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  1. Killed a mudcrab... nothing around me, so I wen't exploring around a little harbor thingie and found behind a rock there a special flower that activated a quest. Turned around to find a mudcrab jumping into my face Since I didn't understand jack of the ingame (demo) help I quickly scrolled through the manual to find the "click left mouse button to confirm when all are up" part. So that is how it works, eh? Then even the hard ones would become easy... if the mouse wasn't so damn unresponsive... (and jumped like 3 times when you move it up one time) Thanks for explaining!
  2. Update (or "Second Impressions"): Had to replay a while, but this time no hardlock (thank god) and everything wen't pretty smoothly onward. And when I made it outside I loved the view distance and such... less the fact enemies just spawned behind me out of thin air and than whacked me in the back. Silly me got back into the first visible dungeon again though (oh why oh why are Oblivion Dungeons so boring? Some Dungeon Designer at Bethesda MUST be slapped!), rebringing my "first impression" hatred. Better stay outside from now on... Anways, some further "issues" I have: Lockpicking (again); Any lock more difficult than "very easy" is impossible. Reason? You CANNOT move the pick left or right untill the complete up AND down animation is done... then how can you have 2 or more on the same time up? Hopefully this is something for Low Level Lockpicking only and not some very stupid porting issue... Magicka (again); Even the most dangerous enemies seem easy with this. Only have 0.1% health left? Just spend 2 minutes and you have 100% again, due to the healing spell you get at start and the regain rate... what the hell? Fighting (specific blocking); If you clicked "attack" (left mouse) several times for a Flurry attack it will NOT note when you click the right mouse for blocking. Thus making blocking useless since if you really fight you can't block! (only sissies block/hit/block/hit/block can use it ) End second impression...
  3. You're laughing about your own jokes? Modship did no good, did it ? Anyways, the coin is the least interesting of the specials delivered with the special edition, so don't worry about the thing...
  4. My first Impressions... INCLUDES SPOILERS (of the beginning cave; since I couldn't get out of it yet) Short: IT BETTER WELL GET DAMN LOADS BETTER AFTER DUNGEON #1 In long: [/end rant] I will post new impressions when I cooled down again in about an hour or 2 and retried this "currently PoS" EDIT: Also wan't to mention the Installer bugged out on me! When selecting "I wan't a desktop icon" without "I wanna read ya readme" the Installer crashed and needed a Crtl+Alt+Del Termination...
  5. There are many planets that would be fun to see in a Kotor-game, but if it wouldn't fit the story (how can you hide from Assassins on Alderaan?)... And new planets are fun to see too (except if the inhabitants are annoying Selkath)
  6. Indeed, just watch Episode II and III again to see...
  7. Did you already look on the wallpaper section of http://www.crimsonkeep.com/kotor2 ?
  8. Gizka has a fix for this... look on www.team-gizka.org under "downloads"
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