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  1. Hi Storm, thanks for your reply. I've not played since the issue happened, as I was afraid I would break it further. I'll try later, and post a screen grab if it happens.
  2. Bump. I didn't see this issue in the known bugs list. It shouldn't be related to the alt characters as I hadn't bought any alt characters. Also, my character lost her card feat while solo-ing.
  3. No I have not purchased the alt for Merisiel. I've stopped playing now, forgoing all daily quests before all my characters get corrupted.
  4. Was playing to compete my daily quests. Suddenly, Merisiel whom I've selected the 6 card hand card feat suddenly lost it. She now only can draw 5 cards. There is no way to get it back. Going back to the adventures, its recognised I've already received the reward. This truly sucks. VER-751-20161221 PFID-7F8F2D8421586FF5
  5. I've had the Merisiel recharge banishing blessings bug since the patch. Can't play her at all since then. Sucks much...
  6. I saw the new update, and thought I try out the game on my Merisiel solo in Podiker scenario. When I started the first game in the new patch, I drew a Blessing of the Gods. This is impossible because my Merisiel is decked out with other blessings. So I tried to gain back a blessing from adventuring. After 3 games I still didn't encounter a different blessing. Somewhere in the middle of the 3rd game, I drew a second Blessing of the Gods. Another of my blessing simply got replaced by Blessing of the Gods again. This is ridiculous. I can't play the game anymore, risking all my stuff g
  7. Yup, that's what this forum is for anyway. Feedback. My feedback is a quest in the form of that like Hearthstone's would be a step in the right direction.
  8. I agree. My first challenge I got was to reduce 20 damage. To complete this quest in 1 day would be endless grinding and hoping to get the cards in hand and screw up your throw so badly you purposely take damage to reduce. It goes against the grain of playing this game in the first place. At least let it persist till you complete it and let you accumulate 3 quests at a go just like in Hearthstone or something. I won't be bothered about daily quests as it is at this moment.
  9. Exactly my thoughts esctab Thank God I read the forums before opening all my chests. I have 50 saved up now for next release of AD4
  10. I mean, right now, you can see some cards in gallery where you don't own it yet. You think you can get them by treasure chests, but you can't get all of them. Its kinda misleading to people who spend real money to buy treasure chests wanting to collect them all now. You should save those chests, and only start opening them when all the cards have been released.
  11. I'll post again as my previous post didn't garner any attention. It is widely reported that not all cards have been released. There is zero chance of getting certain cards because they have not been added to the game. The card place holders are there, but you cannot get them until Obsidian updates the game. In the latest patch, a bunch of cards were added to the pool that you can get from treasure chests. I have personally opened 50 chests before 1.0.3 and another bunch after the patch and can verify from my own experience that cards are being slowly added to the game. Of course, this
  12. Why do you say that they haven't been released? (Treasure cards) There's no reason the treasure cards can't come out now - I can't earn them anyway, since I have to get to a high enough level for them to drop, which I can't do until the packs come out. I already know I can earn treasure that's > deck 3. From what I know, someone correct me if I am wrong, is. Is all cards are in the game for you to be acquired yet. The card placeholders are there, but there is no way for you to get them from opening treasure chests yet until Obsodian releases the cards in the next few updates or so.
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