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  1. I hope they release another beta patch soon so we can test it also. The expansion is supposed to be released on Tuesday!!!
  2. I use a paladin as my main tank (super great) and another paladin for second row and ranged (arquebus). They are both super effective. But I havent used one specifically as an offtank before (although my second row paladin has decent deflection if she uses a large shield). I have found in 2.0 that Perception and Dexterity are more important than Might. Perception will increase accuracy so you land more hits, and also interrupt more so the enemy takes longer to do anything. With a group of high interrupt characters its almost like stun locking. Dexterity means you can attack faster, so the
  3. Managed a couple more bounties and Raedric yesterday. I came prepared to each fight and although I had some knockouts it wasnt terribly difficult to succeed. Raedric was disappointingly easy. Sly Cyrdel I cheesed with a terrain funnel. Raedric I used a two tank door block. Warchief Iklak I used the stream crossing and gap between the trees leading to the clearing area where he is located. I feel like POTD is becoming trivial when Im still only mid-level :/ Gear wise I have a unique hunting bow, fine grade of weapons and armor, slayer and elemental damage enchants. So nothing terribly OP as
  4. I just wish we could mod the game easily. It would be nice to make some challenging encounters and share them with each other. Apparently Sword Coast Legends will have a DM mode, but I dont know to what extent you can add things. It will have online coop too. But it remains to be seen if its actually a good game. Loving PoE for the time being. I subscribed to your channel by the way
  5. The Dweller Location: Black Meadow Group level 4, PC level 5. Just took down the Dweller. Cheesed it by splitting him off from the group. Dont think it would be possible otherwise at such low level (unless I wasnt using a no healing, no magic playstyle). The actual fight with the Dweller begins at 7:20, before that it was just various stages of splitting off the other enemies, dealing with bandits, etc. Eventually I led him into a clearing and did quite well except my main tank (PC Paladin) died. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b0VNDR8tDZs Please note the "That's Alotta Guls" vid
  6. Just updated the OP with another video of possibly my favourite combat encounter so far. It took place at the entrance of Level 5 of the Endless Paths. I like it a lot because I didnt cheese it at all, its just pure combat and 3 of my group was knocked out. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7PvZlBD5l-0
  7. For increased difficulty I generally prefer better AI and increased foes to + foe damage and - ally damage adjustments. Other things like the fact you can run away from most things makes it tempting just to do that all the time, whether to split or retreat. I remember in modded Skyrim you could have crash-inducing amounts of enemies, and although you could run away it wasnt likely youd make it. My favourite was the random encounter patrolling death squad Falmers who to survive against I had to use Detect Life while hiding behind trees. Sorry Im hijacking your thread!
  8. Not really answering your question, but I have a suggestion for you. If you are still on 1.06 (not the patch beta version of the game) you can use IEMod. This will allow you to take a fresh custom companion and put their level to 12, plus give them items. You can recruit custom companions from the first inn at Gilded Vale. You can also give yourself money to buy stuff from the blacksmith. Or put your own character's level to 12, and you can recruit level 11 companions. You can then test them out in the Temple of Eothas, or even on other custom companions. Im not advocating cheating. Ju
  9. The Raedric fight was pretty good. Youre obviously very skilled at the game, but POTD seems a bit too easy as is. I read elsewhere of people saying "oh go back to that fight when youre higher level, its too hard" and youre just like "yeah right i'll 3 man it at level 5".
  10. Thanks Positioning was crucial. I knew from MMORPGs thats its typically a good idea to face bosses towards walls. I cheesed avoiding the plague of insects (which I had only encountered with the dweller before, but had heard people complaining about ogre druids having that ability also) by sending in my bear first, but my monk has +run speed so probably couldve dodged it instead of the bear. I noticed most of the damage I did to ogre druids was through grazes, so it was death by a thousand cuts.
  11. I've heard antipathetic field is OP. Ive never used a cipher because of reports they are OP. And unlike wizards there is no per rest restriction. How can monks solo it at low level? As moon-likes with summons?
  12. Okay I figured some people (not that anyone asked for it) would appreciate a strategy explanation video. So I made one in Endless Paths Level 4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zMQAy7E6iz4 In the video I explain a little about my strategy for taking on difficult encounters with a low level group and no healing or magic. Over the course of the playthrough I've decided to make my monk into a more dedicated tank, and its working quite well. I used the bridge in Endless Paths Level 4 as it is nice and open to view, to clearly show formation and two tank blocking with second row and ranged
  13. What level were you when you went to Caed Nua main hall to clear the ghosts? You seem to be wearing plate armor there. Where did you get it from? Ciphers look like cheese (: No wonder you can three man everything.
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