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  1. Yeah, I unselected and re-selected it seeing if it would force a DL. Sadly no luck XD As for the OP, the Season Pass should have been with the backer rewards a couple hours after release of the base game.
  2. It always surprises me every release date given, no exceptions, some aussies at 12PM their local time complain the game from the USA dev isn't released at midnight. Even if it literally never happened, nor ever will, it doesn't prevent these "IT'S MIDNIGHT REEEEEEEEEEE!" threads to pop up. Are these people new to gaming or do release dates give mass-amnesia. Are you The Nameless One?
  3. I kept her soul to talk to her. But that laugh pretty much every combat makes me regret it ever since :/
  4. Also the beastiary entry says she got Immunity: Fire, which makes 100% sense. But it's not shown like Immunity: Water the other dragon has. Nor Weakness: Frost as most other weaknesses do appear in that box.
  5. Should get fixed tomorrow; https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/104120-beta-patch-notes-for-version-200/ "Fixed an issue where Pallegina's Exalted Focus buff would stay on the party after she was removed from the party." You should check if it's still there after the DLC/patch goes live.
  6. Party members ask for different things. Some take no food, but more drink. Some more drink, no food. Some more money (due to no food/drink), some no money. Also they'll need to be paid more with more rank. Would have been great if this was actually displayed somewhere other than just the hiring screen (which isn't helpful for people you pick up along the way). But it's not a bug.
  7. Compare To Even if the exact same dialogue proceeds both Closest auto-save; https://www.dropbox.com/s/ck7y0kajzx6r9v2/Hassat%20Hunter%20%2849dc7103-0c8e-4082-b3fb-1595c7877944%29%20autosave_2.rar?dl=0
  8. +1 still a thing :/ She refuses to talk to me following rejecting the Queen, and there seems no other way to progress the quest. The options talking to her first time about the Painted Mask just tell you to "ask later" but that's never an option :/
  9. Was accepted, didn't go up the elevator but went climbing and entered from her bedroom Already killed Crookspur so gave her Kua's head Mentioned the Ruataian taking over the island Resulting in her not wanting to do anything with the Kahuga, even if she wanted before going to the whole Crookspur dialogue. She refused to speak with me any longer at all. Returned to the Queen to find this journal entry, even though it was 100% peaceful throughout;
  10. Here's my attempt to re-create it all. Seems second time around it requires me to fight the survivors of the first time around (since I didn't have much penetration then). But combatting them in any way re-enables the bug to re-appear :/
  11. With said observation, it does seem that my theory (It's due to DLC) is correct above yours (it's the gameplay changes). So why stay admitant in the face of so much contrary evidence? After all with 3 more DLC's that' makes us currently at half the version. So you still got plenty of time for all those balance tweaks. One patch being an ACTUAL patch never killed anyone. And personally, I much rather have Obsidian fix gamebreaking bugs that prevent someone finishing the gmae. You ARE aware the X-packs are far more "content / change" than some gameplay or UI changes right?
  12. It is indeed not a "feature" of 2.0. It's the entire DAMN REASON it's 2.0. As you've been told on the Steam announcement too apparently. I figured it didn't need saying but apparently it does. The reason it's mentioned seperate is cause you don't need to own the DLC to get the patch. But it's still the "major iterative change" that increments the version. As I've looked up was the same for PoE1. And to use your analogy. Do you think your mechanic would install your transmission, then waits 8 hours, then does the windshield? Or instead waits for both to be present, then do both of them at the same time. Now tell me which of these 2 is the more logical choice to you.
  13. I seriously doubt they insert the BoW DLC and just make it a flag to unlock. Makes little sense in a SP-game, only just makes your DLC that much easier to pirate.
  14. Well, you know Part II came along with 3.0 (which, IMO, was utter garbage)... and Part 1? Came along with 2.0 https://steamcommunity.com/games/291650/announcements/detail/132080773557782343 Guess the increments ARE due to DLC... logically. Only you deny it for... I have no clue, why are you? And suuuuure... 2.0 and DLC (and DLC) launch all on August 2... but are not part of the exact same update? Do you really believe that yourself? It's been a while but aren't these like a few kb installs (aside from maybe the portrait pack). Which would mean it's already ingame so you just unlock it with a few kb 'flag' rather than download the actual content itself, which means it HAS to be inside a patch to add the content itself.
  15. Easy to check; Find the savegames locally, check size. Then check Steam Cloud size... it'll always be double of your folder. PoE1 nor Tyranny have this. Wouldn't be such a bother if the syncing time after closing the game isn't really really long, and this might be one of the causes of that?
  16. Well, returning much much later, it seems everyone respawned friendly when Arkemyr went to the Scrying Pool? The hostile automatons I didn't kill are still hostile though. And once more save+reload makes everyone hostile. And I mean EVERYONE. Including Arkemyr and his guards... Which can be quite the problem if you want to finish the quest properly and have no other saves.
  17. When loading my savegame of Queen's Berth it'll always show this in the output.log; Mover missing game data: NPC_VD_Larro_Ghost{ENHP} Considering there was no ghost after he was killed at all, I assume there should have been one, but it fails to spawn due to that?
  18. I guess this explains why that Sacred Stairs door talks to me. Let me add then a hut in the Wahiki (sp?) village, near the crops. Since a door talked to me there too.
  19. Isn't this in the beta 2.00 patchlisting? "Fixed an issue where "resting" NPC's were showing detection circles."
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