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  1. The company does overnerf ****, compared to the last game, you can barely have any spells or much options even if you don't multiclass and less if you do. The guys critisizm's are valid, and if he annoyed about it, he will say it with rage and annoyance, that's the honest way to express what you are feeling. (anything else is a form of lying to appease society imo, and it's one of the biggest things destroying humanity atm) (It doesn't seem like it is, but it's insidious.) Instead of pretending to be polite because that is what is society expects of everyone, he was honest about how he felt and I respect it. The fact is, everyones attitude today (and especially with this cancel culture toxic positivity) is "if you don't eat **** with a smile, or critisize ANYTHING" (even extremely politely to the point of groveling tbh) Then you are a piece of ****. So yeah I can respect this guy for admitting he is pissed and just acting like it honestly, instead of pretending to be a flawless emotionless robot.
  2. I could tell you my build, I can solo the game on POTD quite easily. But if what you say is true...well I don't want it nerfed lol.
  3. I know this is an ancient topic, but back when there was no expansions, when fighting the adra dragon was crazy. And no one could beat it. I was one of the first people to not only beat it, but solo it, along with 2 others, this paladin, and a priest guy who set infinite traps. And I maxed constitution. My whole party always insta died at the start, even with high defenses. Except me, and that gave me enough time to heal the max, and I had enough deflection/fortitude to tank the rest of her stuff and keep healing to max. I think action speed's overrated, especially on a wizard that never gets hit, when you do those beams that fire every 1 sec for 10 secs, that's really fast and totally unaffected by dex. Then every time her wing sweep came along to try the one shot again, it'd always take me to like 10% hp. Even Eder always got one shot, but my 20+ con wizard, with all kinds of buffs always survived it then laughed off the rest of her attacks, i eventually just stopped taking the party and saw I could solo her eventually. So yeah con isn't bad, though tbh it shoulda had + deflection, not perception. Should in POE2 aswell. ------------------------------------------------------------------- Btw my stats were (just roughly remembering) Might 10 Dex 3 Con 18 Perception 18 Intellect 8 Resolve 19 (without items chargen) (beat adra dragon with this setup solo before they patched and changed perception) (When they patched it, I used a char editor cause I was honestly pissed cause I got perception for deflection, not accuracy, and set perception to 10 and might to 18) In POE2 I got the same setup, except I just kept perception this time cause I learned much later accuracy really is just better, might kinda useless if you never hit, especially on POTD.
  4. One thing we had on all the stats was all the defenses, on two stats each, including deflection, that used to be perception + resolve. Ever think of adding deflection in again? But just as constitution? It may make that "indestructible" title at 20 points feel a little more real. And as con's considered a dump stat, might make it more respected? Like con will REALLY FEEL LIKE CON. I've always thought this was a good idea for all D&D games or ect, but it never ever gets done even though IMO it really makes sense. I take con either way, just for my RP, but I'm really tanking in these games with resolve + might. So yeah, just a little suggestion, as deflection can be RP'd as just flat tanking dmg right?
  5. The way to change multiclass names is in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Pillars of Eternity II\PillarsOfEternityII_Data\localized\en\text\game\gui.stringtable Not the global prefabs mentioned above, just cntrl+F in notepad the name you are looking to switch and type in what you want.
  6. I was the third person on the forums to link myself SOLOING the adra dragon during first expansion (let alone beating it, which no one except two before me could even do, even with a full party) (Though those two solo'd it two) One guy did a trick and the other guy had high consitution and was a paladin. I had my constitution maxed and was a wizard. Everyone talks ****, and all the common idiots are always maxing damage, it's the most common thing people do in every game/rpg/mmo/ect and all it is is a popular opinion and nothing more. A very simple minded popular opinion, con rocks, and all the stats are pretty good in this game, infact I find intelligence to be the most lackluster.
  7. Somehow I feel that isn't the reason you hold in your heart, more like some kinda spite you don't have pals. If they asked us for extra cash to pay for it we would.
  8. I'm fine with all the mini-interruptions and all that, that's the joy of the game. It's content. The loading screens though, I thought'd they have fixed it since the last game, far too long for a 2d with low res 3d sprits top down rpg. Who knows what it is.
  9. That's all I wanted buddy, that's all I wanted. =P ? This has nothing to do with comdemning anyone specific, and if you are feel you are being condemned that's completely on you as I never mentioned you or anyones names, I've shared my stance and I condemn any lazy, entitled, casual that rejects the very honest and noble point of the OP and myself. Also do I think it's the majority? Yes, that comes from my entire life experience of their being more fools than not and them constantly battering the world with their idiocy, but if it happends to not be the majority then I am condemning each individual of that minority. If you refuse to see that might want to take a look at 90% of people who've been in power throughout all of history. That'll do pig.
  10. So wishful thinking? Nothing about the DLC said they were gonna do that.
  11. I don't even know you mate, but I'm curious on what you said to sound so resentful now and make your post a bit more productive and with more context. There is no point in being constructive, I tried to be constructive about 3 months ago and was ganged up on by inferior intellects and shouted down. The game is already made, they aren't and probably cannot change the mechanics of the entire game now that it's set in stone, what I'm doing is renouncing people and that's what I planned to do because I'm bitter that the games revolutionary design from pillars 1 was watered down to the old bg playstyle due to nothing but peer pressure from the childish, lazy, drooling, mouth-breathing masses. I don't even understand why they were so cowardly to buckle, the original recieved critical acclaim, they already succeeded, if they were ever gonna buckle it shoulda been the first game, not when they were already successful and already knew their old system worked. Talk about fixing what ain't broke.
  12. This is what I said *BEFORE* the game came out, but noooooooooooooooooooo everyone said I was a ****ing idiot and kept posting with constant disagreement, so it didn't get changed. Everyone said it was "wasting time going back to town" now the game is implemented and it's too late and NOW you all wanna agree with me. Good job guys, as I said in my old post which everyone also disagree'd with "There is more idiots than intellectuals in the world, and thats the reason everything is ****, because bad idiotic design takes precedent over good design by democratic majority" (not in those exact words but yeah) Also you don't mean combat, you mean mostly the game mechanics and consequences of combat. *shrug*
  13. I have the steam version of the game. On my computer the file is found at: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Pillars of Eternity II\PillarsOfEternityII_Data\exported\design\gamedata\global.gamedatabundle. Try this: 1. Open that file in notepad and copy all. 2. Paste it here: http://jsonviewer.stack.hu/ 3. Press the format button in jsonviewer. 4. Copy all 5. Create a new blank text file called something.gamebundle. "Something" can be whatever you want. Make sure it's called something.gamebundle NOT something.gamebundle.txt. You might have to make you OS display file endings. 6. Paste the formatted output from jsonviewer into the textfile. 7. Find the entry I listed in my previous post and switch the two values. 8. Save the file. 9. Create the folder: Pillars of Eternity II\PillarsOfEternityII_Data\override 10. Drop your custom gamebundle file in there. 11. Profit! aaaaayyy it worked. EDIT: Thanks, also tried to edit fire godlike racial "Battle-Forged" but can't seem to get it to be active all the time instead of 50%.
  14. I told you it was a bug NOT to see them, sail on ur boat and press C whilst sailing and u see them, I just told you a dev said its meant to be in game can you not read? +15 accuracy +25% max hp under the label "Path of the damned" doesn't come out of nowhere, maybe if it had no name tag, but it was clearly tagged as "Path of the damned" and that's not some error in code thats not how things work. If it was an error it be something like "e8a128^!.exe" not 4 clearly typed out words. Getting bonus stats for playing POTD would be counter-intuitive to playing the difficulty. Seeing as the only time the stats get inflated is when the PC is on sailing (not even actually on the boat stats go back to normal on deck) that clearly means it's probably not intended (which you know means it's a bug as people have been trying to tell you) and thankfully doesn't effect actual combat. And I read about as well as you write. Dev > everyone else, when it comes to whats supposed to be in game. Your reasoning is pretty fair, but still it's what devs have said has meant to be there.
  15. I was kinda annoyed arcane veil was made as a spell instead of an oh **** cd passive ability. Also my Arcane Knight, Pally Burn ability + 4 armour, Pally +1 Armour aura (supressed), Wizard Spirit shield (Supressed) <--- I give you Multiclassing everybody. Wtf is the point?
  16. I told you it was a bug NOT to see them, sail on ur boat and press C whilst sailing and u see them, I just told you a dev said its meant to be in game can you not read? +15 accuracy +25% max hp under the label "Path of the damned" doesn't come out of nowhere, maybe if it had no name tag, but it was clearly tagged as "Path of the damned" and that's not some error in code thats not how things work. If it was an error it be something like "e8a128^!.exe" not 4 clearly typed out words.
  17. No you *DO* get bonus stats for playing on POTD when I'm saying it shows me the bonuses when I hover over my char and in char cration with the stat bonuses listed as "Path of the damned" And I have also talked to a dev that acknowledged you are meant to get these stat bonuses and its odd they are disappearing and gameplay and only appearing on your character at character creation and whilst in your character sheet whilst traveling on the boat.
  18. Are you going to fix the bonus stats you are meant to get for playing path of the damned? Because I saw a Dev saying u were aware of it, but it's not in the notes? Seems an easy fix no? how they only appear when ur traveling on boat?
  19. Just a little info from me, i can get to a point the mouse click won't work at all. But I have tab highlight set to the middle mouse button (the mouse wheel which I click so I don't gotta press tab if im drinking or something) And if I middle mouse button click and THEN left click when the bug occurs it fixes it temporarily (at least for that mouse click) Just a little insight if that helps fix the problem.
  20. MA MAAAAAN! I only see globalprefabs personally, hopefully thats the one when this other guy releases his modding tools.
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