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Not getting full xp....?



I just started playing the game and have only obtained the berries I need to use however I have earned xp on 3 or 4 occasions and it isn't giving me the full amount stated.


I opened a locked chest and was told I got 10xp but when I checked my character sheet I only had 6. Same thing happened when I killed a wolf and when I got a quest xp award for finding the berries. I should have earned around 210 experience I believe but only have 106. Is this supposed to be giving me only 50-60% of stated xp?

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Hello, crine.  I'm going to assume that you still have Calisca in your group.  XP in Pillars is spread across your group, so Calisca is getting roughly half of the XP.  Sorry for the confusion, and Thanks for your support!


Thanks for the quick reply!


Does this mean as I get further in and have up to 6 party members the xp will be split up to 6 ways? Do I have to worry about not using a full party all the time to get more xp to level my individual characters?

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