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  1. Did either of you try Forfeiting the Scenario? That generally gets you out of most jams and all you lose is the progress thru the area you just got hung in.
  2. I prefer check +1/3 (rounded up), that way it accounts a bit better for the bigger checks. averaging is easy d4s #dice*2.5 d6s #dice*3.5 d8s #dice*4.5 d10s #dice*5.5 d12s #dice*6.6 or ((sides/2)+.5)*#dice for each dice type. Here is the breakdown of the Check +5 Method vs the Check * 1 1/3 Method 1 1/3 +5 Check Method Method 4 6 9 5 7 10 6 8 11 7 10 12 8 11 13 9 12 14 10 14 15 11 15 16 12 16 17 13 18 18 14 19 19 15 20 20 16 22 21 17 23 22 18 24 23 19 26 24 20 27 25 21 28 26 22 30 27 23 31 28 24 32 29 Checks 13-15 are identical. Above 15 the *1 1/3 is safer, below 13 the +5 Method is safer. Carp! I hate BB Codes. Trust me or just do it in a spreadsheet for yourself
  3. The workaround listed is to avoid the area as the scenerio can complete without it. That solution does not work for Thistletop Delve
  4. Yes, black background. How does general store get passed this? I have tried everything I can click on including dropping completely out of the game.
  5. Story mode. Thistletop Delve. 4 Characters. Seelah closes the Goblin Fortress, leaving one final location open. As the reward she rolls 1D4 for weapons. After the roll is complete and the first weapon tries to appear, the screen goes blank. No way to proceed. I think I read a solution to this problem, but have searched and cannot find it. At the moment, I am completely unable to continue.
  6. The Wounding Spear-Axe + 1 has both the Offhand trait and the 2 Handed trait. Logically, a weapon can't have both. Is this an error?
  7. The Starknife uses dex or ranged skills to acquire, but uses str or melee when revealed. This is the only weapon I have encountered where the aquire and reveal skills are not the same. Is this correct?
  8. From a purely role playing perspective, mixed level parties tend to run into monsters the highest level can handle. Thus characters 1 or 2 levels lower can usually benefit from running with the higher levels. Much below that and they tend to not survive. Looking at this game in particular, you can run characters of even lower level as long as you bring sufficient cures and heals to keep them alive. The reason is damage is limited to the cards they hold in their hands. If they have say 2 cards left and get pounded for 23 points of nonreducable damage, the lose the 2 cards they are holding. As long as you can keep their deck size equal to or larger than their hand size they won't die.
  9. I prefer check +1/3 (rounded up), that way it accounts a bit better for the bigger checks. averaging is easy d4s #dice*2.5 d6s #dice*3.5 d8s #dice*4.5 d10s #dice*5.5 d12s #dice*6.6 G or ((sides/2)+.5)*#dice for each dice type. First, your easy averages will help non math nerds. Well done. Just a quick mental check of your +1/3 method vs my +5 method, as the checks increase in size your method is better, but for smaller checks mine is better. I have not taken the time to prove this, so I could be wrong. But my gut is pretty good when it comes to odds calcs
  10. If you want to know if your dice are rolled unevenly, track every roll for every different dice side (4 sided, 6 sided, etc). I did that for a while and it came out a tad below average, but well within expected probabilities. If you don't want to calc odds, or just want to come close to always suceeding, make your average roll 5 higher than your check number. For example you need a 13 to pass a check - if you make your average roll 13+5 or 18, any you will generally pass your checks. This is overkill in some situations, but easy to do a quick calc to see what your average roll needs be to have a great chance to succeed. If you want to know your odds of success, test it out with the dice rolling app listed in the first post on this topic. Or, if you are lazy, like me, here is the link again: Http://anydice.com/
  11. There is one weapon I have found that penalizes you for having weapons proficiency. Thr Horsechopper +1, in deck P, says you ARE penalized 4 if you have weapons proficiency and indeed is programmed that way. Is this correct? It seems very counter intuitive.
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