding that increased difficulty to the right roll, and combat dice converting strangely to d4s are just a few that immediately come to mind. The initial known issues list was quite long. No
  3. Agree completely about gritty MMOs (or other games), these days so many games make things way too easy. It's not a MMO but if you haven't tried it but like challenging/gritty games you should try Dark Souls. More of an action game than I usually prefer but I really enjoyed the style of game, it reminded me of a time when you couldn't just look everything up on the Internet when solving a quest in a game. And I actually felt a sense of accomplishment for the first time in a long time in a video game, when beating some of the harder bosses. In terms of tabletop games, I second the mention
  4. So to explain my strat a bit further - one of the reasons I send low Cha characters to the village house is... What else are you doing with them? If you don't do it that way, you are basically writing off the turns of those characters are useless in terms of acquring allies to win the scenario. Also while the village house is important, there are other locations with 2+ allies (not including random extra allies) at least in 6 character game. And this strat definitely varies depending on how many locations are available that have at least 2 allies listed for the location. In a low chara
  5. Btw Kamikazi, I also play Sentinels and while I agree with you overall on he pricing, what I do like about that product is while the price points are similar, they do have somewhat regular sales on both the base game and the season pass. And you are paying one time and then getting all the stuff. Maybe Obsidian will do occasional sales as well, I think I'd be okay with the pricing if that were the case. And Tobold, that's exactly why I referenced clash of clans in my post. This doesn't have the same target audience and yet the "gold shop" in pathfinder has the same feel to me as when
  6. Actually, I'd slightly alter that strategy. The village house is the most important location so definitely send characters there. But because you can acquire allies there automatically by recharging a card, I would send your worst charisma/diplo characters to that location. Then send your better charisma characters to the Dam/Waterfront whichever other locations have the most allies and actually require normal checks to acquire those allies.
  7. As (I believe) the main full f2p player posting in this thread, I completely agree about the gold aspect. Gold is way too easy to get right now and frankly they need to worry less about what difficulty people are farming gold on and more how just plain easy it is to get gold right now, period. As I said somewhere above, barring just wanting to "support the product" I honestly don't see why you'd pay money for this game right now. Take the price point argument out of it, it's just super easy to get everything for free. This isn't on the players. Obsidian designed the game this way, nobo
  8. If that's all you want, pay your $25. Play only in Normal Mode. Ignore Heroic and Legendary modes, ignore Quest, and ignore treasure chests. If you play the game in nothing but Normal mode, you should be able to play exactly what I played in the physical version. But that's the thing. It's not. At least two mechanics in the game are/will be modified for the digital game. The ability to pass on rolling for boons and the culling of cards once Basics/Elites will be removed. You might not care about those things but some of us do.
  9. There is no hate Borissimo, I've never played a game I hated and don't plan on starting now. I simply disagree with their decisions in creating this game, from the in game currency stuff to the price point decisions. The difference between you and I is that I can respectfully disagree with your opinion, but for some reason you choose to outright dismiss the opinions of others as something that should be "utterly dismissed."
  10. If it showed the victory screen and you weren't able to progress then that definitely sounds like a bug. But part of the problem is that they don't explain the mission very well. The victory condition is acquiring at least as many allies as Magga "eats" before you either run out of turns on the blessings deck or all the cards in all the locations are gone. The problem is that while the number you've acquired is listed correctly, the number listed for Magga is just the total number of random cards that she's eaten. Some, all, or none of those cards might be ally cards. It's unknown
  11. But that's exactly what I'm saying. They can charge what they want (obviously) but I think it's high compared to what apps generally coat. Would I pay it if there wasn't an in game gold option? Maybe. But it wouldn't be an automatic purchase like if it cost $15 (which is still high-ish for a paid app). I'm just saying that in my opinion they might actually make more money if the game was a bit cheaper, because sure all the hardcore Pathfinder people who want to support the game are going to pay the $25 regardless. But when you get to people like me who don't think that way or people who
  12. This feels similar to me to the +2d4 goblin difficulty power on Approach to Thistletop, but worse. Completely out of whack with the other stuff. I'm just not sure if "balance" among different missions of the same relative level is something they are even interested in. It kind of seems like having an occasional scenario, wildcard power or heroic mission power that spikes the difficulty much more than other similar powers or missions at the same level is intended, since this isn't the first time we've seen this.
  13. This isn't necessarily a bug. I think what some might be missing is that all allies aren't necessarily acquired by either you or Magga. If there's 18 allies total and you acquire 6, but you failed to acquire 6 as well, then Magga must have gotten the other 6 and that's a tie. I mean this could be a bug but it's hard to tell because the "number" listed for Magga is just the number of random cards eaten - its hard to tell how many of those are allies. You can't even really tell by counting cards during the scenario because each location deck gets 3 extra cards put in, out of a random pile of
  14. The treasure cards may seem "extra" to those of us that played the card game, but to someone just starting out on the app, they are part of the game just like anything else. So to spend $25 on the game (which is a good amount for an app) and not get everything could be a little frustrating, now that you pointed it out I can definitely see that. I played MtG when it first came out and dropped a lot of money on random packs and am glad that current card games have moved on from that system as well. I agree, I'd much rather have a system where you drop X dollars and unlock the whole game vs
  15. Well even in that post you linked when it "works" he says he didn't see every B/C/1 spell, just ones he'd encountered?? Something's definitely off.
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