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  1. Your link doesn't work for me. It tells me I need to be logged in, in order to edit the nexus page. <edit> great mod idea though. Thanks a lot for your work . That should do it. Changed link
  2. Basically a mod to make the other other God-like good in comparison to Moon's. I was personally disappointed at how cool and powerful and useful moon's godlike racial was and how underwhelming the rest were to quite an extreme tbh. (as the rest pretty much suck, their racials are worse than even the other races whilst losing headwear) http://www.nexusmods.com/pillarsofeternity/mods/79/?
  3. http://www.nexusmods.com/pillarsofeternity/mods/79/? My God-like mod, It buffs the other God-likes up to the level of moon God-like.
  4. Solo'd it on my Wizard on Hard =D My wizard is an extreme tank in all forms, I focused completely on durability and any way to obtain it the whole game. Axe and Most powerful form of shield, weapon and shield style, as much resolve as i could get and perception and constitution. Llengraths safeguard, Llengraths displaced image. Items buffing these things and ect, and stoneskin to make sure the first wing buffet never kills me as its really the only thing that can hit me out of all her followers and her, herself. Try to start the fight just south of her, it usually places all her followers below you and she just wing buffets and kills them all for you. After that I just throw all my spells at her and all my item charges until she dies, usually takes like what 4-10 minutes if I remember? but its a very safe fight as I never really get hit by anything because of obscene deflection and ect. You just lay down all those walls of force/fire, basically all those mage effects that damage over time for ages (even though they are low damage shes got high DR anyhow so it still does 20% of the dmg, so you really want to do tons of low dmg, waste spells on big attacks that arn't gonna do much) + some raw dmg if you got it to penetrate her defenses. So yeah basically i just buffed up to Dragon-like durability and threw all the proper spells, items, summons at her and it eventually kills her.
  5. Lol maybe for a full party, for Solo PotD I'd say they're garbage tier. For soloing PotD, the strongest and most titan like classes (which also do all fights and don't skip like rogue are) God Tier: Paladin (Strongest) Wizard Monk. They can tank everything late game alone, even the Adra Dragon itself and kill all of these things alone, I solo'd the Adra on my wizard.
  6. It depends if you are soloing or not, if you are not then sure fine, you got a tank and stuff. If you are soloing, you need to focus more on defense than offense.
  7. just get IEMod engagement is stupid and ruins movement during combat, turn it off.
  8. For one thing if you are gonna mage you want a wand so you can spells when u need to, blunderbuss to long cooldown and takes up too much time. For a wizard with a team not solo. Id say Max Might/Dex/Intellect.
  9. Its -18% if you don't wear heavy armor its really nothing, the best armor is vegnitta's (adra dragon one) and its a mage robe, heavy armor is minus 50% i think thats whats really weighing you down. I've dumped dex and it works fine, I think its because you are wearing plate thats really slowing you, early I wear a robe and rely more on deflection than DR though some dr is still good Its gonna take you like an extra sec to cast a spell and with 19 base char created resolve you are NEVER gonna get interrupted with that omega concentration, thats not even counting items that boost resolve. Though reading this...about switching grimoires, does it reset your spell casts? like do you get another 4? I never knew that, it seems like your implying that.
  10. Yeah I always personally thought it sounded really sick. But its garbage, give it something super amazing.
  11. .....h-h-huh? but? how? Also how did your jolting touch do so much do the adra dragon? what buffs it damage?
  12. I guess, but I'd rather have it than not, its better than nothing, and its actually saved my life before.
  13. But wouldnt that money be recouped by people buying the game due to multiplayer? So basically it would pay for itself. The only factor implementing multiplayer would take up would be time. It'd take time away from improving single player by implementing multiplayer. Fiscally, adding multiplayer would only make sense if the market potential outweighs the financial risk of more post-mortem major feature adding, bugfixing, more patches and added testing overhead in a meaningful way by adding enough sales or if you plan to profit from microtransactions during multiplayer. I don't see either happening for PoE. The former simply because the target audience is too different and the latter would be akin to commiting PR-suicide. What financial risk!? they made PLENTY of money. Why the **** do there need to be microtransactions!? I'm not asking for a ****ing mmo terra garbage online, I'm asking for Lan Co-op, can no one grasp this ridiculously simple concept!? Has no one here every played BG1-2 / IWD / Nwn1 or 2's multiplayers to understand thta I'm clearly, very obviously comparing it to that? You all better have ****ing at most 5 intellect scores on your characters because anything higher is dishonest. Stop spreading mis-information to further your cause.
  14. Ok first of all, you are being disingenous, I've played all the multiplayers and they all worked spectacularly for me except Nwn2 and thats because the companies had a fight and all the main servers were removed so you had to make your own. And secondly, and listen to this. DUDE THE GAMES ****ING PHENOMINAL ALREADY! It got 4 MILLION, WAY MORE THAN THEY WANTED FROM BACKERS! INCLUDING ME! THe game has an UNREAL amount of dialogue, its got like 30 different dialogues for each person, in a mix of reacting to your characters reputation and then the different choices you choose and then the other choices that have to do with attributes, its UNBELIEVABLE, its truly praiseworthy and I've never seen a game with such in-depth BONKERS amount of dialogue. The game is nigh perfection, besides some bugs the harshest and most popular critics have marked it as literally the only game worth a damn this year including the witcher 3 with the rest being utter garbage. It also sold IMMENSLY WELL, and they are making a new expansion as we speak, the companies resources are fine, OKAY!? You ****ing act like the games about to fall apart and got nothing to it, I've been playing it for like 2-3 weeks now, solo'd the adra dragon and I'm not even at act 2. There are PLENTY of resources to go around, chill the **** out.
  15. Thats....kinda horrible..why are you so spiteful? I don't understand, do rpgers really hate other people so much? I'm getting serious I don't go into the sunlight vibes. I'd usually disregard that as stereotypes as I love these worlds, you do know the people you would be sharing this with are people like-minded like yourself right? not **** from every day who usually look down on this stuff because they are ignorant right. Seriously don't you have any DnD fan friends you've known for a long time and you talk about the universe with all the time? wouldn't you like to share that universe's experience with them in real time?
  16. Has anyone said it would ruin PoE? Because all I've seen people say is that it would be difficult, costly, and yield little benefit. Yeah, actually a lot of people have said that, maybe not you, because you're a very rational guy, but just about everyone has a very aggresive and spiteful backlash whenever its very gently brough up, and I think its pretty disgusting if I'm honest. It really speaks to some deep-rooted, complete self involvement.
  17. I can't speak for others and personally I would prefer other features. But I would enjoy a MP, too. I played a heavily modded BG for about 8 years with my girdlfriend in multiplayer again and again and it would be very nice to have the option to play PoE together, too. Of course it is stupid, the story of the game is so much single player. But I'm nostalgic. Would be fun to kill that ****ing adra-dragon together. Maybe it's just me and all the "We want multiplayer"-guys are in fact hyperactive WoW-kiddies that use computergames as chat platforms, I don't know. How is the story of the game "so much single player" yeah so was BG lol, you could still multiplayer, how does the story restrict you from having a friend help you on your journeys and adventures? Thats exactly what you do with your companions, your friends could make all kinds of lore for themselves, from merc's signing on to you, to just people you meet on the road and ect, whatever they want. Also you said you'd like multiplayer to, to play with your GF so what is ...this "-guys are in fact hyperactive WoW-kiddies that use computergames as chat platforms, I don't know." you just stated your reasons to why you'd want it, why don't you make the logical conclusion that everyone else who wants it is for the same reason, to share the experience with a close person. "wow-kiddies" I swear I'm getting so sick of everyone using the word "kid" "kiddies" its people like you who are the most immature and have the most closed mindedness foolishness of anyone, you just dismiss anyone who is slightly different than you as a "idiot kid" I swear I hear enough of that toxic **** on the LoL community without hearing it here, where I'd expected literally everyone to be better than that.
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