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  1. I'm looking to switch some multiclass names around, wanna call my Wizard/FIghter a Warlock, and make barb/wiz the battlemage. Any tips anyone on doing this and what program to use? If anyone wants to do this for me also I wouldn't complain and would be grateful, incase it's an easy knock-out for someone.
  2. Not only do you not get your max level stuff for both classes, but you level SLOWER too. Ok sure whatever. But then u also only get 1 skill point a level? the hell is that? the whole fun is u can select one thing from each class a level? 2 skillpoints a level plz.
  3. Yeah, resolve and constitution suck. Thats why I solo'd the whole game on POTD and the adra dragon (the third person to do it on the forums for months) by maxing out resolve and Con at the start of the game on my wizard. All you idiots who maxed Might, for what? 10% more dmg on double digit damage? I'll let you in on a little secret, if you get 110 deflection pre-expansions, you can't die. 10 deflection ain't negligible. Infact I specifically picked resolve because I thought it would be the best combat stat, had no idea it would help so much in convo's too.
  4. And being able to drive it down to three wasn't useful to you? I am really not seeing the complaint Being "useful" doesn't mean "fun" or "good game design". & so ? Might was bad design because you used to dump down Resolve on your Mages ? EDIT : Nevermind, good news dropped. @DexGames These people are hopeless man, what ya gonna do =<
  5. Why because you disagree with it? Because you want an easy mode game? Why do you keep yelling "lock the thread" and try to shut down my freedom of speech? All your like-bot pals who keep ganging up on me can get outta here, this post wasn't an attack on obsidian, I was far too shocked that obsidian would even do this and thought it must have been a mistake. It was a call to rouse the community to say "eh hey they are actually dumbing down the game....can you believe it?" But to my surprise the community is filled with a bunch of dumb people who couldn't handle the intellectual complexity of the first place, and I'll insult any fool who is this way, because idiocy doesn't deserev to be praised or catered to it's why the world is so ****. **** you.
  6. So catering to idiots for more money, even though the game got 3.3 mill more than what they needed. Don't defend them man, we are funding them so they can make video games for a living, they are living the dream, they could have least have kept the dream pure for more than one game.
  7. I am replaying PoE right now in anticipation of PoED and figured I would actually bother to get on the forums and look up updates for it as I haven't followed development closely on this one. I was literally just complaining to my SO last night about some of the arbitraryass cheapness of the POE combat system which was the main thing that kept me from enjoying the game as much as the old Infinity Engine games. I told him that like 60% of the point seemed to be so that certain types could brag about how many character build spreadsheets they had and how many ledgers full of party optimization calculations they had run through. And that I played BG1 as a 12 year old girl and it was my first ever computer game and I still managed it just fine and that I thought that would be impossible for me to do with PoE at that age. Etc. Etc. Then I find out today to my pleasant surprise that apparently most of the arbitrary rubbish is being removed in favor of something that doesn't require a Masters degree to achieve baseline competency at and this comedic ragefest topic is at the top. I got some good laughs as it literally just gives evidence to my point. Thanks especially for this quote "I actually liked sacrificing what obsidian though my primary stat should be (might) to make my own unique char, which 1 man solo'd Path of the damned btw, and not in that ****ty chicken **** rogue way either." I will definitely be showing him that when I get home. Disclaimer: This is not a disparagement of anybody who like challenging gameplay, tactical combat, building optimizations or whatever. I like that stuff a lot too or I wouldn't be here. It's rather a disparagement of people who want these games to be as inaccessible, esoteric, and unfriendly as possible so they can feel superior to everybody else when they beat them. You can just play on story mode, why should everyone else be screwed to cater to you? There is selectable difficulties in this game..... Jesus, reading all these comments it is just a bunch of idiots complaining about the difficulty of the game, I thought this was meant to be a strong and intelligent community. Then again people said they couldn't UNDERSTAND the health/endurance system *sigh* gonna just go back to some other casual game? THe point is there is hundreds of them and almost no games for people like me, I don't even want hardcore, I want REALISM, the real fact I should need to eat and sleep, that I've not got infinite arcane power like a god from level 1. Seriously, this and the witcher 3 were like the only high-brow games I enjoyed, these guys had the freedom, no share-holders, no bull**** and they have still chosen to cater to idiots. There is totally no hope for this industry if the creative corruption of a new financially secure company (obsidian) sets in as fast as one game.
  8. Tbh I think people against this are just making excuses for themselves wanting easy mode, they probably don't even realise it themselves are just trying to lie to themselves. Honestly no idea why this company would cater to this, we backed because these are exactly the type of main-stream triple A baby games we were all tired of. Or at least I thought we all were, shocked so many people are defending this system with insanely flimsy arguments which mostly consist of ignoring reality and saying and I quote "it's not really"
  9. Yeah, the watcher sucks ass, #GilesFromBuffy laaaaaaaaaaaammmmmmmee. I just pretended I wasn't one and put my own story into it, had a lot more fun.
  10. @Algroth ....yes....you have to go back to town, and take solace from the elements or escape from the endless dark cavern of the mountain and go back for supplies....that's the roleplay! That's not "getting around it", hacking the game would be getting around it, that's the ended mechanics of the game..... What kinda argument is this....why is it upvoted....cmon guys.....
  11. Just FYI unlike D&D spells don't even always hit in this game, and they were limited, there was no wish or time stop. and all the best spells were available in scrolls, what wasn't available in scrolls was in potions, that you could all infinitely craft easily nearing the mid game with all the cash you could amass. Wizards in this game just wern't OP =/
  12. @MortyTheGobbo I'll give you one thing that I didn't explain myself very well. But how is me wanting to have limits my characters spells and endurance, instead of infinite endless magic power and apparently no need to ever sleep/eat/drink (which is classified as immortality in D&D) My own power fantasy? The arguments I have made is to limit magic-users, aswell as to not remove the health/endurance system to limit everyone else to natural human resting/recuperating aswell. It's the opposite of a power fantasy.
  13. @Dexgames Thank god someone who can see reason and objectively how the game is being dumbed down. There is plenty of dumbed down games and not enough like the original pillars, I can't just go to another game, you guys can so stop peddling the dumbed-down game ey?
  14. You really have no shame do you? It's clear the person I replied to was the aggresor and I was merely responding to it, but you already know that, you are trying to make yourself look more civilized, willfully ignoring the previous nonsense in an attempt to make me look bad (which I care almost nothing for) You have just decided to make yourself my enemy and are trying to make attacks where-ever you can get them. At least have the courage to proclaim your convictions and don't hide behind cowardly tricks like that, pretending to some holier-than-thou to make me look less. I see right through you, you overestimate your deception, I'm done associating with you permenantly, it's clear I'll get nothing from underhanded tactics from you from now on, so I thought I'd expose them this once. Say what you will in the future, It's clear I won't be able to have any civilized discourse without you harbouring some vendetta, it's about winning the argument for you, not learning from each other like it is fo rme. I'm done with you.
  15. I think "Fanatical Slayer" Or "Crusading Cut-throat" in light of the OP's points made make better names.
  16. Yes I agree with that too and it's true, but that is only one point, as I said above there is multiple in favour of the opposite not just one point, fighters have regeneration effects whilst barbarians do not, much suiting to warlocks. Also warlocks actually use heavier armour in multiple lore from other games, not WoW but others, not forgetting the choice of armour you wear in this game is totally optional and not tied to your class.
  17. Thanks That's a real high form of wit you got there, stunning argument too, every even letter caps'd and misspelling one word, really counters my points. God everyone's an idiot these days, heads filled with memes, too content to just imitate random nonsense instead of self-reflecting to cultivate some actual original thought.
  18. As long as I can learn spells from new Grimoires I don't really give a **** about the swapping grimoire stuff if thats how I'm understanding it. The spells should come from the casters knowledge and soul anyway, not some charged up pseudo-mecha book. So If thats the case I can agree with you there Mord. Like don't get me wrong I'm not not upset about losing more per rest casts, I like the per rest itself, evne if I could get 4 spells/per-spell-level/per-encounter. Because it feels like cheating, and it takes away the RPG feeling of getting weaker and weaker and being mortal and having to eat/sleep/drink/and-chill-out to regain all that energy to use all those big spells again. It makes them feel more valuable, and you a more valuable member of the party, and it as a big deal when you use a spell. It also lets the NON-MAGES feel their own worth when you have ran out of spells, as they are doing the fighting that they can continuously do to keep everyone, including the helpless depleted mage alive. Mages struggle hard with that, thats where all the other dps/long-term-tank classes get to shine. So this change in essence also takes away from them, because whilst it only may be twice, I'll still be able to toss out my level 9 spells every fight and that'll decimate trash even easier and me out-shine all the classes every minor fight.
  19. It worked for baldur's gate, and pretty much every other RPG. It's ridiculous and breaks my suspencion of disbelief to see many npc mages running around like gods, ascending to lichdom and what-have-you yet our wolves are meant to level up with us so you gotta use dimensional ripping abilities to their face? Seems a little ridiculous no? and unrealistic? That every mage can have a big bad arsenal, yet you are the only exception in the entire universe and have to suck cause game balance? The game is balanced, I think many people know it can be extremely challenging, but you are meant to earn your own power and get stronger until you can decimate some enemies like they used to be able to decimate you, and have challenges against your equals and die to your betters. That is cold hard reality, overcoming that and gaining you own great power is what makes playing a mage so good in a truly hard and unforgiving rpg. WoW made this same mistake with your idea of balance, everyone the same, having the exact same range of abilities, versatility, durability, ect but with different effects to simulate individuality. Why it worked before is they were all different and had massive strengths balanced with massive weaknesses, the fact mages big nukes are all limited is their big weakness to counter their big strength, we don't want all classes to be the same.
  20. No just one, and whilst I made an honest mistake and forgot my last post. They are dumbing down the game, and many people are saying so besides me, I just decided to make my own clearer post about it and try to tie more things up in one post. but whatever, the three of you can all go back to your echo chamber now.
  21. What thread would this be? Pretty sure I've not made another thread with the same opinion except this one, infact this is the second thread I've ever mad. I made a post about the battlemage/warlock class name and thought they should be swapped, a minor thing I though I'd mention and that is it? I've commented on posts but not made any of my own except for this one. Stop making a fool of yourself. https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/96463-why-are-you-compromising-the-game/ hmm fair enough, was an honest mistake, as you see on my original post it has "What thread would this be?" with a question mark, so I wasn't sure myself? Seems fair I wasn't stating it wasn't true. I'd rather keep up this one and delete the other but I'm not sure I can.
  22. What thread would this be? Pretty sure I've not made another thread with the same opinion except this one, infact this is the second thread I've ever made. (third one now I see, simply forgot about the other) I made a post about the battlemage/warlock class name and thought they should be swapped, a minor thing I though I'd mention and that is it? I've commented on posts that disagree'd with you, but not made any of my own except for this one.
  23. I think you just pointed out one of the biggest issues PoE1 spellcasters had - its a god class if you use it. PoE is a team based game - classes are there to support and fill each other. Spellcasters were in this weird spot that when you use them they are the best, but you are actively discouraged from using it. Its not my probem - its design problem. System rewards using as little spells as possible per enocunter. If you can win a fight without casting a spell you should do just that. I wasn't talking about the most difficult fights in the game - sure I will cast a lot of spells during key encounters like Adra Dragon. But those encounters are pretty much the only places you will have to use spells. Deadfire makes spellcasters consistant. They are still good but they are good in everyfight, unlike PoE1 when they are weak in most fights and godlike in a few. The other two who beat the adra dragon was a Paladin and the other was a priest, and tbh they both did it more effectively than me, the paladin was safer and was in control the whole fight, never going below 100% all fight and the priest literally insta'd it. Whilst as I said, it was always the skin of my teeth every time I reloaded and fought her again for fun, always totally depleting everything each time, and I also got low a lot, and almost always died at least once, having to use the self-revive ring each time. Also this wasn't just the base wizards power, I had a really unique and focused build, from my base-stats, items and talents, I wouldn't have even came close to killing her and would have died instantly if I didn't build my char the way I did (which was similar to the paladin just less effective), so it wasn't down the wizard class, it was just my unique build. So I disagree with that.
  24. Just so everyone is on the same page, along with arcane blast YOU COULD LEARN PER ENCOUNTER SPELLS AT HIGH LEVEL THAT WOULD BE MORE THAN ENOUGH FOR WEAKER ENEMIES. (this also felt like a really cool thing to earn, using per rest spells all game, like you had reached a new platau in spell casting, now not only is that feeling gone, but spells are cheapened) Whilst also having your full larger/more diverse grimoire of per rest spells for really tough fights, we already had the best of both worlds, except you earned it and it felt more justified. This new system just feels cheap and illogical.
  25. @Lord_Mord "I enjoy having as much spells as I can possibly get, in PoE that wasn't much fun anymore, as you could very easily get all of them. No difficult choices, no compromise, basically every caster was the same." You could get 4 different spells a spell level, you could be rocking 20, at least at level 1 in D&D and it only started to get to about 4 around level 8 spells. I often found myself compromising, and spoiled for choice and maing hard choices with my spells in POE, you maybe can switch grimoires but you may aswell just switch ur spells and camp, seems like a nonsense argument to me. There were a very few spell levels i recall their being little interesting choices, i can't remmeber specifically but maybe it was like the 4th or 5th level spells or something, but that is it.
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