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  1. Doesn't do any of this now, nerfed and now they are just squishy warriors, less dmg rogues.
  2. Its really an issue tbh, Like BG the whole point of a mage was sure you couldnt do near as much between ur spell casts or if u were out. But if u did have them you could at least rely on it so satisfyingly for a last hit, if you spend AGES auto attacking and you were just like "OK ENOUGH" *MAGIC MISSILE*! or *FIREBALL* and then you're like "**** THANK GOD JESUS JUST GET HIT ALREADY" Now you have less a lot casts per day, sure you get some encounter but thats really late, you arn't free to rest, you need to rest more often, and your ****ing spells can miss 3 times in a row! GOD DAMNIT! just enough with the spell misses! can't magic just be like a sure thing? its seriously god damn tedious.
  3. The Ability Second Chance does not work if you are solo. It counts you as dead and you get back up again and this it says "game over" which is quite stupid as your character is standing. Also if you are in a team and you are the last person standing and you die and get back up again, it still says "game over" counting it as a game over. I've heard of people playing solo plays on path of Iron having all their work ruined because of this bug, its quite a serious problem and it makes many expensive and rare magical items useless because this rare skill simply doesn't work in a lot of situations. This needs patched, preferrably with the game taking like 5-10 seconds before going to game over and making sure this ability hasn't procced and that the game over screen is cancelled if someone is alive.
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