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  1. I've been playing The Witcher 3 since May. Played through the whole game, including side quests, four times. Can't wait for the DLC in a couple of weeks. (As a Dragon Age fan, I can't believe all the people who say there isn't much difference between the quality of DA:I and the Witcher 3. From my perspective it's a world of difference. The Witcher is what DA:I wished it could be when it grows up.) MGS:V is next on my to - play list.
  2. I'm not even a fan of Star Wars or George Lucas, but if good versus evil is so boring than how does one explain why there have always been stories using that same theme in every human society, all over the world throughout the entire history of the human race (for as long as we've been sapient, anyway)? Just because an idea has been explored doesn't suddenly make it worthless. Certain basic themes resonate with people regardless of how many times they may have seen the same theme.
  3. So adjusting the difficulty on a dragon encounter would only change the number of adds spawned and nothing else?If you change the difficulty BEFORE entering that area. If you don’t, it's the exact same even after turning the difficulty down; that is, until you enter a new map. There's quite a difference in the number of mobs between difficulty levels. As you kill beasts of a certain type you fill out your bestiary. I might have to go through several maps to fill out an entry on Easy, but completely fill the same entry in a single map on Hard.
  4. Dwarves, cattle. They're both subterranean herbivores bred for their prowess in crafting and tasty flesh.
  5. The difficulty level change between Easy and Hard only change the number of mobs, not the AI or their stats. Since you can't lower the difficulty level of a Path of the Damned play through this question doesn't apply in that situation. So, lowering the difficulty level after entering an area doesn't make the extra mobs in that area disappear.
  6. This is what Aloth says and I take it to be cannon. It makes sense if you think about it, if each species evolved independently members of different species wouldn't be able to produce offspring. Even with closely related species like donkeys and horses can only produce one generation of offspring because the children are sterile.Well, some mule mares actually are fertile, and breed true with a horse or donkey sire. It's exceptionally rare, but it happens. Not that this is in any way relevant. Presumably elves and humans have greater chromosomal incompatibilities than donkeys and horses
  7. PoE2: Dragon Hate: Origins? An army of mindless Woedica worshipers attempts to taint all of Theda . . . er, Eora. I'm sorry, the title was just asking for it.
  8. Perception is more important than dexterity. Dexterity alters action speeds, while perception effects accuracy of both spells and attacks.
  9. This is what Aloth says and I take it to be cannon. It makes sense if you think about it, if each species evolved independently members of different species wouldn't be able to produce offspring. Even with closely related species like donkeys and horses can only produce one generation of offspring because the children are sterile.
  10. Somebody else on this thread already suggested it, but I like the idea of keeping the plus two engagements and deflection penalty of Defender and changing Wary Defender to add damage to fighters' disengagement attacks. That way disengagement is possible for the AI but you can punish them for it.
  11. Just throwing this out there, but DA:I is a perfect example of a stronghold done poorly. The developers tried to make it central to the plot but it becomes nothing more than a place to do your crafting and talk to companions after finding it.
  12. Come **** Me. It's a turn of phrase for tall stilettos. Don't mind me, I was just wondering if this conversation was as awkward to participate in as it is to watch. No, wait, yes it is.
  13. Do paladin auras stack? Having 6 melee paladins with 6 different buffs would be fun, powerful, and low maintenance.
  14. Troll threads never die. Strike one down, and it will become more powerful than you can possibly imagine. I thought they sprouted multiple heads when struck down, like a hydra.
  15. Nature godlike should work fine for a paladin or fighter, but the racial bonus doesn't buff enough to play as a rogue if you plan on a melee build. For rogues death godlikes (on lower difficult levels) works well. For duel wielding rogues moon godlikes have the best synergy.
  16. Welcome! #1: I've encountered bugs, but nothing game breaking. I saw on the forum one involving unlimited talents during level up. #2: If you bought the game on Steam it comes with a game manual. #3: I've never played as a paladin so I'm not sure how they're different, but with personality reputations the biggest difference is how NPCs react to you. Example, with an honest reputation while received a quest to steal something the quest giver might add a threat about what he'll do if you tell the authorities. #4:The earlier you make companions, the better. The highest level you c
  17. I'd love to see Deadfire Archipelago as that's where my character came from, and I see lots of votes for the Vailian Republics, but I think the sequel will probably be set in Readceras. The potential conflicts involving a nation trying to recover after losing its living god (and a war with its neighbor nation) too good to pass up.
  18. In my first play through I was a Moon godlike rogue from Deadfire Archipelago. I was a pirate who became so renowned a group of nations formed an armada to capture me. The ship went down, the surviving crewmen scattered, and I decided to go to Dyrwood (passing through Gilded Vale along the way) on my way to a new life . . . of even more crime. >
  19. THIS. Why do developers so often feel the need to CRIPPLE player companions, making them weak and un-optimised from a whole variety of angles? The completely silly companion stat distribution has been plaquing PoE from the start. But, it was nothing that couldn't be fixed with a little console fiddling. However, now the devs have hit a few new lows in one fell swoop: 1) A "DPS" companion with NON-REMOVABLE ARMOR that imposes a steep 40% recovery penalty, and with a pathetic 8 DR? It's like the WORST armor ever imaginable: it doesn't give the recovery rate of lighter armors, while
  20. I've never had this problem. The companion AI works fine for me. What difficulty level are you playing on? I usually play on normal or sometimes scale it down to easy. The bug might be connected to hard or PotD.
  21. Let me say first and foremost, I haven't tried this so I'm not one hundred percent certain, but I believe an animal companion doesn't count as an official companion in a solo run. The reason I say that is I'm pretty sure the PoE community would've had a fit if there was a single class incapable of getting an achievement, and as I haven't heard a peep, I think you're good.
  22. The only option that guarantees Heodan's death is doing nothing. The game only gives the throw rock option if your dexterity is high enough, otherwise you'll have to throw (and lose) the weapon you have equipped.
  23. When you set the AI to Aggressive the NPCs go looking for something to attack. Set the AI to Defensive and they only attack mobs in their field of view. Set the AI to Self Defense and they won't attack anyone that hasn't hit them with an attack first. I usually leave the AI on Defensive.
  24. Or Kevin... Is that really better? He could be Richard. Just saying.
  25. I want bombs as a gaming implement. The existence of gunpowder has already been established in Eora, so I think it would be cool to have a bomber class or simply use them like scrolls or traps. Also, I might be the lone man with this opinion, but I do not want to see romances added to the game. Too often certain game designers *cough bioware cough* get so caught up in romance options that either don't create more intriguing characters (like Grieving Mother or Durance) because no one would select them as partners, or make the oddball character with the option of being romanced but it pla
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