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  1. In my first play through I was a Moon godlike rogue from Deadfire Archipelago. I was a pirate who became so renowned a group of nations formed an armada to capture me. The ship went down, the surviving crewmen scattered, and I decided to go to Dyrwood (passing through Gilded Vale along the way) on my way to a new life . . . of even more crime. >
  2. THIS. Why do developers so often feel the need to CRIPPLE player companions, making them weak and un-optimised from a whole variety of angles? The completely silly companion stat distribution has been plaquing PoE from the start. But, it was nothing that couldn't be fixed with a little console fiddling. However, now the devs have hit a few new lows in one fell swoop: 1) A "DPS" companion with NON-REMOVABLE ARMOR that imposes a steep 40% recovery penalty, and with a pathetic 8 DR? It's like the WORST armor ever imaginable: it doesn't give the recovery rate of lighter armors, while
  3. I've never had this problem. The companion AI works fine for me. What difficulty level are you playing on? I usually play on normal or sometimes scale it down to easy. The bug might be connected to hard or PotD.
  4. Let me say first and foremost, I haven't tried this so I'm not one hundred percent certain, but I believe an animal companion doesn't count as an official companion in a solo run. The reason I say that is I'm pretty sure the PoE community would've had a fit if there was a single class incapable of getting an achievement, and as I haven't heard a peep, I think you're good.
  5. The only option that guarantees Heodan's death is doing nothing. The game only gives the throw rock option if your dexterity is high enough, otherwise you'll have to throw (and lose) the weapon you have equipped.
  6. When you set the AI to Aggressive the NPCs go looking for something to attack. Set the AI to Defensive and they only attack mobs in their field of view. Set the AI to Self Defense and they won't attack anyone that hasn't hit them with an attack first. I usually leave the AI on Defensive.
  7. Or Kevin... Is that really better? He could be Richard. Just saying.
  8. I want bombs as a gaming implement. The existence of gunpowder has already been established in Eora, so I think it would be cool to have a bomber class or simply use them like scrolls or traps. Also, I might be the lone man with this opinion, but I do not want to see romances added to the game. Too often certain game designers *cough bioware cough* get so caught up in romance options that either don't create more intriguing characters (like Grieving Mother or Durance) because no one would select them as partners, or make the oddball character with the option of being romanced but it pla
  9. I agree that Defender was OP before & understand why obsidian tweaked it, but a deflection penalty is going too far. Nerfing the deflection bonus makes sense, but replacing it a penalty leaves me scratching my head.
  10. I hope obsidian doesn't get rid of the pauseable combat. As Josh said, players can slow down combat rather than go full pause. They have a nice balance already.
  11. The quest is triggering, but I get stuck in the dialog box after interacting with the soul. The dialog box describes my character reaching out to touch the soul but doesn't trigger the 'soul scan' text, and the box stays on the screen.
  12. What type of party makeup do you have? If you have a stealthy rogue-like character with Escape you can use ambush tactics by leaving the rest of your party behind in the room off to the side and approach with the stealth character. After the exchange is over use Escape to fall back to the room. Raedric and his team will follow right into the room where your mage can set off some AOE spells. If I recall correctly, he has two casters with him so you have to be careful they don't use the enclosed space against you. Setting a trap in the doorway is a good way to soften up the first line of mo
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