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  1. Yeah, I just got my account reset like that. I'm out of words....Could you check to see if you at least kept your Treasure cards, because all of my Treasures in the gallery have also gone missing. Now I'd just checked my account and likewise, my account is blank slate. I hope this is not a global reset of all playfab accounts Even if they can't restore the exact Treasures - I guess they can always compensate us with free Treasure Chests. I'm really worried what this'll mean for my heroes that have Treasure cards in their decks (basically, all of them). If this reset has broken them in some way, I think I'll be just about done with this app... at the moment , when my account was a blank slate , I'd checked the saved characters in quest mode and story mode and they are untouched. Makes sense because their data are stored locally so you needn't fear their existing save files being tampered with. Recheck restart your app and see if everything's fine now
  2. Whew, guys it's a temporary glitch after all. I restarted my app and everything's back in order. Chest purchase , gold count, gallery cards etc.
  3. Yeah, I just got my account reset like that. I'm out of words....Could you check to see if you at least kept your Treasure cards, because all of my Treasures in the gallery have also gone missing. Now I'd just checked my account and likewise, my account is blank slate. I hope this is not a global reset of all playfab accounts
  4. I like the whole art style of magga making its appearance pre scenario and its chomping animation in scenario. Very suitable for the mobile game it is and gives the storyline some added graphical representation. However I do wish there's an option to fast load,or skip past its repeated CG because after seeing it past the first few time I wish to speed up proceedings. In fact this is not not specific to magga but a few other CG in story mode too.
  5. Doh, whatever the reason publishing this just so hundreds if not thousand of users get to " try" their hand at the glitch is bad form. Not knowing which Dev is on and indeed not knowing how to contact them is no excuse for this. There is a way to inform them through proper channel than the equivalent of the equivalent of youtubing it " I told ja, it's a bug ! ". Private message the mods. I'd already pm one on this prior to this post surfacing, For that matter , compounding the issue is the long weekend where I think the Dev won't be checking the boards much if at all. But in case they do, I hope they moderate this post and check in on this issue.
  6. Interface bug Such as this most likely due to being an unsupported phone device. I haven't encountered any recharging card
  7. I'm not actually seeing this bug. If I remember right I see more than the usual few card available from vault to replenish various extra card slot or banished cards.
  8. As topic. All is good if she moves at end of her turn and is given option to move adjacent allies to her. But if she stays put at her spot , the option to move an ally isn't available. Which should by all account have been possible too.
  9. I beat the scenario on normal and heroic but on legendary after victory the box wasn't ticked for some reason. Has anyone experienced this. Edit :Nevermind. Weird, got the legendary check after several wins after all.
  10. There's a rule that makes it possible to play 2 attack spell in the same combat check by same character? I'm not complaining since it's useful for overcoming the incredulously bugged story mode on legendary . Right now the game forbid its use before an attack spell is played, not after. It can and I thought it should, by my understanding of the wording, be usable when other teammates get into an encounter.
  11. Scrying , Hannibal. A treasure card higher version of augury Cancelling will render the screen unresponsive where you would need to do vault back n forth to 'reset' the inteface
  12. Unless I misunderstand the writing, that location should be offering a choice not to reset hand so in case a character is dead upon the next reset , he can be parked there . However both option "finish turn " or " reset hand" leads to a reset as per norm anyway.
  13. In an effort to retrace the bug I'd made a video recording of it. Basically, in a heroic scenario I find myself playing with into the mountains and full pack as the wild card power. I find myself having to bury a card upon defeating a henchman even if the powers didn't suggest anything of that . That is not the only bugged instance I'd encounter in this specific scenario but I'd failed to reproduce it or caught it on video. Will update if ever I come across them again. Video here Ps: the video also showed a bugged incendiary cloud that can be used with another spell. Sigh, I'll open another thread In another instance, video here paired with pained memories wildcard, I get the 1d4 force damage upon acquiring a blessing no less. Suspect that the wildcard power crosswired to the scenario power. This if consistent will make it pretty much impossible to complete the scenario in a big party
  14. Refer to description in pic; " if proficient with heavy armour , bury it instead " not sure if heavy armour skill has anything to do with this being a light armour. Not tested if heavy armour skill is really needed to bury it at all.
  15. As topic Besides this, as widely reported, the expanded spellbook ability is hugely bugged under many circumstances and fail to activate especially when playing a spell to aid an ally not on his turn, or as I'd reported earlier in 1.02 under horde situations.
  16. Could be part of the cancellation bug. Pic shows the interface error after canceling the spell.
  17. Good to know, fingers crossed the approval process will be snappy quick however unlikely it will be
  18. So where's the patch fellas? If they are finalizing the patch on their end only today or tomorrow, that Apple approval process is hardly likely to publish it worldwide the following day is it ?
  19. I don't usually have an issue with the cards rarity and such as I feel gold reward is pretty,no make it very, generous for a mobile app such as this. But reading that treasure cards aren't fully in the game yet and therefore early adopters of chest opening are simply getting more duplicate for their money or effort seem very off putting to me. I'm at the point where I am not even surprised I don't get a new distinctive card from 48 chests and it sucks to know that had the whole catalogue of treasure card been made available from the start, at least for rotr, I might not have had that many duplicates sitting around. Let's not mention what salvaging does for players right now...
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