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  1. All aura items do display "self" while not giving the bonus to the self though. It can get rather confusing, agreed and I wish they made it clearer.
  2. From what I gather from my own findings, the "wants to talk" appears if there's new content to talk about. But if you talk to them on the ship it circumvents the talk button, and the new convo is being spoken without clearing the 'wants to talk' flag. You don't miss out any content though.
  3. Generally allies does exclude the user itself (See: Thaos helmet, the allies' armor, guardian shield etc.) Got a screen of the item?
  4. You should report this on the main bug report, not the beta, they probably don't frequent here now with the beta-duration being over...
  5. The same one from here? https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/100504-losing-money-after-quickload/ Or something else?
  6. Seems I attached the wrong link; https://www.dropbox.com/s/p21p7vhq31muymt/Ukaizo.rar?dl=0 (I think dropbox overwrote my save her with the Eothas one since it shares the exact same name. Didn't keep a backup, but the most recent one from here should get you to the scripted event just before the ship sandwich)
  7. This has always been the case when off-ship travelling, wheter it's the overhead map or inside cities. (They demand payment and use up medicine. Repair goes on too. Food/drink is halted on-shore though)
  8. https://www.dropbox.com/s/gxyjx5pddraf0d5/Hassat%20Hunter%20%2849dc7103-0c8e-4082-b3fb-1595c7877944%29%20%28LAX-2ABCDE%29%20autosave_0.rar?dl=0
  9. https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/104414-ironclad-constructs-bug/?hl=ironclad
  10. Same but I wanted to get some videofootage of that before reporting that...
  11. Attached; Save before talking to Waidwen Auto-save of explosion My post-explosion post-fight save with Waidwen safely stuck in a wall. https://www.dropbox.com/s/95anio31j7e9u4a/BodyOfWaidwen.rar?dl=0
  12. You can upload your savegame (to dropbox or similar sites) then link it here. Alternatively you can send it to support (check jlee's post history for it) and then link the topic in that email (as per the posts where he adds the mail-adress).
  13. You need to upload it to dropbox (or similar) and link it here since the file is too big for the forums itself. As for 1) Did you agree not to persue him?
  14. Hover over the gold icon while in shipview to see how much you pay everyone. Same can be done for food and drink.
  15. Nope. Didn't mean something else in this area didn't throw me off for a fit, asking for help... https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/104517-bow-a-bridge-ablaze-help-solved/ The idea is good, but the loading times really ruin it IMO. If only the area load was faster.
  16. I've leveled 20 with a few more base quests left and XP was of 0 value throughout BoW. Did it bother me in the slightest? Ehm... nope. It really surprises me some of the things people have issues with 0_o.
  17. Thanks, yeah according to Wikia that's the only one in the entire game. Dammmmn, Obsidian, you hate Arbalasts. Didn't even get anything new in BoW to compensate like some other weaponry.
  18. This is really late but... Cook is -% food. Doctor is faster healing. Navigator is faster travel speed (outside of combat). Dunno about the actual people on deck. Aside from the cannoneers it seems those are only used to check events? And there is one crew member with 5 stars total, the one from Brass Citadel.
  19. But crew never joins ship deck combat, only teammate characters do. Or do they join if you don't have 6 party members?
  20. You should report this on the main bug report, not the beta, they probably don't frequent here now with the beta-duration being over...
  21. I was hoping they could fix it before somebody was wasting their time like that on this bug. Sadly to see that didn't pan out.
  22. So yeah, thread title. He'll do his conversation with you, and after it's done a few constructs spawn to attack you but the guardian itself? Well;
  23. Not overall too bad a thing, but if you joined the Valians and the Huanian Prince is alive he joins the battle here, and I know he has some unique loot from killing him in the Serpent's Crown. Same reason why the pirates at Sayuka got changed and the up arrow does exist on this map (but is available erroneously before the battle starts rather than after, when it just auto-advances) and stops the entire series of events (see other report).
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