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  1. I haven't try myself but lord darryb's voulge fate of testerossa? helwalker/druid seems pretty nice. I always like a Thor build.
  2. In all honesty,I think all the skills and abilities are the same as in first Poe. They basically just combine 2 classes making it multi-class and nerf it. The only thing new are the stories, settings, characters and pirate theme? heck even 3 characters are returning from first Poe. I thought their return has something related but I was wrong? And to be fair what I hated most they tone down the females so much and there's no nudity at all except the bath house from top down. Not even sure the point what they are achieving.
  3. Except that I find troubadour brisk recitation still slow. They can go with reduce -3s for completing current phrase on weapon crit?
  4. You can play as a flanker? Unless obsidian purposesly target you when you activate dance of death then it's not worth using fur melee
  5. I didn't use mind Lance. When ascended you want to nuke as much as you can as fast as you can. Also positioning maybe pita. Amplified wave sounds nice. Need a barb to make it work. Going a melee based cipher I think maybe quite difficult to manage especially transcendent. Too squishy.
  6. let's hope we are not going to get a 4 party character with UI designed for controllers. well nothing to hope for. at this point i think very much confirmed. microsoft has been interested in consoles for more than a decade. the downfall of pc gaming were due to microsoft more than a decade ago. now they see the success of steam, they are trying to make a u-turn.
  7. Correct me if I'm wrong, skill based items are no longer worth? You get around +5 deflection for 10 intimidate skills IINM.
  8. on the bright side... hopefully we can see a skyrim open world game with pillars flavor? chanter concept is a lot like dovahkin. ps. microsoft is also known for scalebound and fable cancellations. also stormlands obsidian?
  9. it seems like a slap to their fans. they are giving us the notion of getting a way from big publishers going independent with more freedom and now they sold it for a huge sum of money. i can tell you this acquisition is not a cheap thing. the directors at obisidian probably in a sea of cash now. microsoft acquired minecraft for $2B. this acquisition will cost at least few hundreds millions for the obsidian directors. it's all about money. i'm sure they will be praising microsoft ups and down celebrating in a sea of cash.
  10. All of us be damned. We can expect 4 party character consolized thrash now I hope this is not April Fool joke
  11. here's what i'm planning my playstyle. use redhand with modal. first attack possibly can gain +1 phrase. then switch to 1 handed. was wondering if 1 handed + fighter intuitive, will that be overkill? otherwise DWing will be better to proc some debuffs. also if using fighter, will be missing out on ed nary (and possibly dragon). so maybe multi-classing isn't that great? i wanted a nuker chanter with crit as resource generation.
  12. so my party of level 10 get decimated at blighted bog. the plague insects and the foul wave by bog ooze are really strong. any best strategy at level 10 to take them out? i took out amira's roost at level 10 without problems though. ps. i used antidote as well. anything to counter the foul wave? not only it hit a tonne of damage, it inflicts DOT. cast suppress doesn't seems to help either.
  13. that's a fair point. fighter seems to be the best candidate then. but still a question remain. does crit chance work separately from ACC? can you crit if you have low ACC? since most enemies on potd upscaled have high defenses so i was wondering if skald can have chances to crit on mid-late game and against bosses
  14. thanks for sharing. i was thinking of going SC skald. is it better going rogue for crit instead of fighter? looking at dirty fighting there. if multiclassing, you missed out on 2PL and slower PL progression which cost alot of acc and damage? ps. i have a troubadour at level 10. seven nights deals 100+ damage on hit. for me, it's really low considering the fact i'm empowering it and it cost 6 phrases. even with brisk recitation, i feel it's really SLOW compared to other resource generation classes. that's the reason i was considering skald instead. since potd upscaled, most enemies have high defenses. it's really not easy to crit at all. not to mention the 50% chance to get +1 phrase. i understand why the 50% chance. there are some other classes with alot of hits (mainly guns), i view this actually screw up alot of to procs mechanism. obsidian really did badly in this design.
  15. Cipher class is so good compared to other class. Oh wait.. better delete this. Mega cipher nerfs incoming for patch 4.0. Gosh I really wished obsidian buff other classes to make them better than keep nerfing.
  16. Was thinking if Skald much better than troubadour? But.. in potd upscaled, is it a viable build? Can you crit even you have low ACC but high crit chance? Is it viable against bosses? Otherwise Skald kinda wasred potential. If not viable I'll pass and move on to other build. Thanks!
  17. After playing much of Deadfire I would say we should scrap friendly firw
  18. thanks but seems like many bugs were not addressed? when will the meaty patch be released?
  19. I unequipped nebula after I found that it seems to buff the enemies more than my party. Maybe due to RNG there are more enemies on screen compared to your party of 5, chances that the target is enemy instead.
  20. That will lead to major incoming nerfs. Beware of obsidian prying eyes as they are far more interested in nerfing you having fun than patching bugs and buffing other classes /s
  21. Hi I have a simple request. I like a mod to make skald crit to gain a chant instead of 50% chance. If it's easy to do can someone point me which file I can edit? Thanks
  22. This is the wrong way to look at it. The gain is very small because in optimized targeting situations spellshaping is all upside; you can do +1 PL at no loss of targets. (This is why wizard subclasses started off at +1 PL because if all you do is cast from that spell school you have virtually no downside; the problem is that PL scaling sucked for non-evokers so they bumped it up.) The downside is not even a downside; if you even get one more target it's likely worth the -5 PL. Spellshaping gives you flexibility for all upside; it doesn't force you to take penalties. Not sure i understand what you mean there. When i have spell-shaping on a chanter, when i reduce the aoe, i definitely get a loss of targets for +1PL (for example, thrice was she wronged). when reducing the aoe, definitely there are loss of targets behind the cone? correct me if i'm wrong -5PL means -15 ACC right? +1PL gains +3 ACC. Also if there is a 5% damage bonus per PL that means that's a -25% damage. no, you're thinking about character levels. -5 PL means : -5 acc, -25% damage penalty (that goes through inversions so in practice may be as little as -20%), -25% duration (same thing with inversions), -1.25 PEN and up to -2.5 projectiles. +1 PL means +1 ACC, +5% dmg, +5% duration, +.25 PEN, +.5 projectiles. all bonuses/adjustments are multiplicative. what i'm trying to say is that spellshaping is all upside. If you are in a situation where e.g. there are two enemies next to each other, then the "cost" of reducing the aoe to get +1 PL is nonexistent. If you are in a situation where expanding the aoe lets you get even one more target, then you've basically already made up for the -5 PL. spellshaping doesn't force you to do anything, so there's no real "penalty." so saying that +1 PL is measly misses the part that you can get that +1 PL with no cost in the right situations, and you're not forced to go with the smaller aoe unless you really want to. Compare that to prestige, which is an AL9 passive that grants +1 stacking PL unconditionally, and a conditional, no-downside, stacking +1 PL at AL4 seems pretty good (and you have the added flexibility of making your aoe larger, which is otherwise impossible to do with PL scaling). ahh i got it wrong about PL. thanks for the explanation!. well if -5ACC for larger aoe (which you needed most early game) is abit harsh to me. also i find that many of chanter abilities have really small aoe. if their idea was to introduce spellshaping and purposely gimp the aoe, i think that's not so cool though.
  23. This is really a sad news. Really like Deadfire alot. How about obsidian do a survey why people are less interested in Deadfire compared to first Poe? Also more than half of the poe1 backers did not back. There must be a good underlying reason there. Find out the root cause why initial backers didn't back and why the general audience dislike the game. Was it pirate theme? Was it the ships? Was it 5 party characters instead of 6? Was it the story? The characters? Or it isn't dark and gritty like the first?
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