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  1. I have been playing Outer Worlds just fine. I shutdown my PC and switched monitors, now I can't select Continue from the title screen. This has happened before on steam games when I switched monitors with different resolutions. I just don't know how to reset game cache in Epic client? Can anyone please help? Some more detail, game starts fine, press any button to continue screen works fine with a mouse click or keyboard press. Next screen Continue, new game etc... Cant click anything or use keyboard arrows. Enter does nothing.
  2. Worked, I made a character with a new name then saved. Found where saves are stored and copied my game files to that location. I had to copy the global achievements file as well to get Bereth's blessings to show. Thank you for your help.
  3. Can someone help me out? I built a new computer recently and had to install steam and Pillars 2. Game starts fine but my continue button is greyed out. Windows 10 Game is installed to - C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Pillars of Eternity II I see my save files in C:\Users\Eric\Saved Games\PillarsofEternityII Which is odd cause I have an empty folder right above it C:\Users\Eric\Saved Games\Pillars of Eternity II I copied my game files to the empty folder and even ran steam as administrator... Still no juju Lastly I see no errors trying to read the game file in the output.log, in fact, I don't even see it try to read it... Keep in mind this is a fresh windows 10 environment with steam and pillars my first game install on it. Any help would be appreciated.
  4. Nvm, after clicking and restarting a few times it worked. There is something wrong with the DLC process. If I click the Download via steam button it should not open the game, it should just download the content...
  5. Anyone know how to download the Free DLC, Deck of Many Things? I am running steam on Ubuntu 18.04. Every time I click the Download button in Steam on the content page it just starts Pillars of Eternity. If I click on the picture in the game view the News panel on the start screen it just try to login steam through the browser... Any help would be appreciated...
  6. First and foremost, Thank you Obsidian, I loved POE 1 and I am really enjoying this one. Eder and Xoti are amazing characters. "I see another soul in the darkness... one ready for reapin" Things I noticed... This feels like its more breadth and less depth, while POE1 was the opposite. Not saying its better or worse, just different. I feel like the game mechanics improved overall. Things I think could be a little better and I know there are changes in the works to the game to improve the difficulty, but I would like to comment on this. I feel there were no memorable fights... I don't know if its just due to the difficulty being tuned down or what, but POE had Raedric's Hold, Maerwald, The Bear in the cave right after you are "Awakened", Adra Dragon, Sky Dragon, Orge Druid Matron (Cannibal Orge Level in Endless Paths) and others that I remembered vividly. I just finished Deadfire and the only fight I had to do more than once was the last guy. However, this is overall a solid improvement and I'm so happy games like this are still getting made. Starting a new play through now and I'm looking forward to the upcoming DLC. Again, thanks for your hard work and dedication. It's appreciated, truly.
  7. Yay! I'm really happy about this. I have 300+ hours played on POE and its time to move on to a new game! Thanks for all the hard work, it's appreciated, truly.
  8. I'm having an issue with Kana as well. Kana's chant bar gets set to all A's right after combat and the chant stops. To fix this I have to open "Edit chants and click A, B, C, D" then my bar is fixed. It's a little annoying to start his chants every fight, but its workable. And this started right after I went to Caed Nu and removed him from my party and leveled up Aloth. Right after I pulled him back in my party and the problems started.
  9. First and foremost, thank you for the patch. I'm really enjoying the game. About the censorship, sorry if I'm late to the party, I am disappointed as one of the main reasons why I backed this game was someone talking about being able to have mature content in the game without any worry from unnecessary censorship from the publishers. I believe it was Chris Avellone in the Kick Starter video? Also, I just received my box of swag, got all my t-shirts etc... and while I'm extremely grateful, I am still disappointed that my special edition box does not have the disc in it... I wanted to keep it unopened. I don't think my disc is in the box... Despite these disappointments I am still happy with the outcome and the game. I hope Obsidian learns from these mistakes and makes better decisions in the future. I am still a loyal supporter and only speak highly of the company and Pillars of Eternity. Again, thanks for putting out a patch so quickly.
  10. Of all the major bugs I've run into, I have found at least one dev post acknowledging it or it is in a sticky. I'd rather have the devs do a quick acknowledgment and get back to coding fixes/QA then taking time to reposed to every post to keep people happy. Also, some code changes seem like they need to be made at a core mechanic level, which is always more impactful, positive or negative. Again, I'd rather them take the time to fix it right in leu of a hot fix. On a different note, I do like to see the passion and fury, it lets me know there are people out there like me who want a hardcore PC game.
  11. FYI, I started a game on Ubuntu 14.04.2 LTS played for a few hours, went home to my gaming PC (Windows 7 Pro) and it did not copy down the game saves. However, I just moved them with a USB stick and restarted the game in Windows. Worked fine.
  12. Dude, you really need to calm down. Passion is good, but it can become unhealthy real easily. I understand your point on passion and how it can cross over to being nonconstructive. However, I don't understand why I need to calm down? I made one post on this topic and I feel I was respectful in my tone. I stand by my posting unless you point out exactly where I crossed the line. You can see my post count, after this it will be only two. I didn't go crazy and insult anyone or pick at anyone who had a different opinion. Regardless, if I did move beyond passion and I cant see it, I sincerely apologize. Like I said before, I rarely post and my communication skills in this medium are not as well as I would like. Just for clarity, on the Mass Effect comments, where I think you will attempt to piecemeal my post and take it out of context. First, I was sad for 3 days, truly. This does not mean I didn't eat or go to work etc.., but when you invest time in a great piece of interactive art only to have it ruined in the last 5 minutes is truly heartbreaking. Also, 1 letter to EA, 1 letter to EA-BioWare, and 3 forum posts hardly qualify as unhealthy and I feel it was a proper way to communicate my feelings on their product. Hmm, I can't tell here if you are picking at my post or what I wrote was not as reflective as it should have been. Saying I made them learn about the game reads like I strapped them in a chair and forced them. Reality is, I asked everyone to watch the Kickstarter video and the video intrigued them. After they asked for an explanation and it led to a healthy discussion about what KickStarter is and how in this case it allowed the developers to be unchained from big corporate restrictions. I hope the sharks don't smell blood in the water to come and pick apart my posts. I hate those type of fights. Focusing on one line of a comment while the overall message is ignored. I paid a lot of money for a game a year in advance... I didn't complain when the date was delayed as that is understandable and I expected that. I never expected to get shipped a special edition hard-copy without the copy... That is not reasonable. This is twice I said that and I think it's enough. I wont continue on or even defend my post anymore, I know you get what I was driving at. -Eric
  13. First and foremost, I would like to say thank you to everyone at Obsidian. You all are doing a great job and I am really excited about the release of this game. Even though this is my first post here (I don't post much on any forum) I have been following PoE's progress for sometime and I regularly read the forums. I hope I can add my two cents. I honestly feel that sending the Retail box without the disk is doing a real disservice to many backers. I know at your heart you are trying to do what is right and best for everyone, however, I am certain there are many backers who want to keep their box unopened and complete with it's content. Moreover, the type of backer who wants this will generally be your more "hardcore" gamer. People who believe in the game and spread the word. I've made my whole family watch the initial Kickstarter trailer because I was so pumped and none of them even play games. This led to a whole explanation about KickStarter, video games, video game production and the effects Companies have on development... I know there are many more like me who are mostly silent until it gets to be too much... A good example would be Mass Effect 3's ending. After being depressed for 3 days I flipped out and explained to everyone and their brother about the evil's of EA and how they ruined Mass Effect... I wrote letters to the company, posted on their forums etc... Now, I will not compare shipping the game without the disk to the horror's of Mass Effect 3's ending, but seriously... I specifically bought a special edition hardbox... Just think about that sentence... I paid for a special edition hardbox... can it please come with the game inside? Again, please send it to me with the official game inside. I don't care how or when, I just want what is expected when you make a purchase like that. Lastly, If this post is too much or you feel I was disrespectful, I do apologize. I am proud of what you all have done. I just think there are a lot of silent backers out there who want the same exact thing. -Eric
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