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  1. No I didn't want to recall because I think if I do I lose whatever I could have gotten from the adventure and can't redo it.
  2. Hmm, if it is tied to quests then I may be in trouble because I completed most of the side quests I have come across before being able to send my companions on adventures. I only have the companion quest side quests left right now and haven't gotten to the big city area yet. I guess the best way to do the adventures is to wait and only do them when you have extra party members that you don't need for day-to-day playing? Also, if I am able to play on some with Eder away will he miss out on any experience I may get for my party and when I have more companions to pick from than I keep in my p
  3. I have two questions about the stronghold features. First, when I check on my hirelings the page shows that they are all unpaid however I have money to pay them and on the status screen it says that I spent 250cp on pay. Is there a way to directly pay them? Is this an issue that can cause me to lose the security and prestige bonuses they offer since it says they are unpaid even though it took my coins? Second, I sent Eder on a Major Adventure that says it lasts 3 turns. I need him back as my tank to continue on and thought I could just rest 3 times to pass the turns or just wait with t
  4. I just got Kana as a party member and all of his dialogue that is voiced is cut off at the beginning of the text and picks up about halfway through the first line of text. I haven't been able to trigger any other character or NPC dialogue yet to see if it affects everything now or if it is just Kana. Is this a known issue and are there any fixes? I saw an issue for delay of voice over but mine isn't delayed it just skips the beginning. Also I don't know what the listed fixes mean or how to do them (Users are reporting that there's a constant delay for VO, music, and inventory. To attempt
  5. Does this spell set you up to be knocked out once it expires? What I mean is if you are low on endurance and use this spell to boost your wizard so he can take more damage, when it expires will you then be left with zero or negative endurance thus knocking the wizard out?
  6. I was trying to take the diplomatic approach with Sweynur and asked about buying them a round. He said he would talk if I did that but once the dialogue closed and I got 4 drinks out of my stash and tried talking to him again to give the drinks he didn't have any options to continue with that path. Can someone tell me how I am supposed to complete the task this way or do I just have to pick one of the more aggressive options?
  7. It was my understanding that with the current system if your party is in scouting mode and any individual is detected with the yellow or red circle that your entire party was then detected (not sure if it was supposed to be changed/fixed in 2.0). Is this or is this not correct? If the whole party is scouting and some are in view of the NPCs and thus have yellow or red circles but I have one or more without a colored circle then are you saying they can go ahead and steal without consequence even with partial party detection? Or does it function that if a single party member is detected then
  8. I am curious how stealing in this game works. I noticed some containers have a sort of mask icon which I assume indicates you are stealing instead of the regular gauntlet icon. My questions are what stats/skills go into determining stealing's success (I would assume stealth but it seems you need mechanics to pick locks) and if you fail does the game indicate it with a visible warning of reputation loss or the NPCs protesting or attacking? Does line of sight matter or can they see you even if they are facing away from the object? Also if something to steal is locked can you use mechanics to ope
  9. This is probably a stupid question.......I see by looking at different armors that they have what looks like a general DR number and then it gets broken down into specific damage types and the corresponding DR. My question is basically does the general DR number provide benefit to a character from all damage types or does the armor only provide the specific damage type protection that is shown separately?
  10. I just started the game but am curious about scouting. I know it says it allows you to sneak and also to detect traps and hidden objects. I am not that concerned with sneaking at this point but it seems to me that I would always want to be checking for traps and hidden treasure right? The movement speed decrease when scouting seems like it will get really frustrating if I try to spend the majority of the game in that mode. Any advice or insight on the value of constantly scouting versus the annoyance of it taking longer?
  11. I wound up purchasing the game on GoG and so far I am enjoying it, thanks. I didn't mean updates/patches which I understand would come from the source of the game but the expansion(s) that are coming out in the future. Since I have the GoG version if I were to buy your expansions or sequels would I have to purchase them only from GoG in order to have it recognize my base game saves and continue or would it be possible to purchase it from Steam or a Steam related site if they had a better price?
  12. Thanks for the quick reply! Does this mean as I get further in and have up to 6 party members the xp will be split up to 6 ways? Do I have to worry about not using a full party all the time to get more xp to level my individual characters?
  13. I just started playing the game and have only obtained the berries I need to use however I have earned xp on 3 or 4 occasions and it isn't giving me the full amount stated. I opened a locked chest and was told I got 10xp but when I checked my character sheet I only had 6. Same thing happened when I killed a wolf and when I got a quest xp award for finding the berries. I should have earned around 210 experience I believe but only have 106. Is this supposed to be giving me only 50-60% of stated xp?
  14. I am not certain, but from reading some posts on the Steam forum about GoG version it sounds like it might be possible to get achievements if you use the optional Galaxy beta. Not sure though if they are referring to the potential to have achievements on games in the future or if it is in fact a current feature for PoE.
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