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  1. Great seems like new expansion packs are due from reading this thread. I think bugs doesn't do any one , developer or players , any good so I'm prepared to wait abit for quality assurance due process .
  2. Can't see the Dropbox pic on my iPad but for the curious if you stack up enough die you will find the game running out of screen estate and the subsequent die stacking up in the middle . I don't know if those funny stacked die resolve correctly but I don't remember setting new high scores though whenever I tried it !
  3. The magga is hopefully by now a known bug after having being reported by myself first ages ago on these boards I think. Just treat it as a villain boas for now and expect to clear the locations the boas style. I cannot be certain for the life of me if I had such a setup like magga plus 7 boas in questmode before ( I thought I did having vague memory of magga and all 7 spots closed but it's been a while) but just as with most of the locking-up bugs inducing forfei, just have to forfeit and run another game .
  4. Great post made more impressive it was written under the mighty power of tequila. Easier said than done! Also a good tip regarding Ambush. Yeah, it makes the combat a little more difficult, but I've won games because I was able to dig down to a key villain/henchman when running low on time. Well, I had another power write up coming regarding ezren and some other tidbits but I'm glad the tequila stopped me from posting more. especially the bit about ezren who can morph into game breaking godmode. Still I hope this help folks who want to consistently beat scenarios in legendary in 6 man though. And Nice contribution by bajie and kudos for doing ironman permadeath which I hadn't done before . Very good tips which I might have overlooked.( or hadn't made it through in my inebriated state) From my play through before I stopped playing for abit I largely find if I can utilise the core rule #1 consistently I have a near 100% completion rate across all the riffraff combos of condition the game can throw out. ( variants combo inclusive of boas, night approaches, in addition to specific story mode scenario power etc ) . The holy or is it divine candle can be a game saver regardless of party size or scenario condition such as for times when you dawdle a bit looting rather than clearing locations. That said with new cards and generally as I had expected before , as the party level up the 'impossible ' conditions become much more manageable and the tough ones becomes trivial. I don't recall my last 30 games using it even though I usually have someone stashing one away in their pack for that rainy day. Happy gaming folks
  5. Contrary to what you may have believed or envisioned for questmode at higher tier, locations variety actually dwindled or in fact you are just playing with the base or tier B locations. You get more boss variation but this is an instance I actually do not think more variety of the lower tier is actually good for game challenge. I don't imagine black fang and it's ancient skeleton as excitable encounter just about every odd rerun of scenario at tier 4
  6. Seeing little by way of gameplay guide on this board, I'd like to present some of the gameplay tricks I'd used in my games so far. The game is pretty balanced in that you can probably finish the game with any party that strike your fancy that said, there are some characters that's inherently more suited for the more demanding set of game conditions. If you are a veteran player or a semi casual player who isn't quite interested in the meta gaming , feel free to skip by. If you are a player who like to get a measure of the game on your own terms like I am, please note this could be a spoiler of some sort. For everyone else who struggles with the game especially on larger parties in higher difficulty mode or just want play better i hope this post will be of use to you to improve your game experience. This is by no means comprehensive and is more really some observations and tips in gameplay I'd uncovered in my numerous play through. I certainly have neither the patience, inclination or competance indeed to write a comprehensive guide that I would approve of With caveats done, let's head on to the gist. For all considerations the typical setup will be a six man party in legendary conditions in this digital edition of the game. 1) run as many explorations as you can in a single turn, for every character. If there's only one single rule that you need to abide in and which all others can be distilled into, this will be it. In fact, if you are able to do this consistently I believe the game under most conditions will probably be a fairly easy task to win. And in fact, I can stop writing here. So my foremost apologies if I'd misled you into thinking there's something you don't know of in here. A)For most characters, the means of extra explore comes in the form of allies and blessings. It goes without saying that every single ally you can include into character deck should be capable of exploration on discard. There will be some characters for whom you will feel it's necessary to include certain ally that give boons rather than free exploration such as healing (father zantus) to extend their survivability and this goes back to what I mentioned above about optimal characters and the not-so but for the most part your aim should be to stock up on allies that provide an extra explore. Blessings . Do not waste any single blessings you may draw on beating checks if possible. There are various ways with which you can ramp up the die count without blessing and, failing which, there's an order of priority which I'd like to observe when deciding whose blessings I'd use. i) divine casters are gold for general purpose dice ramping and this game provide all forms of different aid and guidance spells. Use them primarily when available especially in aiding someone on a weak die check(charisma for harsk for eg.) and equip as many as you can to all divine casters you have in party to increase the odds of finding one when someone need help with siren for instance. Think of such spells as, in effect, blessings used to increase die count- you simply can't have enough of them in a sense. The spell "find traps"is simply invaluable for when you would, surely, run into a barrier and one of first spell I'd go for in such cases. ii) if it's a combat check, use those orbs or cloud spell.have the casters equip at least one if not more and you can have Lem punching the villain dead naked if you have enough . Those cloud spell, incendiary cloud being a fav of mine , works a treat in horde situations and could mean the difference between facing that zombie horde again or clearing that location this turn. I'm positive they are a reason for lem not being rage-trashed in my party at least Or, if you have Valeros or harsk, or lem activate those abilities. Goes without saying that if you need to recharge a card to activate them, choose anything but allies or blessings. iii) when out of options and before using a blessing consider the implication of failing the check. Some aren't automatically doom and gloom and self-banish after resolution in some cases with some barrier or banes.( which means you don't waste that exploration) If you have a stash of acquired item/armor/weapon after a run on your current turn, or you have an armor card you could risk taking a hit from that barrier or monster. It's ok to fail a check at times. Iv) when all fails, use a blessing from the character that has the least remaining location deck cards OR an excess of blessings/allies to what's required to complete his exploration of his remaining location decks on his next turn. The latter is for the case of a boa henchman scenario or when the henchman/villain happens to be the last card. lacking that one exploration to close the location means it cost another 6 turns before you can do it again and 12 turns before you can use that character on other locations. Significant. For this reason it's of strategic importance perhaps to place the strong characters who can trailblaze that bit better ahead in the order of taking turn( for eg, seelah as first to go, you get a better sense of how many explore you need for next turn to close her location and can assuredly figure out if she can spare a blessing as her hand will probably consist of more blessing than the remaining cards in her location deck provided she had a good run) B) it's also important to know how not to oversize your dice count so as to not waste a blessing when you have to absolutely use it. It's no rocket science here and you don't need statistical models either to compute how many dice are enough in my experience. I use the mean of the die , rounding down. Eg, 1d6 will have a mean of 3. Add up the mean of all die you have ramped up to see if you meet the check. In important checks such as closure , feel free to add an additional die . C)how many of blessings/allies you can draw every reset , other than being dependent on hand size, also depends on how much of a clean hand you have prior to reset. For this reason I don't like to keep that belt of strength(if I even have it at all) on hand. It gets discarded, along with extra weapons. Armour get recharged always. Use that cure early , like when you have only blessings or allies in discard to recharge back. Have improved mending on hand? Discard that sole weapon at next monster , and redraw it back with improved mending, before discarding it again prior to reset if you have weapons left in your decks. Have an aid spell on hand? Use it even on a goblin next other than a sole weapon or blessing/ally i don't usually have any leftover cards prior to reset in order to draw as many blessing/allies on next reset. For this reason, this style is not without risk such as if you pulled a fantastic hand consisting of all blessings and meet a goblin scout that snipe you for 3 damage. By and large though, I'd had far greater success with it than lamentation of a goblin kind. D) hold off on those cures. Either use it early if you draw it or if late, when you really need a heal or risk dying. You may recharge blessings/ally but you will equally recharge all those potions of glib , club you picked up and discarded. It's actually sometimes a good idea to not recharge those weapons if you have the option to do so indeed. For divine casters I don't have more than one cure on deck and at times I go through an entire scenario not using a single cure or lost a recharge check on early cure of blessings. In the case of certain divine casters such as seelah, Kyra, there is an option to optimise their deck in the midst of the game and cure spell in both its use midway through the game and in its inclusion in their deck actually impede the quality of draws more than its benefit. Will stop here and add more as I find them or when the tequila leaves my head . Feel free to contribute , comment
  7. Hmm lots of post on this very issue in this very section, even right the day after 1.03 .
  8. Yea some sort of eta even a loose one will do. After ap5, ap6 ? After all bugs ironed out ?
  9. Re: location cards if you haven't played tier 3 lv30-40 you will find that, when you do , the locations in ap1,and 2 which you do get in random scenarios in 1.02 lv20-30 are missing.not only are the new ap3 locations off the menu but the previously accessible ap1 and 2 locations are mysteriously gone. At lv40 I'm just dealing with location cards from deck B every single rerun I play through. When I'm expecting shimmer glen etc even bugged as it is currently. it seemed to me that locations cards from the new ap3 weren't introduced properly into quest mode Next wildcard powers conflicts, conflict of existing wild powers,when they were for most part fine in 1.02, with new henchman/ villain, new bugged villains themselves etc what do I see? I see these banes and new wildcard powers relating to ap3 weren't introduced well into the quest mode system. So when it comes to the notable spells absentee please forgive me if I think the spells that aren't there are just part of many things of ap3 that didn't make the transition well into questmode. main point being: the new content of ap3 in 1.03 ( wildcard powers, boons, banes location card ) are just really not implemented well across questmode hence why I feel questmode as it is is rather like a beta.
  10. If I remember right if you add the wand to combat check after other die ramping , and then decide it's overkill and want to take off other die, the wand kind of warp the computation of the dice on table. Or if u simply click the cancel button, everything including the wand falls back into your hand but your integer modifier to that combat check gets a -2 and its permament until you resolve that check. The net effect attempting to reset the dice sizing with that wand already involved is a deficit to your base roll for that check
  11. Great to see some of you chilling and enjoying the weekend in your own ways. I had one of those days when the gritty side of life caught up and you got to deal with it . Made a few trips to the vet to get my cat sorted. By the looks of some of the hobbies you guys have I'm the real nerd here and I could only dream of doing stuff like hiking and biking I have the typical Crpg gaming history some of which were classic shaped by the hands of obsidian such as nwn 2, kotor2 and some mainstream mmorpg. I'm being frank when I have no idea what those games you guys mentioned are really and sometimes it seemed I managed to find myself in the wrong game forum but this digital edition of the PA card games does has its charm and I'd always have that nerdy liking for strategic card games. Bridge remains one of my fav classic card games
  12. For some background on what this post is about , please read my thread here. Between the hosts of missing locations and various game bugs, please forgive me if I say I get the impression the questmode wasn't really ready to roll out in 1.03. Specifically for the missing spells though, I find it easier to think it's been omitted as an oversight against the various things I'd seen in questmode , rather than to think it's been purposefully retrofitted as Deck 4 spells. Because that is what it is if we only get the spells in tier 5. I don't know about you but rebalancing a deck 2 card to 4 is a huge jump. This though is really about the incomplete state the questmode seems to be in 1.03 .i just chose the missing spells as the main thrust is all. And I'm not even talking about how far off it is from what obsidian want it to be eventually. Pre 1.03 despite the grouses many,not me, have for rebalanced loot table I still find it for the most part playable and consistent. This one by contrast feels like a beta.
  13. No pic , else this post wouldn't exist No swipe, no haste present at up to tier 4 . Something isnt right with quest mode in a big olfactory manner and you know it. Please include it in Ina fix thank you.
  14. Everyone's favorite serpentine pal probably wasn't given the attention for its exclusivity in questmode hmm. 2 main bugs with her 1) forces check to restrict attack spell usage despite pointed lack of any motive or ability for character to do so. See pic 2) after beating its combat check, black magga exhibits startling sneakiness that belie its humongous size apparently as it vanishes without so much as a trace and fanfare, in stark contrast to its grand and thoroughly enjoyable introduction in story mode. Not only that, it left the adventurers bewildered when the closing screen and those sought after 200 gold didn't materialize. It's still game on ! As they say . What this means is a sequel is coming when our serpentine friend exact revenge but for now, if you really want those shinies you gotta work your arse to close every location that's, well, infested with boas. For Sparta ! You can almost hear ..
  15. See pic where the veteran trap rightfully has the listed check to beat at 12 but after returning to game after quitting to force re login to gamecenter veteran got demoted to basic with the base 8 check I guess. Haven't tested but it probably works in story mode.
  16. Whilst that may have been the intention but over the years since then, and I had a peek at the base cards pre 1.03 of future packs, I noticed there just aren't many armour with the discard effect. Of course, just another impetus for obsidian to add more treasure armor card to flesh out the instance here wherein that power of guardian valeros seemingly has little applicable usage
  17. Whilst that may have been the intention but over the years since then, and I had a peek at the base cards pre 1.03 of future packs, I noticed there just aren't many armour with the discard effect. Of course, just another impetus for obsidian to add more treasure armor card to flesh out the instance here wherein that power of guardian valeros seemingly has little applicable usage
  18. I alway recall I'm extra careful in using that wand in story mode because the cancellation bug is extra nasty with this one. I just always start the dice ramping by using the wand first if I want to use it at all, followed by adding other dice as necessary. In case you forget that and want to remove the wand, don't press the cancel button but try dragging. As for the bug and general messing up the dice count it's part of the cancel bug that is widely acknowledged I think.
  19. Yea whatever you want to do, just select the group of cards you want to scry and NOT press the cancel button. The safe way if I recall rightly is to cancel when you go to the overhead map.
  20. As with all 'why' question pertaining to design and rules , I'm sure obsidian will for the most part adhere to the core physical game rules.
  21. I'm with borissimo there with regard to the reason why I have seoni there instead of other sub par diplomacy specced character without meaning disrespect for other viable strategy of course. And she will be assigned the first to go in case random pick has magga feasting on village. With her handsize of 7 by then she's far likelier to draw more than average of 3 blessing /ally in first draw . Even considering sajan who has a higher distribution of blessing/ally than seoni, you will need an extra die ensure proper success rate in acquiring ally ( and this scales upward more the higher difficulty modifier you get for ally acquisition) and even with extra die it doesn't come close to seoni natural 1d12+6 at that point I believe ? Unless you for some reason spec sajan totally in charisma . That would be some charming if toothless monk indeed. Still at 7 hand there's no one better to tear through village location than seoni with a high probability at third round she will be the earliest character to go after the first of 2 vacant location thereby leading to possibly more ally acquisition there too. Might have something to do the make up of the party , for eg, since I have Lini she will man the location with second best mix of ally. Edit: on that bit of multiple characters staking it out at village, which I kinda left out, it's abit arguable whether it nets you a net gain so to speak. I say that because one extra body you have at village would mean missing out on one extra location exploration( average of 3 explorations for that spot in one round of turn by my estimate ) so what you actually gain by netting one or 2 more ally in village by virtue of extra body you might miss out on netting that number in that abandoned location. Not to mention the fact that on legendary, movement is a hassle and village happens to be like one extreme end of the chain. Also, I remember in location where normally there's 1 ally, in HCTF , I have seen 2 more extra allies. The opportunity cost of leaving an extra spot unmanned can be bigger than you imagine . Regardless, I feel even if you fancy the gambit of placing more egg in one basket as opposed to a balanced portfolio ( forgive the financial parlance ) , seoni or lem has the be first to go in village just for the eventuality that magga likes villager food early, and of course , in seoni case there's a possibility her burst given her superior hand size ( and if u like me picked up the ability to banish father zantus for 3 more draw) could clean up village location top heavy with allies. If you want to place your eggs in one basket , make sure your front runner has the legs for it.
  22. The game is probably demanding in terms of knowing the exact terminology and what it means. In this case playing the armour means in a situation where you discard the armour for some known effect stated on the card description. Discarding the armour to reduce combat damage doesn't count toward " playing " the armor card so presumably you are unhappy over this , that you can't recharge an armour you have to discard from damage or burying. As of now most armour doesn't have the discarding option but maybe there will be more in future packs. So it is working as intended I believe unless a specific armor card with discard feature doesn't recharge with that armor mastery
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