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  1. It plays fantastically in DuOS Android Emulator. http://www.amiduos.com/ I'm running it at 3200x1800, looks and plays phenomenal. I tried downloading DuOS to my Windows 7 PC. Installed Google Play, etc. Installed Pathfinder Adventures. The game runs, but the graphics are messed up. Everything is black. I just see outlines of the graphics on the main menu, and no cards or anything show up in the gallery. I can't find any way to change the resolution, even using the configuration tool. The actual emulator seems fine, just not the Pathfinder app.
  2. In your first pic, why is Xanesha listed as a B villain? Is that from Quest mode? Xanesha should be from deck 2.
  3. iPad 2 iOS 7.1 No pass & play or permadeath Story Mode; never entered Quest Mode Characters in Party: Ezren, Valeros, Kyra, Harsk Locations: Ezren: Academy; Valeros: Farmhouse; Kyra & Harsk: Woods Turn Order: Valeros, Harsk, Ezren, Kyra Brigandoom, normal difficulty At the start of Ezren's turn, he plays the Augury spell. The UI then displayed all the buttons for the card types, and asks him to choose one. Noticing that the location contains no monsters, Ezren looks at the spell card again by tapping it. It comes up, then he decides not to cast
  4. I'm not sure what is meant by "he won't get the rewards he has already collected." There are no rewards other than powers, skills, and cards, so if you keep all those things, then you are keeping all rewards. A party is just a collection of experienced characters. If you delete the party, it doesn't delete any of the characters' progress or rewards. They just return to the pool of characters, ready for you to use them to form new parties. What I've found confusing is the lock icons on the party selection screen. I thought they were supposed to appear to indicate that you can't use
  5. Rather than make a new thread, I figured I'd post a few suggestions on the UI here, all of which are quality of life improvements I'd like to see, no bugs or anything like that: (1) I like being able to tap the card and see an expanded, larger version of it that is easy to read. Once the card expands, however, I have to tap again to return it to normal if I want to examine another card. I'd like to have the ability to swipe back and forth and look at my whole hand, for example, while the card is expanded. Or, when I have multiple cards I can play that are highlighted, expand, and then
  6. This is not true at all. "You" refers only to the player who is making the check, encountering the card, etc. They would not have changed this in the digital version from the tabletop version. Goblin Warchanter says "Before the encounter, succeed at a Wisdom 8 check or you may not play spells with the attack trait or weapons." Other players who are not encountering this card can help the player who is, but helping cards are not weapons or attack spells. Weapons and attack spells say "for YOUR combat check" which means other players cannot play those to help attack a monster anyway.
  7. I just took the Wary Defender talent for Eder, which says it modifies Defender to give +10 to all defenses. Since Defender already gives +5 Deflection, I assumed Wary Defender would change it to +10. However, Eder now has +15 Deflection. The additional Deflection was additive. Was this intentional, or a bug?
  8. Do you have EVGA's Precision X running, by any chance? If you do, the game will crash constantly. I have to be sure to exit that program before running Pillars. I wish they'd fix that.
  9. This is why other companies, such as Blizzard, for example, label such things "Feats" or some other moniker, but they do not put them in the same class as achievements. Achievements are earned for doing something in game-play, not for giving the devs funding. However, Steam has no such labels or Feats, so Obsidian went with an achievement, as nonsensical as that was.
  10. The Attributes part was a re-balancing, not to fix anything broken. It won't retroactively change without starting a new game because the game can't modify "Base stats" as they're a static number that is stored your the save file. Hence why bonus effects glitch on companions was retroactive, because the way they're calculated is done via the game's rules it's self and not the save file. Then they need to write a script or something that will alter the save file and change the static number back. Those static values are loaded into memory, after all, when you play, so they can be mod
  11. I haven't been playing a rogue, so I don't know about Reckless Assault, but I can mention, with regard to the stat problem with the companions, it wasn't hard to fix. You have to use the IE mod and the console commands to do so, but it was doable. I didn't want to wait for them to make the companion stats retroactive, if they ever plan on it. It doesn't break achievements, either. It was either that or start all over. And as sure as I do, Murphy's law says, they will then bring out a patch that makes it retroactive. If you have a save from Cilant Lis then you can load that, but onc
  12. This is a bug I stumbled upon and can reproduce consistently. It happens no matter what map I am on, so I won't bother attaching a save file. You should be able to try it out easily. Steps: 1. Load any saved game. 2. Open the journal by pressing J. 3. Click on the Notes tab. 4. In the left pane, click on two of your notes' titles in a row. Any two. 5. Close the journal by pressing ESC. 6. Your party is now immovable. Clicking on the ground to move them will do nothing. None of your hotkeys work now, either, including the pause key. Want to release them? Pres ESC t
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