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  1. Yeah good old scrolls, so the whole worth of my class can be given to any other char, for infinite value if you get enough of them. Being a wizard don't suck ass at all, I solod the adra dragon on path of the damned whilst everyone was whining like a baby about her for months after I and two other people had done it. But every time I fought her, about 95% of the time I depleted every single spell I had and just beat her by the skin of my teeth, and the other 5% I had about 2 spells left. This new system will have me substantially weaker each battle, gaining per encounter spells and arcane blast at high levels was enough to blast through trash fights, this system is just gonna make mages less versatile and have less powerful but valuable resources (which is meant to be their main thing!) You being too afraid to use your spells is your problem, if you got hoarder syndrome it's down to your own greed, that's like saying I don't wanna shoot a gun at my enemies cause it's got bullets.
  2. I don't like it at all and I can't deal with it either, I've not got much in my life as it is.
  3. They are catering to idiots and watering down the game and I've no idea why. It's already been backed. If they wanna make a ****ty watered down game they shoulda presented it as such, hell just make an FPS and let idiots back it. Why are we, who wern't complaining about the old system getting this ****ty idiot deal? Don't fix what ain't broke, people complained about the companions and that's it.
  4. They are dumbing down the health system, removing their inspired health/endurance system that really makes it feel like you are getting continously weary and worn down and hungry. Aswell as dumbing down the spell system (see here) (https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/96465-what-does-everyone-think-about-the-new-casting-system/) So spells no longer feel like truly grand abilities that should be used sparingly and totally deplete your soul until you rest. Requiring for you to have a nice cozy camp with you and your party members and use your limited supplies as you rest up for the night and get some food, to replenish your health and magic. They also cut a tonne of spells, lol why, just why, dark souls 3 did this and wasted the **** out of my money, it was basically just a downgrade in all ways and undid so many fixes from dark souls 2, it was dark souls 1.5 Why is this game becoming Pillars of Eternity 0.5 better graphics? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ They are also dumbing down the stats, very inspired before, that ALL stats were useful for everyone and you could make really diverse chars where you had to either balance or sacrifice some to get great weaknesses in exchange for great strenghs (I loved tha) Now might is gone and there is strength and resolve, meaning everyones gonna have more than enough points to make whatever they want with no sacrifices, because the main damage stat is seperate for spell casters and melees. Instead of might, it's now strength and resolve, overtuning resolve (and tbh making me feel less special that I won't be able to sac might unlike most chars to fill up on resolve and constitution to be a tanky mage) now everyones gonna be half way there with their mage. SInce when is it natural for a mages primary damage stat to also increase their tankiness? It should be a choice you make, a sacrifice to get that, in exchange for something else, not a given. I actually liked sacrificing what obsidian though my primary stat should be (might) to make my own unique char, which 1 man solo'd Path of the damned btw, and not in that ****ty chicken **** rogue way either. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Seriously the **** are they doing? No one complained about this, we complained about the graphics and mostly ****ty companions, if anyone did complain about these things they were few and far between. Btw, the health/endurance system is PISS EASY to understand, if people couldn't understand it then news flash THEY DIDN'T DESERVE TO AND DESERVED TO BE DISADVANTAGED FOR LACK OF INTELLIGENCE, it's an RPG and this one in particular was quite a high brow one, or at least it was. **WHY ARE WE CATERING TO IDIOTS!? THE GAME HAS BEEN BACKED!**
  5. Yes I agree with that as a valid counter-point, as equally valid as my own and I'd already thought of that and agree'd with that too. But the difference is I've multiple points to the contrary to that one, so I feel vice versa for both suit more, not perfectly, but more % wise.
  6. Forgot made this post, can't delete in favour of new one, so just delete text I guess. Said more on the subject in another post.
  7. Did you and the idiots that liked you even read what the OP said? Jeez I see these mistakes all the time, concrete proof people see what they want to see.
  8. I don't want them tbh, I like to pretend my char is like ascended and has near impervios body, meaning i just tank the **** straight to my body and it doesn't even harm me. Kinda ruins the immersion if we start doing block animations and such, but i get you, just saying my thing.
  9. Even as a woman I kinda agree, I mean on the one hand I don't care and I prefere being more attractive than my companions, but like Aloth looks more femininely attractive than most of the women, and that's not a joke or an exaggeration, if you look at his hair/facial features it's literally the truth. Also not an insult to Aloth, good for him, just saying. I like to hang out with cool companions that I can respect, I'm kind of a dark personality when it comes to power and combat, i want someone powerful and cool besides me, like a lieutenant. Someone like Dorn from BG2 or Hexxat, maybe jaheira but a bit less of an ****, or even Viconia. To make a comparison to what I don't like, I really didn't like minsc or jaheira's husband, both were too ridiculous and I couldn't appreciate them because I couldn't respect them, Xzar was also too ridiculous. (relax everyone I know they were all funny and **** and I appreciate them for that) I liked these characters attractiveness and style. That being said they don't all have to be attractive, I like korgan but he wasn't attractive, but he had strength. I guess what I'm trying to say is I want companions I can respect, I find it hard to respect any of the companions in POE except maybe eder and durance. But he doesn't just seem to mindlessly follow your lead either, or seem eager to please you and sniveling like the rest for them. Eder seems fine to follow you, but not because hes eager to please, but because he doesn't really give a **** and hes really care-free and needs some direction, but would leave if ever he felt he had to. Durance too kinda.
  10. Level scaling is retarded, ignore it, no reason a wolf should be a challenge for your godly character, it was a big dampener on unmodded oblivion.
  11. Shut up about the money, they are just making sure it's done. They could have made their first release date june, but they didn't. Don't be an impatient, petulant child and chill the **** out.
  12. I really liked the Health/Endurance system and how you really felt like you were making a real trek and hard journey out into the wilderness and had to save your supplies. and getting back to a city felt like a real relief and safety, I'd like them to keep that. It was honestly nigh my favourite part of the game, it gave resting real meaning and made when we rested with our tents in a big dark deep cave real cozy.
  13. Hey this is just a suggestion to switch the names of both these selections. For example a battlemage is usually described as a mage who can both reave into battle with melee and sling magic at the same time, there is inherent described tankiness there suggesting armour, but it's not the main focus. They are meant to use melee attacks whilst using magic, and most of barbarians attacks are melee attacks and buffing melee attacks, not passive tankiness. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Warlocks on the other hand are almost exclusively focused on tankiness from their magic (and dark demonic aspects but that isn't in this game) Like for example warlocks have passive medium armour AND shield specialization in D&D. In WoW and DnD a lot of their abilities are focused on damage reduction and regeration, from WoW Siphon life, Demonic Regeneration, Demonic sacrifice regeneration, Dark pact, Demon armour, Fel armour, Drain life and ect. From D&D Epic fiendish resilience, Fiendish damage reduction, shield spec, medium armour, dark discorporealization, eldritch shield, dark armour, ect. Fighters mostly have passive tankiness and regeneration effects making it fit. But both these warlocks, and warlocks from other fantasy NEVER use their melee weapons to attack it's usually just a staff or a shield/weapon to improve their magic damage and tankiness. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So to finish it off I feel Wizard/Barbarian suits battlemage more and Wizard/Fighter suits Warlock more. So basically I'm saying swap em.
  14. Ment those ogre like things, cant remember what they're called now been ages since i seen one. You fight one in the very first cave of the tutorial, those things, there is an alpha of one I believe that does that damage.
  15. Simply do no damage =/ They just don't do anything. Everything I test them on, even myself they always do 0.0 damage on the combat log.
  16. @Cruise, Yeah I play a tanky char and its rare I ever use it, but like I said it's an emergeancy thing to me, but yeah I sometimes do use it and its really useful =D But if you don't like it thats fair enough. Can't please everybody. @Itanzk I actually originally tried to start with that actually (making the DR get stronger as you leveled) but I simply couldn't get it to work. I didn't want to take away the 30DR version completely because people who already downloaded it liked it and it be unfair for them to come back at a later date and its gone. But as I said, there is a 20DR version so I wish people would stop commenting that and be fair as I uploaded a 20DR version, and well the reflection literally always misses on base game so yeah thought I'd change it up, maybe I could change it back to deflection and give it a +30 modifer to deflection attack? as its got +0? What do you think?
  17. Well I think the main point is just to make their actual racials good, or change them to be something better, to compensate from the loss of head slot, aswell as just make them a bit stronger as you simply get some stronger races in typical D&D games, so why not this? Maybe If I could figure out how to make them level slower some people would appreciate it more.
  18. Well Its cause only their hair in on fire, but yeah. I think the male darth godlikes with two of the heads and the female godlike with the main head look really cool. Really don't like the moon and the nature is a it meh though. Low health isn't bad if you make your char tanky, and the fire one modded is designed so you are a lot more durable lower, and the death like ones really powerful to reward the low health, and the nature one is just static =D Sry lol i actually originally wanted to make the fire just 10-15DR and it just be from 100% but it wouldn't code in properly =D Anyhow oh well, thats a shame cause I think god-like are really cool, give them a try and see if you like at least death or fire, if not fair enough its your choice =) I don't think the point is to get injured to use it, thats now how I use mine (I play fire god-like) I try to stay high health all the time, its just an emergeancy back-up incase things DO go bad, like Llengrath's_Safeguard, like 95% of the time I'm not even using it because of my 140 deflection =D
  19. If you wear some kind of boots like fenwalkers that reduce a certain cc by 3 seconds (I'm guessing any item) And the cc grazes u and only lasts like 2 seconds it means the cc lasts -1 seconds and somehow this seems to make it last forever. So wearing my Fenwalkers can actually bug me out and have me cc locked forever.
  20. I actually kind of like how godlike can't use helmets it adds to the lore and the whole "they can't hide their horrific/scary/wonderous/different face and gives that whole outcast/ostrasized/oppressed feel. Sadly there isn't that much reactions to you in the main game which I was SUPREMELY disappointed with. But it seems like that is changing for white march which I'm really happy about. (Also hood would burn on fire godlikes head, death godlike has horns, moon godlike has head thing making hood not go over, can't put a monocle over death godlikes eyeless face, but besides that yeah I suppose you are half right) So yeah give my mod a try =)
  21. 40 odd hp at early game, potd get hit for 65 damage in the first eothas temple. Die, 30dr does nothing. You can still get messed up by plenty of stuff, and remember its not 30DR its 80% less damage to anything less than 30dmg. You still get hit for 20% of the damage, and any kind of dragons/ogres and tbh a lot of thing on potd will still go right through it. Lastly there is a 20DR option, but honestly, for someone that can get hit under 25% hp and heal to full 3 times (AOE MOON) I think the 30DR is fine. But like I said, 20DR option. Deaths is once per rest and why it is weak is explained on the mod page, as its got a low chance to even work because of the 10% hp level, 10% of 300 hp is 30 hp and you gotta be under that for it to work, the fact is its a very dangerous racial. Its ment to be thematically correct, being dangerously close to death (your aspect) then fully connects you to it making you like berath himself, like I said its only once per rest its only for 15 secs which isn't as long as you think and about 60-70% of the time you're gonna get hit from 11% to 0% and die. Natures is fine tbh, see nothing wrong with it at all, almost nothing uses disease and poison and 10+ all defenses and accuracy sounds pretty standard to me. Lastly, If moon godlike wasn't the way it was atm and say just 3+ dex below 50% hp and I made it the way it is today you'd all be like "THATS OP" but the creators made it that way. I'm only bringing the other god like up to its level. Basically they all have their themes, moon's is most safe, least devastating. Fires is dancing with danger for greater power, Deaths is dancing with OBLIVION for CRAZY POWER and only once. Natures is a buff thats better for making max level really strong characters stronger. So yeah, its too hard to edit this game anyhow, there arn't even any tools for it, I actually wanted to make some more of it more complex or unique/balanced, but its too hard to do.
  22. Click MY link, not the link to reply of the other person, Or just go on the nexus and search god-like lol jesus figure it out there is only like 20 mods on there for pillars.
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