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  1. 3) scenario power: suffer 1 Melee damage whenever monster with giant trait is defeated. Wildcard powers : arrow and / or retaliation My memory is hazy here as to what the wildcard power is .I didn't have a screenshot but I remember thinking there's some conflict of scenario power with the wildcards. Both were activated on defeat of henchman. Observation: the melee damage animation and sound is heard, but no discard of card actually enforced mostly.
  2. 2) scenario power : difficulty to defeat monster with giant trait increased by 2d4 Wildcard power : not relevant Henchman : Graul Ogrekin Observation: upon encountering the henchman, the 2d4 dice is rolled. And then followed by the 1d4 roll for the added henchman ability . The die never did roll and was frozen in place. Sometimes, the 2d4 never completed and froze in place at the same time when the henchman ability list came up Pic here
  3. I noticed bugged instances whenever I played in quest mode with certain combination of the newfound scenario powers at 1.03 and some wildcard powers. 1) scenario power : difficulty to defeat monster with giant trait is increased by 2d4 Wildcard power 1: retaliation Wildcard power 2: arrow trap Observations a) after defeat of a monster , retaliation is rolled twice b) the result of the roll of 1 may not be effected C) after which, the next card on location deck, if it's a boon, get moved into player hand. I have a video here which captured this and more: some extra bug which may be independent of the scenario combo bug. Further into the video ezren attempted to aid combat check of Lini with incendiary cloud, failed his arcane check to do so with the mountain hag. At the point when he dragged his spell card before that arcane check took place, his force quarterstaff disappeared and reappeared in Lini's hand.
  4. Fair play borissimo. I've certainly had that considerationt that it's a zero sum situation but in the end the compounding effect of helping ezren over one tough acquisition resulting in him going on a run of 3 or 4 cards wins the case for me personally. situational no doubt, but nonetheless a very real winning scenario that I'd encountered many times. Where a blessing in kyra's represent just that - 1 exploration nothing more nothing less, in ezren hands however, that 1 is 1 +%chance of another few exploration worth. I do need to stress that location choosing and dice roll ( whatever is not affected by it indeed in this game)is important for this to work to great effect which was why I wrote abit on other viable locations for ezren to pick. Beyond this, abit outside the scope of this topic, but allow me to touch on it somewhat, spell cards in the later adventure packs do help a lot to extend the effect of exuberance. And, to cap it off, after approximately 2 rounds - that's 12 turns in 6 man party- of "weening" off the item and ally cards, the true extent of the ease of ezren to navigate through a location will be revealed .with a right deck of course
  5. i have nothing on you but I had something like this Wasn't sure about starting a thread on hapless rolls though but do it if you'd like to
  6. Alright just had to share this on my recent quest mode play through. Having fast surfacing henchman and not too tough wildcard allows me to devote my resources for this woo ha. When your secret technique bucket of dice blots out the feral snarl on the villain face, you know it's shaping up to something magnificent. " do we know who we are hitting, ezren? I can't even see the sun beneath the weight of the spell you are mustering" , lem ask innocuously. "No, we don't but it doesn't matter , not now when the spell is nearly finished. Lend me the favor of Shelyn, lil one, lest this spell all go to nought" muttered Ezren as he strained to finish his spell. Slowly, palpably the force Ezren summoned begin to take shape, coalescing into a mighty bolt bristling with pure magical energy. Lem sang as he reached out to Shelyn as their other companions followed suit, their prayers and song reaching a crescendo. The bolt of pure power hurtled out , smiting the lumbering hulk of a ogre whose identity will yet remain a mystery.
  7. Hmm? When selecting recharge doesn't it recharge the deathbane crossbow to your deck ? I'm pretty sure it works for other bow but hadn't actually had harsk use a deathbane.Oh it recharges it, or it discards. It is suppose to be able to JUST reveal, I shouldn't have to do eitherYou are only given that option for deathbane crossbow if you possess the reload power, and opted to discard the crossbow to add to combat check elsewhere. So it's perfectly normal to either discard it or recharge it as a benefit of the reload power. In normal combat checks encountered by harsk, you can't discard the crossbow per it's description. The reload power seems to be working fine. Edit: if you meant to say when you reveal the crossbow in a normal combat check and somehow gets the prompt to recharge or discard then it's bugged though.
  8. Merisiel + 4 all the way, haven't thought about the next stat to add but maybe charisma for ally acquisition. It's + 4 because it's a dice game and every solid point in the main stat for her preferred combat style helps to stave off the bad rolls. Also preserve the blessings for other uses. Some of her weakness include a patent weakness in picking items (int d6, had an episode in quest mode she in a single turn lost me 4-5 deck blessings due to a wildcard power) which ironically are her favored cards btw, but at least in both specialized roles there's powers to mitigate it, so maybe int add too. Kyra - somewhat a hybrid setup for me.3 wis, 1 str so far. Because of divine spell simply lacking in numbers she doesn't draw up enough of them for every non undead she will encounter.so it's back to melee skills for as bread and butter. Likely just 4/2 distribution at the end. Seoni - 4 charisma definitely so far. As Longshot mentioned she stars in location heavy on allies and every bit counts toward making allies acquisition risk free especially at higher difficulty mode. Just as well it's her core combat skills statistic. Last 2 points haven't considered honestly.likely dependent on the locations she will handle mainly and the types of cards that poses her more difficulty which I haven't had a grasp of at this point
  9. Hmm? When selecting recharge doesn't it recharge the deathbane crossbow to your deck ? I'm pretty sure it works for other bow but hadn't actually had harsk use a deathbane.
  10. Rarity of int check on barriers aside, I get the impression that even when ezren is not in party, the random pick of location in story mode or quest will generate one of those locations which require Int specifcally ( the apothecary with no characters as of now having craft skill ) . The curious thing is with current character roster there is no one with int die that comes close . Nearest is d6. Just another tactical consideration imo for ezren inclusion as the larger the party goes , the likelihood of these location popping up increases.
  11. From my limited gameplay experience if you are looking to form a four person party at some point to adventure with , outside of that C pack , the one person you have to consider is ezren. Finding ways to increase the explorations per turn becomes increasingly crucial as party size increase and you will find if you are too liberal with time, you may find yourself staring at clock rundown with no villain in sight in 4 man party. And when it comes to deep delving into location decks on a single turn there's often no one who come close to the potential of that old geezer come late into magic outside of the c pack. Place him into one or two of the locations like apothecary, old light, academy and watch him go. As your game progress you will find more magic stuff for him to get exuberant with. At times in story mode, you might not find the ideal locations so next best location for him to go seeking magic paraphernalia would be locations high in items or armour and weapon. The garrison for example used to give me good result. Have someone to throw a blessing to acquire those magic stuff he craves if need be. In ezren case, that blessing will allow him a further exploration. Avoid locations with high ally count ( best left for lem, or seoni ; both can match the pace of ezren in such places at times ) or high in barrier. Barrier because he, like most others , will require blessing to make the check consistently and he's a godless being in 4 man party, there's plenty of blessing to go around though. Combat wise, he's assuredly self capable with a good spell repertoire. There's only few instance in game so far where he might need external aid.the constructs being one. Pull the weapon he ditched to deal with them. ( improved mending is a highly recommended spell for utility and high strategic value).i can go abit more in depth but not wanting this to become an ezren guide of sorts As for barrier, lug around a master work tool ( I usually don't in sizable party) and equip the heat metal spell to help him navigate those. My only hesitation, and it's a big one, to recommend him would be if you want to start adventure with just 2 new characters and in that, it's tricky who to pair him up with, outside of C pack that is. Kyra could be good with recyclable blessings to go around with if you don't mind playing her again in a team of 2.
  12. hmm does it matter ? I don't remember which scenario power it is I don't think it varies according to he scenario power. whether wrong or not the behavior is consistent
  13. Maybe but I had some of each of the ones I posted. If we aren't suspposed to see them yet, what happens when we do see them? I doubt they would track everyone's existing inventory of them. If those are the non treasure cards, everyone would have them once the relevant adventure packs are released. So no need to track who has what number of which card. Will be good if a Dev could confirm if those missing are indeed non treasure cards.
  14. Is this contest eh gallery still on? Here's another one hardly optimal and with just one of the d12 recording a score over 10. I'm sure someone has a 100+ score so let's have it
  15. Seems like another variation of the cancellation bug. I had it with scrying too Edit : next time you inadvertently stumbled into this bug you may try going to vault from the screen where it froze if possible. Exiting the vault screen then tend to reset most user interface error.
  16. Me too. Great spot. Just a hunch that these cards are the proper deck cards from future adventure packs that they did mention we aren't supposed to see just yet. Hence removed for now and all we see from deck 4 on are the treasure cards
  17. Orb of firestorm - pic depicting you actually get a check to recharge or discarding it as opposed to burying it per card description.
  18. Flask of force, pic showing you actually get to do a check for recharging instead of discarding per the description
  19. A couple of stuff observed along the way as of 1.03 that may have been brought up 1) the beast form doesn't play good always. Occasionally it works well yet sometimes you can't get the d10 discarding the revealed animal in a combat check ranged or melee.when attempting to discard the revealed animal ( from animal trick) , the animal would get discarded but the dice add from animal trick gets removed too. 2) Other times discarding the animal from revealed animal will see the beastform d10 appear and the animal on the hand instead of discard pile. With no removal of the animal trick bonus die. So conveniently you get to activate animal trick again a second time to get another die bonus. 3) and of course interface bug with cancellation - you see dice warped, the animal consigned to the discard pile instead of being at the edge of the discard pile etc. This looks like some nasty bug to fix.
  20. A look at pic will reveal discarding the weasel actually adding to holy light spell combat check
  21. How I did it without having a optimal deck with my mishmash party of 6 on legendary without much in way of evade and deck reconnaissance from skill or spell cards or item is to simply lose narrowly to every henchman that's not zombie that I encounter in a horde barrier. It's better to let one or two character lose a few cards for lack of protection than to let everyone get hit for force damage that can't be as readily reduced . That said, the only reason I won , besides not having that bugged combo of wild card power, was because of luck ferreting out the villain early and thus able to focus on him without digging up all the henchman. It's one of a few scenario in game I'm not confident of reproducing a win but I wonder if a primed deck with enough reconnaissance cards will make much more of a difference.
  22. It might be confusing but trust me if you play a six man party, you would want to avoid that damn goblin forcing all your other character to make an irrelevant checks when your character , such as Amiri , can jolly well beat up that goblin with bare hands if need be . Just try to play those chained cards on any character you wish to be involved in that check and the game will then do the check and if u succeed you can play the spell card, weapon cards et
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