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  1. True, a slow tick over time, the issue I'm describing was a compounding effect that seemed to drain thousands of gold and hundreds of supplies in relatively short periods of time. backtracking and re-docking seemed to have solved the issue though.
  2. I apologize for not using the proper format for bug reporting, and if this is the wrong location, but I recently started the Beast of Winter DLC and have encountered the following issue: The crew of my ship is still automatically deducting their wages and consuming supplies while I play the DLC. I have only made it a short way outside the beginning area of the DLC before I noticed this issue. Unfortunately I am not sure exactly what I did to cause this and so cannot post steps. It also seems to be something that is persisting regardless of save files. A brief search did not yield any other threads on this topic, has anyone else encountered this? (I tried to validate all files and restart the game, has not resolved the issue. I am currently backtracking my party (slightly time consuming, as I am in the temple area on top of the glacier, before entering the portal) all the way to dock the ship and re-dock to see if this resets the issue. Hopefully mu crew doesnt revolt by then! its too bad. I had quite a lot of gold and supplies stored up
  3. Hey all its me again. Still haven't gotten through the game (I know, but I'm making steady progress!) and am already looking forward to my next character, a Barbarian Fire Godlike. I've crawled through the forums and haven't really seen much discussion on the class in a while, so I was wondering what anyone's advice would be for this kind of character (again please no spoilers). There have been quite the few patches since most of the discussions I've looked and, with mechanics still being my weakest subject, wanted to know if people have noticed some changes. Plus, to be honest, I took a break from the game for a while and am a bit rusty. Loving Act 2 though. Stat builds, talents, abilities, equipment, etc. would be wonderful. The goal here is run up, beat in some face, and (hopefully) light a lot of stuff on fire. Preferably through dual-wielding. After the initial discussion on peoples thoughts I'm perfectly good with this becoming a place for people to post and store their favorite Barbarian builds for easy reference for other users.
  4. Thanks all for the help, good to know enchanting it isn't useless. enjoying this guy thus far and I'm already finding myself planning the next build...
  5. Thanks all, I'm up and running and actually just enchanted the Disappointer with Accuracy I. Although something seems off, I keep hearing that if you enchant it the original enchantment which makes it worse is supposed to be replaced and it effectively becomes a normal weapon. This is not happening however, both enchantments are simply present. Is this a patch or am I screwing up somewhere? Edit: I just realized this is probably a topic to take elsewhere, but I don't know what place to bring it up in. I'd report it as a bug but I figure this might be exactly what is intended with a recent patch.
  6. Ah, thanks for the reminder. Alright I think I might just stick with that then and see where it carries me. Thanks once again everyone, I'm going to have a lot of fun with this character and thanks to tons of suggestions a good spread of abilities to look at as I level. If anyone discover's any other builds making use of firearms they enjoy even if they aren't the most optimized I'd love to see them here.
  7. Oh dear, dont really drop resolve or con, This makes things difficult. Then again since I have the luxury of not playing on Hard or PoTD I guess that can work. 18 Might 8 Con 18 Dex 14 Per 8 Int 12 Res (plus culture) is what it looks like if I try to do that. Hmm. Clearly something's got to give and I dont want it to be int. Looking back on Mocker's recommendations if I'm alright for only going for an opening shot or two (and since this is Paladin thats a good way to work it) I can sacrifice some Dex. If drop it to 10 I can raise Int and Res to acceptable levels though I know stats dont make much difference in this game unless there's a large difference. Still that's what I get for working within these limitations I'm placing on myself. So then I'd be looking at; 18 Might 8 Con 10 Dex 14 Per 12 Int 16 Res (plus culture) ...But that seems like a low Per for a gun user so maybe swap it and Res? This is what I get for going Paladin. Still, finding ways to make this work is the fun of it for me
  8. Wow, thanks guys, I really appreciate the overwhelming response. This has given me a lot to chew on in regards to both Paladin and Ranger but, as my playthrough this time (being my first) is more focused on enjoying the story with a particular character I'm pretty sure I'm going Paladin (Though thank you Simple for that link, some of those builds are pretty cool). With that settled though what do you guys think from there? I'm planning on maining Arquebus's and pistols with the good ol' sword and board. For roleplay purposes I've warmed to it. I understand its a little hard to do guns with a character like this but I'm alright with that. What I'm hearing so far is drop resolve and con, and grab the flame talents in paladin along with a Soldier focus? Sound about right? I've dug around and discovered a pistol you can grab early on and get rid of its debuff as soon as you can enchant in order to make it usable. What about Paladin spells? Again, I'm hamstringing myself by wanting ok int (clearly I want too much out of this character XD) but I cant help it. It's a thing of mine to make a character then try to make them work within those limitations.
  9. Thanks for the quick replies guys, took a look at both the builds and your suggestions. After even more reading around I'm finding a lot on making paladin gunner's work but not too much on ranger. I've got this BleakWalker Paladin in mind and this fits right in... As for the stat spread I like having decent int (purely from a roleplay perspective) So I'll keep that and focus Might and Perception I guess with decent Dex. He won't be too tanky, so I'll play around and see what I like. I'm definitely interested in seeing a full build so go right ahead and post away. If this character works out I might try posting some builds of my own when I get around to higher difficulty levels (Yeah, I'm that scrub, maybe one day I'll become a real boy and go Hard or PotD).
  10. Hey everyone, new to both the forums and the game (so no spoilers if you would). I'm really enjoying the game but running into an age-old problem of mine for rpg's. I'm a player who likes finding mechanical builds that fit narratives for characters I create and so wind up finding around in the character creator quite a bit only to find the class combination I'm come up with isn't quite what I'm looking for. I recently learned about firearms in the game and am now rather fixated on building a gun user, so here I am looking for advice on classes, talents to take, etc. I'm not particularly keyed in on making The Most Min/Maxed Perfectest Gunner Ever, but I like efficiency and feel bad when I realize I've de-railed a character build horribly so I certainly don't mind someone who loves that sort of thing sharing their wisdom which I can tweak accordingly. I'm already planning on working with a few limitations such as Human for race. My main goal is to do the best I can within the narrative limits for the character. I've already poked around the threads a bit and seen some discussion here and there but not much of it seems organized in a central place so I wouldn't mind this thread becoming a general catch-all for various gun combinations after some initial narrowing down of what I'm after. What I know so far: I am looking for the character to be using firearms from the get-go (I know there are a couple to be found early on) but I'm also ok with having an Arbelast as well if needed (or a crossbow, I'd like to stay away from melee and traditional bows if I can as well as magic but I'm not entirely inflexible in that regard). Blunderbusses in general are also not really what I'm aiming for either but again after some initial advice I have no issue with the thread becoming a general Post Your Gun Build Here. I know switching between multiple firearms seems useful as well. I eagerly await your advice oh community! I appreciate the time you take out of your day to help this little scrub.
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