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  1. That's the one. It's not the souls since those 4 are required to complete the area. So far everyone "solving" it seems to do so by accident so we still got no clue for the sollution (that I'm aware off)
  2. Once again Serafen wiped everyone (during a dragonfight to boot ffs) insta-killing Aloth and Xoti, yet somehow surviving 400 damage (out of his 200 pool) himself. Seems I found the cause though; Reforge the Flesh from "The Maker's Own Power" Belt. Now to see why the player character cheats death, unless the only reason for that is somehow the effect also applied to both users somehow (not intended). Damage still seems way too much though. Can't imagine being a pleasant surprise "lol, everyone dies by Serafen!" if you played Iron Man mode.
  3. Here's my actual functual savegame just before the auto-save, allowing you to generate your own broken useless and harm-full auto-save; https://www.dropbox.com/s/r0vlionkle8znao/Hassat%20Hunter%20%28TheShatteredPassage%29%20%2849dc7103-0c8e-4082-b3fb-1595c7877944%29%20%28LAX-2ABCDE%29%20%28780160288%29.rar?dl=0
  4. Basically if you ever load that auto-save you're screwed. If you use it to continue more portals, you're in big problems... If you drop down it creates this auto-save infront of the pit. But if you load it, the pit is entirely un-selectable, never allowing you to proceed to the dragon. Savegame; https://www.dropbox.com/s/9jo0oek8kumtmn8/Hassat%20Hunter%20%2849dc7103-0c8e-4082-b3fb-1595c7877944%29%20%28LAX-2ABCDE%29%20autosave_2.rar?dl=0
  5. https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/104413-how-to-drain-the-water-in-sunken-crown/ I did it last, nothing... I think it's just broken seeing how people solved it at random, didn't need to solve it etc.
  6. Didn't do it :/ Neither the waterfall, NOR the full puddle. Didn't do it :/ (probably since talking about the wrong location, since that does allow sceptre access but leaves the Sunken Crown sunken) Anybody else got any theories? Or did I screw myself over by basically having to unlock the portal twice, since after I unlocked it I used the one above again thinking it might unlock the other segment but just relocked the cave again and had to go back through a few segments to unlock Sunken Crown once more? I did manage to get my savegame locked up in an unfinishable state though, so there's that. Not exactly what I was aiming for XD EDIT: Gave a few more attempts and nothing. I give up, I think it's just broken.
  7. If using the bottom portal in the Sunken Crown while it's flooded, the party gets teleported to the side. However one party member gets spawned at the top, behind the portal, getting you 100% stuck since all portals require a full party to use, forcing a reload. Savegames; https://www.dropbox.com/s/inu4wlf5bqj6bsr/Sunken%20Crown.rar?dl=0
  8. As far as I know nobody on my team has any shock-resistance at all. Not that that's showing anywhere on the UI, but I do not use gear or perks that decrease shock damage. 154 > 40 and 200 > 50 would be a 75% decrease in the second post for both me and Sarafen. Really sure I don't got that much resistance unless it's that massive a boost hidden on something,
  9. Ah yes, that was odd, didn't know that captain was Vithrack, that makes sense. It's far from the only ship combat that attributes the quote to the player, about 50% of the combats do that I find from my 1.2(.2) playthrough. Didn't realise it wasn't intended (since if it's a quote by the opponent, they usually dissapear before the camera even reaches them).
  10. Missed that. And fortunately, having additional space away from the light allowed me to select the body too without the sunbeam overlapping, so I got the key out of it aswell, thanks a bunch!
  11. Then we've got a third encounter, where the damage basically matches the outcome, and isn't full insane. Does anyone have any clue what the hell is going on here with this stuff?
  12. A second encounter, the damage reported should have insta-killed Serafen, but for some reason it did around 10% of the reported value...
  13. Savegames; https://www.dropbox.com/s/nrhpsc2mo1rghwg/Pillars%20of%20Eternity%20II.rar?dl=0 Pic;
  14. F me then I suppose... these guys at this location? Can't possible pick it up, it selects the lightbeam instead in all instances. And how would I go about that killing. Do you mean I need to permanently have one of my teammates executed?
  15. So... I'm somewhat at a loss here how to proceed. There's a keylocked door, don't know where the key is. There is tower to the south, can't reach it. Uppermost lightspot visited all 3 locations. At Waidwen visited all 3 locations. At the bottom right, visited all 3 locations. The bottom right, dusk one that gives a soul shard doesn't lead anywhere new with either other 2 options. What else am I supposed to do? There's a corpse ONTOP the lightspot that I cannot loot. Does it contain the key I need to continue. If so, that... kinda sucks. I don't really want to start all over :/ Or did I miss something very obvious?
  16. https://www.dropbox.com/s/vs5zjz7m506ivlw/Hassat%20Hunter%20%28DeckofManyThings%29%20%2849dc7103-0c8e-4082-b3fb-1595c7877944%29%20%28LAX-2ABCDE%29%20%28780024728%29.rar?dl=0 Voiced 1 Voiced 1 Unvoiced 1 Unvoiced (even if it's the leadup for the voiced content beyond it). Just those 3 lines (the second unvoiced is one line from both characters) as far as I could tell.
  17. Well, there's your problem, BoW is part of version 2.0, you're 3 versions out of date.
  18. Didn't really take into account the instances of obviously missing VO in the base game (though I recall something about Mordwyr rolling her eyes) but with this content more recent... probably should add the 2 cents. Deck of Many Things; *The pirates who you can bribe to support you, somehow the 2 questionary lines lack VO. BoW: *While during this segment the narrator narrates everything, this little segment after Rymrgard speaks is oddly lacking her addition; Bonus bug; If you get killed, try to reload and return the image is blanked (I don't really see this as needing attention rather than the many legit issues, just adding it for giggles);
  19. Did the "It's temporary" too. Hey, I killed Crookspur. I can take one slave in return for saving all, right? Doesn't make me a bad person now, does it? ... Does it? (And then not use him since I want to keep Xoti around and 2 priests is a total waste)
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