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  1. Typical DnD warlock? has stacking DR in the form of fiendish resilience like DnD uses demonic powers and things? Basically the way I'd set it out to be balanced yet strong is, A tanky caster, high base health/scale,Passive DR that gets stronger per level if u say get the talent or that could be their base beginning ability. And in DnD Warlocks were ment to have much stronger spells than mages that were infinite and even in the games lore during the spell-plague warlocks were the only ones that wernt effected because it was the magic of their own soul and the infernal planes they drew from. SO yeah to balance the spells Id say make them stronger and better, by say like damage or defense wise, but remove some really versatile options, only give 4 casts per spell level (cause infinite like DnD be a bit much) but only let them select TWO spells they can use during a fight and let their spell level pool itself be quite low for each level, like 5-6 spells or something. With their last higher tier spells being able to turn into bats made out of darkness but not able to cast, for a really defensive mode, and a fiend form.
  2. Ah well thats 8 points I can put into something else I guess *shrug* still Id prefere perception not to be changed.
  3. DoTs don't ignore DR, they are affected by a % of DR per tick (I've read 25%, I don't know if this a universal %), which is still very significant because each tick of a DoT does relatively little damage. DoTs don't ignore DR, they are affected by a % of DR per tick (I've read 25%, I don't know if this a universal %), which is still very significant because each tick of a DoT does relatively little damage. My concelhaut's corrosive siphon does 11 damage a tick to the adra dragon like it does to everyone else =/ *shrug*
  4. Well tbh druids spell casting is perhaps stronger than both, and like priest they just get all their spells not having to learn a few. (wizard should get stronger ones as they have to learn em but they don't) + they get that shapeshift and start with higher base and scaling stats than wizard =/ druids are more than fine, get a grip lol. When people ask "whats the best PoTD solo class" EVERYONE and they're grandmother says "Druid" or monk.
  5. I'm not gonna be elitest and say its easy, its surely hard and challenging. Its just the name, it got me thinking witcher 1/2 style dark souls 2 NG +9. Thought I was gonna take like 60 damage from a wolf n **** lol (which is ridiculous admittedly and their difficulty is proper and tbh very hard for a game like this. But yeah its totally doable.
  6. Heya, Carnage makes gaun's pledge ring heal enemies =) and I guess any other heals like that. Sucks huh lol. You're welcome.
  7. I just tested with the latest patch and it works exactly the same. As long as he's out of the sight of the others you can kill the adragan at the top without making anyone hostile, however a xaurip will come to attack you (killing him out of sight of the rest will keep everyone neutral also). Since attacking anyone there will put you in combat until everyone is dead you can use your scrolls/summoning items before starting the next fight. She's a woman.
  8. Ciphers known to be OP, I'm more of a mage at heart but. Wizards can be amazing, even early I've learned from my experience (but I didn't know too early) one thing you must know that in this game even spells can miss, and they can be devastating and u could potentially easily win many fights on a wizard, even solo if your spells hit 100% of the time, but the grazes and misses really cripple you. Something I learned from Ghakill that guy with the picture of the scene that scares me from lord of the rings is that ELRITCH AIM (level 1 spell) is TRULY amazing. The 15+ accuracy really is great and worth it, it basically makes your spells gaurentee'd hits, I'd even craft tons of potions of it if I were you, you can at level 1 and the ingredients arn't too costly (infact ull be overloaded with ingredients basically the whole game so u may aswell craft them) With this you can pretty much hit all your spells and this makes you really good. Wizards really lack defensive spells early, but chill fog (level1) which causes blind constantly over as a ground effect does great damage, has a lot of ticks so is good incase you miss one, the blind basically lets you aoe tank, think of it is a defensive spell but it debuffs your enemy. Slicken is simple aoe knockdown but it can hit you aswell so im not so sure how worth it is, I really like to just use another chill fog if I'm honest. Concelhaut's Staff is quite amazing, its incredibly powerful, more so than any weapon you can actually collect in the game and it heals you on hit and its pretty fast too. Lastly Fan of flames for damage as it does as much dmg as some level 6 spells, its pretty epic, but it can miss a lot, so eldritch. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I'd say essential level 1 spells (Eldritch Aim!!! chill fog and fan of flames) You only need I think level 2 or 3 to get level 2 spells, and after this you are pretty much all set to do some epic soloing, let alone with a party. Level 2 spells, You definitely want Concelhaut's Corrosive SIphon, its an AOE dot that ignores DR like all dots do, does great damage, and heals you each tick from each enemy, its unbelievably healing and damage aoe, the main trouble I had with this but making me feel like wizard was sucky was so many misses or grazes, inconsistency early when you only got 2-3 casts sucks. And Ray of fire. So ALWAYS eldritch aim before this, its basically what eldritch aim is for, and you should always be saving 1 for this spell, unless you got pots. So yeah get Arcane Veil talent at this level 2 for emeargencies, it can be used off recovery time timer and instantly whilst in many forms of CC. Eldritch AIm, Concelhauts, Ray of Fire(or save this cast for another elritch + concels with its done), Fan of flames repeat can pretty much handle anything solo.
  9. Nah I wouldn't say its necessary at all, Its smarter though, but tbh its hard to say what even is a stat dump. The really cool thing about this game is that unlike BG1/2 DND games, all the stats are useful, its awesome.
  10. Lol I solo'd that place besides the shades as a barbarian solo at level 3, cmon dude get it together lol, you got 6 people. Seriously, people have really overhyped this PoTD, I was pretty intimidated by it, but its not so bad lol. The only real dangerous thing if ur gonna skip the shades is the will-o-s, solo just keep trying to lure one out at a time and u'll be fine, with party u should be good. I didn't even know that much about Barb I just winged it. Don't get me wrong I almost died a few times, but thats almost and I'm 1 person. Also why do people Max Int on a barb? Max Might + constitution! I can still hit 3 people to the side of my barb with carnage with 4 intellect lol, you don't need 18 int jesus. But you got a full party, if you want my advice, get full perception, con, resolve, fire-godlike and tank with the FIGHTER! get hatchet, medium(pref) or heavy shield, see if u can enchant it to fine, and get sword and shield style and you'll be able to pretty much just walk away and he/she'll probely solo it themselves with auto attacks. Stay back with the chanters and summon + ranged, honestly I don't even know what to say with the rest, it should be a non issue with just those 3. Seriously I've did some PoTD testing just to mess around and I did a solo fighter aswell before quitting and I can sit and tank Nigh on forever solo with some plate mail and a fire godlike + rapid recovery and full might, the healing is nuts aswell as the damage reduction.
  11. Its a level 1 druid spell. Also marking just automatically increases ur accuracy when your party members are attacking the same target as you.
  12. The fighter talent rapid recovery simply seems to not work =/
  13. Tbh, I never dumped it cause I like deflection, but we all did without the extra accuracy before so I think we'll be fine to have it at 10. My cloak of Lillith is gonna be great though, only losing 3 deflection for a lot of accuracy.
  14. Llengraths displacement turns 50% of hits into grazes which is huge, that ontop of like 155ish Deflection/reflexes and the fact I got, about 20DR and 250 endurance exactly atm on my level 11 Wizard (60 more than my pallegin and 51 more than eder)( (will be more at 12) *btw I don't have cautious attack, so id have 160 if I had that* and it'll be my last thing to get at level 12 on a PoTD playthrough. I know think I could take a few full hits from her let alone grazes hits from her, I can in Hard and I seen the stats comparison, her damage isn't high enough even on PoTD that im gonna get one hit by her, its only like 15 higher and when all my tanks die one hit from her aoe wing smash thing that wipes the team I always got 70 hp left if she hits me from max and thats a full hit. @gkathellar the funny thing is though, I coulda kill all the mobs before i went on her, but honestly? I don't even have to, when your solo they all just crowd on you and she insta aoe kill them all for you, thats the benefit of being able to tank that, the mobs are a complete non-issue.
  15. I just have auto attack turned off, so I don't physically attack her and so totally ignore her fear aura. Id say you don't NEED 170, only for adra dragon, for the rest Id say 100-110 is enough, especially for non-potd.
  16. Most damaging magic attacks Reflex Actually if you really look most of them up its really is by a good number mostly deflection and fortitude spells attack. Some are reflexes, but the least, and its all the damage spells that are deflection a very few that are fortitude, most cc's are will and the aoe (and not even all the aoe some are still deflection) are reflex.
  17. Adra dragon stats from my solo triple crown run: Here is my one solo one on hard, for those who want to compare the difficulty, also thx now I can see the difference, and yeah I'm pretty sure I can take her on PoTD, ill get around to it sometime but I've not come near to completing the game and can't be bothered starting again just for that lol.
  18. lol yes 60 Deflec WITH buffs, I've got exactly 100(well 99 but that gives me the ocd lol) deflection with my titan mage without buffs and I need my buffs for her, you ain't soloing her lol. Get 18 perception and 19 resolve (history, maybe more depending on race) Get a medium shield and enchant it to exceptional or find one(Or get the outworn shield its better and do the same) Use a hatchet / all normal standard hatchets give +5 deflection / get the sword and shield style talent / +5 superior deflection talent / (you could also get cautious attack modal talent, I personally don't use it, but you could get it but I got 4 dexterity lol so I don't want any less speed) / +10 deflection ring/ Aura of Lillith cloak (+3 perception aka deflection) / get the ring of wonders for +1 resolve and self res/ Lastly with all that, use Llengraths Displaced image and Llengraths Safeguard (safeguard gives +20 to all defenses not deflection so it stacks) Also on a side note a really powerful combo of items is Dead mans Treads and regeneration abilities/items like the troll belt. IT stops you from going unconcious for 3 seconds and if you get healed even 1 heal during that time the unconcious will cancel and you'll stay alive, its like a double second chance that can proc more than once. If you catch it in a proc and heal even just 1 health, you won't die, pop a regeneration potion just before you go down and its pretty much gaurentee'd to heal you during that three second window if you are also wearing the troll belt, horrifyingly beyond adra dragon like durability, thats not even counting infuse vitality with 18 constitution + item buffs and eldritch aim and concelhauts corrosive siphon for omega heals and arcane veil for emergeancies that honestly will probely never happen. I only used my arcane veil once vs the adra dragon when she knocked me down and it never happend again.
  19. You're funny.....I'm very sure you can't even get 200 deflection, and you just saying that like its common its idiotic and unhelpful. I may aswell spread some mis-information like you and confuse these people looking for help even more. "I'd say 1000 deflection but 933 is fine for most tanking" The Ancient Adra Dragon is the strongest enemy in the game (at least from what I'm seeing not been through most of it but it seems to be agree'd upon) Easily destroying max level parties on easy difficulty and I've solo'd her on hard and very few people have solo'd her who own this game and I'm talking handful and a very powerful pally and mage that done it on PoTD including myself have 130-170 (the pally having 171 and thats an extreme ridiculous max that I still don't even know how he achieved, also that was from the 1.01-1.03 patch where all the talents he had have been nerfed removing about 20-30 deflection from his build in 1.06 "200 deflection" pff, please don't confuse people. Draco, you gotta understand this game isn't like BG, deflection is amazing but it also takes into account each enemies accuracy and rolls from 100 and its gotta be a pretty low roll to miss, meaning you need some obscene deflection to constantly miss. The thing is you don't NEED to rely on dodging every attack, what you really should appreciate is grazes, get 100 even if its with buffs and pretty much every attack will graze you, combine that with some even just robes and you should be very tanky, 20 deflection isn't massive though, 50 deflection is massive, not 20, use llengraths displaced image and a medium enchanted shield + a hatchet and sword and shield style, with the resolve and perception talents. That should do you totally fine, you can get some heavier armor but I wouldn't go too extreme on it, hold onto ironskin and if you start getting taken low use that as its instant and has no recovery penality, Ironskin when you are getting low, combined with eldritch aim then concelhaut's greater corrosive siphon should get you out pretty much any situation whislt doing a ton of damage aoe and healing you to full and keeping you there pretty much gaurentee'd for like 15+ seconds. Use your arcane veil for extreme emergeancies if ironskin isn't enough or you just don't wanna use another level 4 cast. You are right about constitution but, its good stuff, honestly just take that advice is you are struggling the key to your problems is eldritch aim, when I started using my casts on that so much possibilities unlocked, it really is simply amazing for hitting your spells, when your spells are actually reliable it makes such a collosal difference.
  20. I dunno, I think its immensly worth it, that + that cape u get that increases rapid recovery anymore and the belt that gives 15% more healing+ might that gies more healing u can have like 10 (9. 8 hp a tick) lol. I personally don't think engagement should even be a thing, I'm glad IEMod removes it, it makes combat WAY too still and stagnent, you can just never move, cripples tactics.
  21. Well their summons do rock, but well, it depends on the durations, perhaps they can just do it again by the time they are over? That being said I don't think this needs to happen, chanters are fine the way they are. You can only have 1 set of summons out so I don't think they need durations.
  22. I dunno why some people keep saying "melee rogue" I dunno I've seen some rogues and if I'm honest they seem pretty weak to me, if you're solo you are gonna HAVE to tank stuff, can rogues really do that? I dunno about Barb also, but I've little experience on them tbh, so I'm not sure, but they seem kinda limited. I'd say your best bet and all thats really possible to do it IMO, if you wanna solo every part is like Wizard, Monk, Fighter and Paladin. I disagree with a rogue sneaking past as "soloing" that seems more like skipping the game than actually playing it and beating the challenges, which a solo run and hardest difficulty is all about. As someone with a lot of experience on wizard, what gka said above about concelhaut's I mean Its an ok spell and it has its moments, but I'm not sure its something I'd rely on, and using a shield and hatchet like I do, it takes away from your deflection leaving you vulnerable. But yeah as a last ditch effort and with some defensive buffs up I'd use it because ironically wizards seem to do the highest melee dmg in the game from what I see besides like rogue sneak attacks with their enchanted weapons. But I'd mostly just be using aoe to blast down the enemies whilst slowly wittling away whatever few are left whilst tanking with hatchet + shield and defensive talents. Though its true especially with one of the end game spells "citzels staff" or something you summon it get a weapon thats superb, has 1.8 range, it does AOE explosion damage when you hit and its like 36-58 its pretty crazy. If you do solo on wizard just know a few things, A lot of spells don't trigger a recovery cooldown like buffing so don't be afraid to use it its not wasting time, one of these is level 1 spell eldritch aim is very important in making sure you hit with certain spells you need to hit with to finish off groups and ect. Level 1 spell chill fog is a great and dependable aoe blinds and just keeps ticking blind + damage Lastly level 2 spell Concelhaut's Corrosive Siphon is an AOE DoT and since its a DoT it bypasses all DR and heals you every tick it does aoe, so you'll be doing like 11 aoe damage no exceptions then again every 3 seconds for like 15 seconds and healing all that damage each tick, its godly. The only problem that ever has is it misses or grazes, so a great combo is, Eldritch Aim, Chill Fog, Concelhauts Corrosive Siphon. You really can't go wrong with that, its extremely potent and thats just the lower level spells, good luck if you go with wizard. EDIT: Just went on to test it on my level 11 Wizard, and well I don't really watch people play barbs and **** but yeah I think concelhauts staff may be very strong. My aloth has 5 DR and it GRAZED him for 38 damage lol, i can actually kill aloth out of combat with concelhauts staff (with the crazy out of combat regeneration lol) and thats not even citzels spear which is stronger, faster and more accurate. Citzels Spirit Lance level 6 spell on my char: 41-62 damage vs deflection +15 accuracy / 1.8 weapon reach / Superb / Speed: +20% attack speed /2M aoe, 22-36 crush Foe AOE vs reflex +10 accuracy One last thing, both weapons look EXTREMELY AMMAAZZZINNG especially concelhaut's its the best looking weapon with best looking effects in the game, Tis pretty damn beautiful.
  23. Np =D It works for hard lol so yeah I can't see why it shouldn't, her PoTD stats just seem like more dmg and more DR and I don't get hit anyway and her DR is irrelevent so I don't see why it shouldn't.
  24. That's pretty cool. Trust me, PoTD is much more challenging than Hard, given that enemy stats change to the point that some of the same strategies just won't work like they did on Hard. But hey it's a good personal victory, and good luck to your future endeavors! Now what's this about armor enchants not working? They work for me. Also, about what to do with those Adra Dragon scales, you know this game was balanced for a full party. It lets you solo, but you can't expect each class to have use for every item in the game. Those scales could be used to enchant other armor and/or shield(s) that aren't superb yet. What shield are you using? Note that some people also prefer to enchant some plain-old clothing, because it doesn't incur any recovery penalties, allowing them to cast/attack as fast as possible. Yeah I'm with you that I'd generally prefer the Second Chance on that unique robe (and how cool it looks), but to each his own. I dunno, I believe you but I tested some of PoTD, im sure its harder, but honestly like I said the way that pally done it and the fact that the method I beat her is just stacking walls of flame/force/combusting wounds/concelhauts draining siphon, so its death by a thousand really fast ticking cuts, so even if she got another 300 DR it wouldn't really make a difference. Then I just sit there with my hatchet/shield/defensive buffs/sword and shield style/superior deflection talent/ 21 perception/21 resolve build and tank her whilst all my stuff slowly kills her, honestly at that point I've such ridiculously high deflection I don't even get hit and just tank her till she dies, so I think I could take her on PoTD because its really just the same tactics. (Even without mage buffs my character is sitting at 107 deflection, 96 fortitude, 110 reflexes and 100 will) With Double Llengraths buffs its 152 deflection, 116 fortitude, 150 reflexes, 120 will and lastly 50% of incoming hits turned to grazes and arcane veil for emergeancies on top of all that, the pally that solo'd it on POTD straight out just never ever got hit like me (except i was on hard) but his DR was only 18 above mine at 170, so I think I'd be good. Well Imma mage, so I'm just using that shield from her big gold stash (the little saviour(might be hero), its already superb + with its herald buff got just above the deflection of a medium shield without the accuracy penality) And I'm using the mage armor that drops from her stash too thats got 10 DR and -20% recovery speed and is superb Regitta Vendetta or something. PS: the armor enchants don't work for anyone (the quality ones fine/exceptional/superb/ect) they don't increase DR, look at your DR stats and you'll see its not added, and check your combat log and you'll see its not just visual in the stats menu, it just straight out doesn't work, but a dev told me they know and they have fixed it and its fixed in next patch. @Gkathellar, ah I already got the little saviour shield though, you get it from her horde stash when you beat her, its basically a buckler with Herald (the +5 to all defenses you were talking about from the outworn one but its already superb) + its also got retaliation on it (does like 7-10 pierce damage to anyone that hits you and I don't think it can miss either) Don't think I'll find a better shield than that, unless I find one thats got herald and is a 16def -8 accuracy one and maybe i could enchant that as an off weapon set if I wanna be SUPER conservative, but honestly I don't think imma find an enemy harder than her and I beat her solo with a worse shield than the one I found in her stash. I'll just hold on to it* for the expansion and maybe we'll get some cooler armor or new enchants to play around with.
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