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  1. Just had this with Nimble, so it's not just numbers. Incase that wasn't common knowledge yet (probably is).
  2. Seems to point at that stone coffin right there, but nothing high-lights at all. Either it detects something behind the wall, which is odd... or the item spotted cannot be highlighted and looted, which is a shame too.
  3. So suddenly after reaching level 19, I had cases of teammates mysteriously DYING on me or auto-pausing since "extreme low health" even when the enemy was very very very VERY far away. Turned out it was Serafen, doing overly extreme amounts of damage to my team due to his Wild Mind ability. I don't think it should really do 300(!!!) damage on a graze though. That's just INSANE. Level 19; Level 20 (got the +5 power levels at his level up, might account for some of that insane spike);
  4. Just enter the hut to the right of the body and leave it again, you'll see it gain 4 concentration. Despite he should most definitely appear dead. Kind of a big giveaway, aside from the whole no loot and journal entry thing too.
  5. Are you sure you got the right 3 islands? Since Tikiwara itself nor Poko Kohoro (sp?), the one with the Adra Pillar count for it. So it just seems to me you're barking the wrong islands?
  6. Ehm, the listed DLC are not there in your DLC tab? Check the DLC listings of PoE2 for them (they're free).
  7. Ehm... what? I just did the ship to ship combat, ZERO unique items, but I got 3 keys, 1 from each vendor. However since winning ship combat doesn't allow roaming and removes it from the map, these keys are useless. Is it board friendly and start the battle once in friendly-zone or bust? Doesn't seem like it should, should it. Especially granting 100% useless keys.
  8. Talk to him about Eoathas and you'll keep triggering the anti-religious - from Xoti and Pallegrina.
  9. Missing the addendum by the narrator; "She says, a wry smile [?] their features." Not fully sure what it said VO actually says "swim" not "crawl".
  10. Yeah been that way from the get-go; https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/97395-clicking-download-on-pillars-of-eternity-ii-deadfire-critical-role-pack-will-launch-game-without-installing-dlc/?hl=download Clicking "download" bootst the game, but also supresses the DL so you need to quit the game again to get the download running :/
  11. https://twitter.com/WorldofEternity/status/1025114770192531456 DLC2 will be 3.0, DLC3 will be 4.0. Looking forward to 2.1 myself, enchanting's a pain.
  12. There should be the "Up" button on the top to leave the shipview, just like visiting your own ship. You say it's not there?
  13. Why? Cause Aloth casting Fetid Caress and auto-pausing on the defenses of Éder and my PC is really annoying and happens EVERY. BATTLE. Yet the auto-pause option is too good to really go without just to get rid of this annoyance. So could we have an option to auto-pause on extra-ordinary offense that doesn't trigger if the teammates are on the high defense, just enemies? Thanks. It would make my life with Aloth that much more bearable.
  14. That name is not a signature, so it really should have a dot at the end there, ending the sentence.
  15. Either 2.0 fixed this (without mentioning it) or they get unlocked by completing Magran's Teeth (even if by that point the encounters are severly under-powered). Got the same house on fire event as someone else here mentioned. I did also only recently finished the Folly quest (last of pretty much all) so that might also be a valid theory for a blocker.
  16. 1) That lever shouldn't have a name that appears in the conversation log 2) The node where my party's at doesn't have a name attached to it, hovering over it shows nothing.
  17. So this was my entry IMMEDIATELY after the Animancers send me away The result of already cleaning out the upper level of this cave because it's accessible on the world map. It's rather odd to know I'm there immediately after being teleported though. Perhaps the cave shouldn't be accessible from above?
  18. Later on now (this is with 2.0, while above was 1.2.2), after Magran's Maw, she suddenly thinks we have Wahaki support besides everything I mentioned before;
  19. As much as I liked D:OS1, D:OS2 is a mess, even if it gets glaring reviews. Their balance focus for MP ruined it entirely for the 100H SP campaign. 0% or 100% CC? It's terrible. Armor system making full physical best, full magic second and the regular RPG party of mixed the worst? Terrible. Story? Terrible. Round Robin combat rounding? Terrible. I really have no idea what went wrong with Larian there, or why so many people like it when the combat system is 100% ruined with that horrid armor system added onto it :/
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