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  1. Thanks for the heads up. That would be pure gold if realized. hopefully not too distant a future. It's exactly what I think the questmode could and should do to prolong the longevity of the game in offline mode .
  2. I'm not entirely convinced it's a connection issue. Yes there's been some patches of unsteady connection to playfab as I'd noted and told ladykaieta about. But what's noticeable is during gameplay it is notified or you notice you don't get the usual gold allotment for clearing locations. But this one, no, almost stealth like crediting you the gold at the reward screen and failing to register. And since before 1.03, the usual symptom of a connection issue has been that at the reward screen you get zero good awarded. The way to resolve this has always been to restart the app at this point which would reestablish the connection to playfab and rightfully crediting the gold it should have given on first go. But no, this 'stealth' bug clearly looked as if the server acknowledged the client pad accomplishing the scenario win and crediting the gold. However, that piece of data isn't stored in the server from that point onward and on drawing the gold data again subsequently fro, the server the server update the client of the old amount obviously. Do I make sense ? So I'm having this down as some server side issue or some base code in 1.03 affecting the client server communication Edit: to help narrow this down, it's clear that whilst this has been happening, the gold reward for clearing banes and closing locations should, at least partially, be registered and stored correctly on playfab server. This explains why my gold amount continue to grow albeit slowly and, regretfully unnoticeably too, and is partly responsible why I hadn't noticed the 200 gold reward stealth bug at the onset. The glitch could just be at the point after server acknowledge the scenario win and tell the client you get X gold. But that x gold isn't added correctly to their save file for each account, and a re sync of this gold data later would establish the shortfall.
  3. I can confirm that the amulet bypass the second combat check. I might have seen the first fortitude save being made normally and the combat check still getting rolled on once or twice I decided to do so. Nothing concrete on this, just something I seem to recall now I see this post
  4. Video here shows the 200 gold reward not being registered on server end. Frankly this is all rather atrocious and I urge you to rectify this quickly. I have no idea if this is a recent bug or has been so ever since 1.03. Considering the number of games in questmode I must have completed from 1.03 til now, that's close to 10k the sum we're talking about. For your urgent attention please !
  5. Hoping to see someone else report finding the haste spell and proving that haste is indeed in the quest mode. As for locations I think in the lead up to 1.03 they simply didn't add in the ap3 locations and/or the AP2 locations for tier4 random pick.
  6. 1) in legendary mode , when looking at the map of scenario and the locations sometimes it can be hard to determine which node leads to a particular location you want to get to. The pink lines are meant to assist in that sense but the way they crisscross when 2 of more location are close together can be confusing. When clicking or tapping the any locations , by simply highlighting corresponding adjacent locations with a rim of color, on top of the pink lines, will make it far better to read. 2) replaying a particular story mode and seeing that long pre scenario CG again? Please enable a skip or fast forward option for players that wish to get to action fast 3) ever picked up that spell or item you used and don't want in your pack again and accidentally press recharge instead of discard? A cancel button at the dice roll screen prior to making the dice roll to return player to the recharge/discard box would be good.
  7. So I have been spending time in quest mode after finishing the story mode post 1.03 in its bugged form. There's a few things I'd like to share and ask here re: quest mode. 1) I haven't noticed much change in scenery and location since maybe lv 20 all the way to 40. I'm still seeing the same location every random generated scenario I play right now so much so I can assign my team by just looking at the icon of the location the moment that screen pops up. The locations are mainly deck B, Thessilonian , academy, junk beach mountain etc. I swear the last 20 games I had at tier 4 were all these. Where's even deck 1 and 2 locations ? And I'm real certain lv 30-40 I haven't seen a single location from deck 3. I understand it's a random generated scenario each time we start but I'm not taking about a small sample size either in practical terms ie. 2) henchman wise, is good,. I'm battling ogrekin which makes it parallel to the development of the story mode. I'd hope to see guest appearance of higher deck henchman , from deck 4, just as I'd seen lamatar Bayden in quest mode prior to 1.03. Haven't seen them yet. Villains are including the Ogrekin in the starting from tier 3 which is great. A special mention to meeting black magga for the first time in a game when you actually fight her instead of stealing her dinner from under her snout in story mode. It's lil stuff like these in quest mode I like However, she's bugged too and she did a Houdini when I had nailed her not before looping the dice roll several times and then I'm faced with a blank location I can't close lol. that's the last time I'd seen her in quest mode. And so it leads to bugs.. 3) Bugs. lots of them and most pertinent to my concern is the conflict of wildcard powers leading to frozen screen, warped interface , and basically funny stuff happening that's amusing for the first few times but frustrating when you have to forfeit the game especially after battling through challenging scenarios and having screen freeze that countless vault escapade and rebooting the app won't solve. I'd reported some in bug section so hope the technical team plan to remedy quest mode some time soon as well. 4) drops. All is good here along the line of what id come to expect . Tier 3 you get the odd sprinkling of cards , not a lot, from deck 3 and then tier 4 you get more of deck 3 and I think the whole bunch of treasure cards in deck 4. So I enjoyed blasting barl breakbone in the face with a cannon with ezren of all people. However there is one problem . I'm keenly on lookout for the haste spell and it's brethren spell but it seem edited out of the card table for good. I haven't encountered it from 30 to 40 and I hope I don't get to see it in quest mode when ap6 get released. Again, it's more than a handful of games I'm referring to here at tier 40 to base my observation from. And I notice your code would instantly hand the new tier of cards to player on arriving at a new tier. So it's inexplicable why it isn't seen yet unless you have left it as a deck 5 card. Would be shocking seeing haste is a designated deck 2 card. Edit: it has to be mentioned that I still see black fang and her beloved ancient skeleton henchman a viable opposition for a team in tier 4. I think the banes generation table should scale upward respective to the party tier. Eg, tier 3 should at the minimum get a tier 1 ranked villain and the henchman and banes should follow likewise. But at least rank and file banes have veteran status, the villains don't.
  8. You're welcome. I have also some videos linked in my posts of some moderately gamebreaking bugs. They are a couple of pages down most likely would be good if you and your team can take a look at some point.
  9. So everyone's favorite goblin does get a wee chance to make a guest appearance at AP6 ? Yessss!
  10. Also: Make sure you are connected, you can only gain gold while online ^^ Since last night or so I'd noticed more intermittent disconnect in middle of game. Had to end game to go main screen and there's immediate re login again. Server side or some code that does that ?
  11. The sky's the limit and it's gotten higher so let's have more folks showing their mad skillz with dice before I post further
  12. By pretending the card toxic cloud was never played do you mean that the 1d6 will be removed from the screen upon meeting a plague zombie as an example ?
  13. Does it actually make you recharge cards if you have any in your hand?Yes it does.Anyway further testing seem to indicate the game treat that orb as a valid card for recharge or discard but it's not physically on deck of course. I think, if I recall correctly, Lini or someone other character could activate an ability that discard or recharge a card under the same situation with an orb displayed and no cards on hand. So it's not specific to bardic performance but more to do with the orb
  14. It is normal after this big update, so I Expect that They Expect to see a lot of bug reports! ;-) The dev team could easily use 3-5 more persons in this project, just for bug hunting. But They have to do what They can do with the resources They have and I think that They Are doing fine. I was expecting much longer delays, so They definitely use all the time They can to make new content and kill bugs at the same time. The small team is Also reason to that They have to priorisize bugs. What to fix first and what can wait later updates. They just have not enough manpower to do everything at the same time. Also it is easier to test if there Are less changes in the code at the same time. Next patch is a Little bit easier, because there is less new things in the next release. In this there was role cards, here comes the Flood scenario and Many more changes, so this has been less buggy than I expected. Good work! Well , thanks for inside info certainly wasn't expecting all bugs to be rectified at speed , although it's astonishing to see so many in the first place. And certainly wasn't expecting an impassioned defense for what is a casual remark on my part heh.
  15. This is You have your Dexterity check selected. You should select Disable.That was an attempt to aid someone else . You don't need disable as a check if the wording on card is correct. Just a barrier , any barrier will do. Much like masterwork tool working on any barrier.
  16. And in case people are wondering that's some badass wildcard power combo, things just got a little hotter under the collar...
  17. ok I'll admit I skipped it back when the game first got out but seriously...that's in your face " you ain't going nowhere with no tutorial sonny"
  18. I can confirm this bug . I'm just not sure how they are going to react after their long weekend they log in and see 20 pages full of new bugs. As of now, you can circumvent this bug by reloading the scenario and quitting so you don't encounter the deadly bugged combination. The scenario pose a huge challenge on large parties already as is in its legit form . This combo just plainly makes it impossible.
  19. I'm curious too as to how playstyle might differ from one role to the other. My knowledge of him is probably zero although I have him in my story mode party. I made him a potion guzzler to extend his survivability that bit more ( he always hold a heal potion and dare any teammate not to bless him to refill it magically ) since he has a bewildering tendency to make stupefying combat check and trounce a orgre soundly but lose his entire hand to a goblin ( ok exaggeration but you get the idea ) so I learned to give him an extra die just whenever I think it's enough,( from someone else ! Not his !) and he's real buddy with harsk. I crave the day he finally drink one potion and show he's Bruce lee incarnate and swag some awesome moves,. Yes I'm very open minded . Really.
  20. About valeros yea probably good idea to make him that bit more rounded and compensate his low blessing and ally count. He's always struck me as somewhat cookie cutter . You know, good at combat but little else. Would think it's probably not great to recharge all his newfound weapons though so as not to create a bloated deck filled with weapons.i get the distinct impression he's a great team player and as such maybe more suited to smaller parties ?
  21. But it all evens out when you see fat Magga chomping 1d6 times on an empty location. I mean, did you see that dumbfounded expression on Magga face when she did that ? Priceless
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