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  1. As its 'main draw'? I'll admit, if they added multiplayer a la BG/BG2/IWD?IWD2, it wouldn't bother me (although I'd never use it). But not sure I agree it was the main draw of the old IE games. Yeah even though I want multiplayer I agree with this, I think saying its the main draw is a lie, unlike most people against me on this thread I won't be disingenous even if its against my point, I've got some honour. Though just stating Nwn2 had a HUGE and I mean immense and diverse multiplayer community with all kinds of different custom made worlds aswell as normal co-op single player campaigns, its just because there was some legal issues and both companies lost all rights to the games that the servers fell apart. That being said, even today there are still some custom servers made by individuals that bypass this and they have their custom worlds on there.
  2. Are you reading this? doesn't seem so friendly to me lol, seem spiteful and Us vs them mentality. Though at least you have the honour to admit its because you just want more SP content instead of making up some deceptive bull**** like a typical liar. So gg I respect that.
  3. Can't speak for anyone besides myself, obviously, but for me - it's because MP tends to become the focus, rather than another way of enjoying the game. It is also more open to abuse by things such as microtransactions. Look at Dragon Age: Inquisition...the developers claim that MP actually improved the SP experience, although the combat in Inquisition is - in my view - the worst of the three games in that series. Perhaps if there was story mode co-op, people here might be more receptive (I don't know that they would, but maybe). But it seems that - other than Sword Coast Legends - every game that features MP does so as a separate mode. Would Obsidian consider doing campaign co-op as opposed to a separate MP mode? Don't know, but - and while PoE is clearly running against the current of industry trends - it would seem unlikely. For me, if it includes a 'separate' MP mode, whether 'not required' - like Mass Effect 3, or 'not required, but totally preferred' like Dragon Age: Inquisition, I would be against it, merely on principle. If it includes a campaign co-op mode, which allows another way of enjoying the main story....sure, why not? There was no microtransactions in bg1-2/IWD/Nwn1-2 also its only the campaign co-op we all want.
  4. A line of code here, new interface there... I'm sure it's something Josh could put together during his lunch break. Don't be silly, adding network functionality/multiplayer to a design never intended for it is so simple you can have an intern do it. Why bother JE with it at all? edit: To be a little more serious alexis13, no, adding multiplayer to PoE would not be trivial and most likely, given the target audience of the game, would not lead to enough new sales to justify the expenses and problems. its funny you say that, because I've spoken to many people in the community about how cool it would be for us to be able to play toghether if they added multiplayer. And know they're reponse? "you got bg?" Basically going to another game and focusing interest away from this because it has a feature many people want. Just because strangely there seem to be many people with some sort of spiteful hate of multiplayer in this community it doesn't mean there arn't those who are sociable and want to experience things with our old and new friends. You know the best written, well-made, amazing content companion you can get? A real person.
  5. A line of code here, new interface there... I'm sure it's something Josh could put together during his lunch break. You know man seeing as I've put some code toghether myself for certain things I know a bit abotu this. Sure im very lost when it comes to online creation, but I say I've more than you. Its merely allowing peopel to connect online through lan (not even their own servers) get two games to connect one people to be able to use their own companions in another game and its just basically a copy of the single player. Independant modders did it for skyrim, it cant be THAT hard for a pro company. The question is really not how hard it is (altho it is certainly difficult to do well) the problem as I and many other have pointed out is every snippet of resources it takes to do this are resources taken away from the single player game. The one they asked our funding for and told us would NOT include MP or consoles. So yes my considered opinion can indeed be summed up in a single word - NO! Sorry if that offends you but it's likely no more than adding MP would offend me. Lol thats it right there "but it's likely no more than adding MP would offend me." for what reason? thats you don't like it. They told us there would be no consoles, the multiplayer part was told later and MUCH after. Also all the games they have worked on have actually been the more praised multiplayers of the DnD games, NwN2 having the largest multiplayer community at the time of all the games (IWD, Bg1/2) it seems to me you just got something against it as the "!" displays a hidden anger that you are not telling about. I dunno what your problem is with it and you clearly arn't gonna tell, if you want to take others fun away out of spite then fine, but don't pretend to be just about it.
  6. Can you actually give me a reason? Or are you just some miserable old man who wants to spite others like in your picture? Seriously you've just been blatantly rude to me, why shouldn't I be to you? Give a VALID reason or stfu. If its "I hate other people sharing my world" its not valid.
  7. Are....are you kidding me? god it really is ignorance thats putting people off. No it works like this, one person creates the game (one of their saves) and you make your custom char like normal and join their world and campaign as one of THEIR companions in their team. Then you travel, have fun, talk about the world, role play, talk about items all your classes and walk down the streets of the cities and comment on the wonderful area's talk, both of you also role play with ur companions. Maybe do a solo run of POTD but with ur friend to share the challenge, learn from each other and talk about your abilities, just play the game toghether on one of your campaigns and have fun. no.....have you never played bg multiplayer? its where you join THEIR team and u are in one of each others worlds.
  8. A line of code here, new interface there... I'm sure it's something Josh could put together during his lunch break. You know man seeing as I've put some code toghether myself for certain things I know a bit abotu this. Sure im very lost when it comes to online creation, but I say I've more than you. Its merely allowing peopel to connect online through lan (not even their own servers) get two games to connect one people to be able to use their own companions in another game and its just basically a copy of the single player. Independant modders did it for skyrim, it cant be THAT hard for a pro company.
  9. Why? whats your problem? how is it effecting you at all? there is a big demand for it. Just because you don't want others to be happy doesn't mean they shouldn't. its like saying chocolate shouldn't be made because you personally hate it, get a grip of reality and get out your own ass, how rude. If you don't want to play it thats perfectly fine, I can respect that, but many people do and it was a much loved part of the old BG games and ESPECIALLY the old NWN2 game, infact it was so popular many many servers were made for it back in the day and there are still some up today. Have some respect for other people besides yourself.
  10. See my comment on YT. :D Yeah, duoing would be awesome. Any chance you play BG? Yeah I do, its good, I really hope they add multiplayer in those though, I see no reason not to, don't even need servers, just add lan.
  11. I dunno I think they're alright, the first one you get is a nice little aoe heal, can be a full heal if u hit enough enemies + its like 10 aoe dmg and cast time is instant.
  12. Sounds a bit boring if I'm honest lol, so what do you just auto attack? I guess I solo if you consider that a restriction, but as for things being "OP" well you are already on PoTD, have you fought shades? You are already on the hardest mode, and even all that stuff you mentioned barely even equalizes it, if it even does, I don't think its unfair to use all the tools you got, if anything even when you do you're still at the disadvantage.
  13. lol my stats are way different, they are 18/3/20/3/17/17. I guess having that additional deflection, health and fortitude would make me tankier, but I have Arcane/Hardened Veil. The 17 Int does bring Arcane Veil and Eldritch Aim up to 13.5 sec which is something (considering I rest a lot and use Arcane Veil on every remotely challenging fight, twice on some), but perhaps those points would still be better spent on tanky stats. I do like my 20 Dex, and I attack slow enough wearing plate even so. As I say, I want to try out Sanguine Plate. You went for Vengiatta Rugia on Hard IIRC. What type of armor are you wearing on PoTD? Hmm... to restart? Eh I think I'll see how far I can get with my build. It's kind of glass-cannon-y except for the resolve (which is also partly a DPS stat because of interrupt avoidance), but I figure with such high boosts to defenses from spells... we'll see I guess :D. Edit: I guess it would be pretty dumb to restart now anyway. The 2.0 beta should be coming to GoG any day now. If I get stuck and want to change my build, I could just respec to something that makes more sense with 2.0's changes. Remember resolve and perception give deflection, thats really the most important thing, On my main I've got exactly 104 passive deflection and thats not even optimized. On this POTD wizard by the time I'm the same level (11) I should have like 125-133 passive deflection, using llengraths displanced buff thats 158 passive deflecton, not even adding the llengraths other spell (safeguard) for another 20+ to all defenses (178), and arcane veil for emergeancies **** hardened veil then =D heck I could even just use wizards double instead of lengraths displaced image for 188-198 buffed deflection, cause even though its only for 1 hit, at that amount I don't think anyones ever gonna hit me. So yeah basically that all be with 1 minute buffs, I play for long fights and longevity like soloing the adra dragon, 26 secs from arcane veil just aint enough for that.
  14. I dunno, If you actually plan to fight your enemies and not just sneak by em like a rogue I'd actually say its one of the easier ways to actually do things and match the might of your enemies at low level, with the right spells and using them correctly.
  15. Thanks and I like your advice in general. This has probably been answered before, but do we know that spell accuracy is based on the accuracy of the weapon equipped, including a weapon focus and the natural one-handed (without shield) advantage? One thing that has been confirmed to me before is that the conjured weapon temporarily replaces the weapon you had equipped, so your normal weapon's stats don't affect your conjured weapon. Even so, if a single accuracy-enchanted one-hander would increase my spell accuracy for landing a slicken, concelhaut's corrosive siphon or whatever before conjuring my weapon, I would definitely try this out as an alternative to hatchet and shield. By the same token, if the accuracy malus of a shield above small applies, it seems this setup would only be good if you're casting only self buffs before meleeing with your conjured weapon, yes? I'd also like to ask what your stats are. I'm thinking maybe I don't need such high Int, but I do like having long self-buffs. Thoughts? Edit: I thought I remembered a thread where factors affecting spell accuracy had been discussed. Here is one guy saying weapon accuracy (like a rapier bonus, a gun malus, or an enchant) does not affect spell accuracy. This is just one guy's word, though. Any links or evidence to show the best of our current knowledge about factors affecting spell accuracy? Sorry I've kind of derailed this thread. I think we've answered the OP's question as well as it can be answered (even if that's no answer), but I can start a new one. Nah spell accuracy isn't based off weapons at all and thank **** it isn't, I use hatchet and shield as my main and +accuracy single weapon for my envenoming strike then switch back, as I said it STARTS at 60 RAW damage and gets higher as you level, it can REALLY put a dent in a shade early. (If you scroll over your spells you'll see their independent accuracy and you'll see changing weapons does nothing for it) I dunno about that, I'd say moon is by far stronger than all other god-likes and races, I think the other god-likes need hefty buffs to equalize them, I made a level 7 monk adventurer just to see how much the racial got and it was healing him 207 endurance by level 7 max might/con =/ thats like 3 of those wing slames from the adra dragon completely negated if u can survive it with at least 1 hp each time. As for the conjured weapon, I don't use that to envenoming strike since its less than a rapier for instance as the staff is two handed, but yeah I still use it from time to time as it is strong. My int's just 12, and I only have that so I can get an extra +2 to get 14 for an extra spell cast (because I use IEMod) without that I think I'd just sit at 10, I think the + duration on stuff from int is HIGHLY overrated, even 18 int you are only gonna get 1 more tick thats from concelhauts and thats just not worth for me. Though if you arn't into raw damage or feel 24% more isnt even that much I admit I've thought of maxing int over might, but it doesn't effect the ray of fire or ray of frost, its like 1 more tick for concelhauts, all buffs last 45 seconds which is pretty huge anyhow imo. WIthout IEMod my stats would be. 18Might, 10Con, 3 Dex, 18 Perception, 10 Int, 19 Resolve. But because I do have IEMod its 16 might and 12 int. My main character on hards got 18 con, and I dunno I'm considering that again seeing how I keep getting my health wrecked, its not an easy choice thats for sure.
  16. You're not a coastal amuma you're a fire godlike XD Hope they add co-op, we could duo it =D
  17. Yeah I know, but I think I will because even with 15+ from eldritch aim im still getting some misses and stuf fon POTD not sure the max perception will make a diff, wish there was some items that gave accuracy. Or honestly it be cool if +might just gave accuracy, the + healing isnt really needed, all the heals in the game do enough.
  18. I think people trying to Solo PoTD will hate you for even suggesting this. I think people trying to solo PoTD on Trial of Iron are already looking for your location =D
  19. Honestly I don't tend to use slicken, I wanted to but It just seems like a waste of a spell, because even if u cc em you still gotta kill em. My tips would be these, Firstly for damage and defense, using eldritch aim and concelhaut's corrosive siphon not only lets you do TONNES of damage (as dots penetrate ALL DR) but lets you tank very very hard. Secondly and this is a good one, if you use just ONE weapon, you'll get a high boost to Accuracy as your off weapon, get one weapon (with as much accuracy as you can) and the second Talent I get is "envenoming strike" its a dot that starts at like 60 RAW damage over 10 secs, its very powerful, and a good killer for strong enemies you just can't get down, and really makes up the difference if you got melee struggles. I sold gaun's ring at the start to heodan (nets you 1600 gold) and pretty much everything else I had as he buys for tonnes, also I'm on GoG verison so no achievements, so I don't really mind taking all the companions and taking all their stuff then selling it then dumping them, as I'm still soloing and I'm not gonna get some little virutal badge anyhow. I bought the Animat Figurine, but level mechanics first hard, if you get to defiance bay as fast as you can, in the valian embassay there is a high level locked chest with the obsidian lamp figurine (it summons 3 shades) Making potions of eldritch aim, wizards double and fleet feet (aswell as using fleet feet and aim as spells if u can't make em) is very useful, you don't have to completely do every fight at once, for example if you fight 3 shades. A good way to be REALLY tanky early is to have 18 perception, 18/19 resolve, a hatchet and a medium shield (enchanted as high as you can as your main weapon) but not only using arcane veil during this if you need to tank, but WIZARDS DOUBLE right after this, this is 90+ deflection and its immensly strong. (also in regards to racials I think the god-like ones should be stronger (except moons that is really strong) due to what they are, it seems they are ment to be, but they arn't even that strong sadly the rest kinda suck besides Moon's but I like the idea behind fires at least, but honestly humans id say is the best for PoTD, their racial below 50% + an eldritch aim is like a gaurentee'd full hit) Lastly all fights don't need to be done at once, if you fight 3 shades and they summon all those shadows and u kill two but just know u can't finish the last one, use a potion of fleet feet and just run away, then camp and go back and finish it.
  20. Heya I started playing some POTD, Trial of Iron on a new wizard. I mostly had success with it and my plans worked for the most part (though the higher defenses basically made it like hard and me not using eldritch aim) there was a lot of trial and error. I beat many sets of shadows and shades solo with level 4 fire-godlike wizard aswell as skuldr's and they're kings, Id usually blast em all with my spells and kill most, but a few would still be alive and I'd outlast them and finish them mostly with envenomign strike. Or keep lvl 1 speed potions to just run away and rest finish the rest of the fight. The thing is I can tank amazingly hard at those levels for a time, but if I get stuck and can't escape but feel i can still outlast them any way, the health mechanic always cripples me. Like I had the rygenars cloak or whatever and shades were just doing not enough damage to outdo its healing but eventually they did so much dmg that it was just my health damage and I couldn't outheal it. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Now the main question I find this happening lot, and I eventually just become doomed, is there any way to off-set health damage? to reduce it? methods of healing it and ect?
  21. Do you really need expert mode for the achievement? I feel it doesn't really add any difficulty to the game, just tediousness and a crippled half made UI. Not that I could get it anyway lol, I have the GoG version so no achievements =D
  22. Hey, perhaps make this spell something like Mislead from BG2, instant cast? I personally don't play a squishy mage, but for those who do, something like this would be really handy and invaluable. It sounds useful, also if ur solo the current Dimensional shift just doesn't do much, and honestly I'm not sure anyone uses it atm anyhow. You could even keep the current Dimensional shift and just rename it, or make a spell like mislead and name it it something similar. Just seems kinda useless spell for a solo player and not as cool or as useful as its name suggests.
  23. Does it not? aw god damn I was hoping so much for that lol, I've done a lot even solo'd the adra dragon, but I'm not past act 1 =< Damnit lol.
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