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  1. Right after Hook Mountain Massacre released, I zoomed through it, and it was great. Afterwards, I resumed my hard mode playthrough to unlock everything. After one of the Thistletop scenarios, I had a location card as one of my characters' items. When I went to continue on, the game crashed. When I tried to hit continue, the game takes no action. I tried to continue from the "Continue" button and the Story game select screen. Both fail. When I try to make a new party, the characters from that file are missing, except a really screwed up Lini. I made a new party, and Lini had cards from adventure 3, but was missing about 6 random cards. Her Wisdom bonus was maxed out, but nothing else indicating gained experience. I've spent a good bit of money on this. Any advice or am I totally boned? Device: Samsung Note 5, Android OS just updated to 6.0 so I'm not sure what it was before. Edited for a little more info.
  2. I have this same issue. I have like 4 versions of Merisiel in the experienced tab but they're all level 1. Quest mode is doo doo.
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