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  1. holy cow.. now these are awesome screenshots.. i'm ****ting on my pants by looking at it.
  2. Are you sure? Is there an official source for that? If it's true then it is awesome! I hate the learn-by-doing level system to be honest. I would like to see skill tree something like Diablo or Titan Quest though.
  3. At last! We get to see some screenshots on how much it was bragged and exaggerated on those e3 previews.. My opinion: 1) Graphics definitely better than Dragon Age or Dragon Age 2. This come from someone who plays alot of games and a wide variety of them. However, definitely there's still room for improvement. Please include (hi-res texture pack or options like in Sacred 2 for those who really want it.. i'm sure myself for one) 2) I can't make out or tell what is all about on the 1st screenshot.. I only make out that some horned guy way flying up on air?? Hmm 3) Don't really like the vodyanoi concept art though. Seems like it has a shark's head and a small imp body? All in all.. Obsidian please refine as much as you can especially the textures before releasing the game. Overall graphics better than DA2 for yay
  4. I made a seperate thread asking the same if we are playing a single character or could control a whole party. Developer been dodging that question and i didn't have a clue yet. I'm 'guessing' that in DS3, we will only control the main hero character while the rest of the companion will be controlled by the AI. The companion maybe 'replaced' with real human players in multiplayer as it has been stated numerous times in the E3 previews. If that is the case, i wish we could have some form of control for AI controlled companions.
  5. This kinda make me worried. I hope i'm proven wrong.
  6. Just to voice my opinion if i may. Please no 'learn by doing' system.. Really hates it. Let's say you have 7 skills that you need to concentrate on for the build you are playing be it your playstyle or roleplaying purposes, you need to rinse and repeat or spam infinitey the 7 skills the same x amount of times to get the same y level. I would definitely prefer the skill points system. If you are Paladin class, then it makes sense to have skills that augments your melee prowess and skills that provides healing/aura/debuff/etc.
  7. Developer.. What i would suggest is make the game you wanted to make. Do not be actually bothered by fanaticism or closed-minded individuals that may or may not limit your game. Some would agressively object protusive outfit.. some would actually like more options, variety that suits their roleplay. It's a subjective matter whereby it could result in arguments and heated discussions. All in all, my opinion is .. do not be obstrusive to the point that it may result in nudity but be open enough to be revealing and have as much variety possible.
  8. I'm just sharing my thoughts and opinion on what makes an action hack'n slash RPG fun.. just one word to describe for me is.. FLASHINESS! :D Sorry to have to make it capital to highlights the significance and meaning of it . One of the core elements in action hack'n slash RPG that hooked me up is how flashy those skills/powers/moves of characters. I find that animation in Sacred 2 was a little bland and less appealing due that it wasn't flashy enough for me. Not sure why, i'm more hooked up on Torchlight because of those flashiness? :D I would like that characters in DS3 to have:- 1. More FLASHY (sorry to repeat it ) combinational skills/moves. I do know that hack'n slash seems to be kinda repetitive to keep on spamming the same moves/skills/combat arts over and over again. I would prefer IF the system would allow combination of skills and moves to make the animation of killing monsters/enemies more stylistic and gory (optional). Let's take for example the monk class (err just example k?).. Let say it has the following moves/techniques: 1. Move/Skill 1 - Iron Palm (Max skill points allocatable: 200) 2. Move/Skill 2 - Thousand Cuts (Max skill points allocatable: 200) 3. Move/Skill 3 - Shattering Blow (Max skill points allocatable: 200) 4. Move/Skill 4 - Exploding Kick (Max skill points allocatable: 200) 5. Move/Skill 5 - Critical Strike (Max skill points allocatable: 200) Each of the above skills would have it's own level and players are free to allocate skill points to any of the skills to make the specific skill to be more powerful/inflict more damage/etc. HOWEVER, the highlights here is that those move/techniques can make up a series of COMBO to make the animation of the combat more flashy and adds more variety. To clear things up, for example if you are fighting a very powerful tank, let's say you assigned your RMB (Right Mouse Button) for Combo 1 which has (Iron Palm, Thousand Cuts, Shattering Blow, Exploding Kick, Critical Strike), then each time you Right Clicked, you will unleashed different moves depending on the order of your combo selection. Above just is my opinions/suggestions to make hack'n slash combat more appealing rather than example (If you are playing a Fire Elf in Sacred 2, it's either Incendiary Shower or Blazing Tempest, you basically just spam one move/skill infinitely..) which lacks variety. As mentioned, just my opinions in making the game better! So if you don't like my ideas don't need to get offensive and flame me about it as i'm not Obsidian developer that is making the game Cheers!
  9. I'll add Borderlands to that mix, which was even more Diablo-like than Kotor. 1st person hacknslash with guns, haha. It worked with 2-4 people quite well, although it WAS annoying at times not being able to see the other player except when they were right in front of you. They used dots on the mini-map to let you know where they were, but it isn't the same as actually being able to see them...you easily lost track. Edit: Also, Summoner was 3rd person (with a very wide view) with a campaign party+MP & it worked most of the time (there were some camera issues in some areas). That said, while other viewpoints can/do work, for this type of game I do definitely prefer the top-down type of view or at least a wide 3rd person view ala Kotor. We have three camera zoom levels, from closest to furthest away: 1) Vanity Cam - This is very close, think of something like the character select screen in World of Warcraft. This is not intended for actually actively playing the game, instead it's for checking out your gear and looking at things up really close if you want to see the highest detail. 2) Medium Zoom - This is our default camera, and is like KotoR, but a little more pulled back, and wider (because of the 16:9 aspect ratio). 3) Far Zoom - This is our furthest zoomed out camera, and is the camera used in co-op (it is still selectable in SP, but is the only camera for co-op). This is closest to the classic BG:DA style camera. I'm not nitpicking but overall i like what i'm hearing . Can we have free camera like the one in Sacred 2? That way, we can look through all angles, zoom in to the nearest just to view the character. I really like and often zoom in to view my characters when not in combat
  10. Why? If the level of graphical detail permits you to make exploration immersive (or whatever the buzzword is now) why shoot yourself in the foot and give only the possibility for a topdown view? I believe that view is not suitable for a party based hack'n slash. Imagine how would DS2 plays out with that view? Imagine how diablo plays out with that view? You be seeing and hacking monsters in front of you like you are playing TES: Oblivion and wouldn't be able to view all of your other party all in one view. Also, why would i be shooting myself on my foot if i think a first person view is not suitable for an action hack'n slash game? The reason why Diablo has a locked topdown view is because players will be focusing in action hacking and slashing and not zooming in to a first person view looking onto how detail a monster look.
  11. Huh? Dragon Age didn't work like that. You could choose what camera you were using. Exactly as in this game. What i meant was the exploration in Dragon Age were encouraged to be played on a 3rd person over the shoulder view so players could be further immersed with the details of the game world in a first person shooter view. An action hack'n slash RPG game shouldn't be encouraged to be played with that view, just my opinion though.
  12. Top down view is still present according to the previews, you can change the camera mode on the fly. But i dislike that the DS series evolved or changed the exploration that encourage 3rd person view over the shoulder ala Dragon Age. I'm taking it that Obsidian is trailing Bioware's Dragon Age where combat automatically switched to top down isometric view. That will definitely looks weird for a hack'n slash game.
  13. i'm really excited to see a screenshot of how DS3 looks as from all the previews i've read posted by funcroc stated positive impressions towards the game. however, i'm quite disappointed hearing that DS3 now was defaulted with the 3rd person over the shoulder view. in my opinion, all action action hack'n slash rpg should resemble the top down isometric view ala diablo 3 or sacred 2. other than the issue mentioned above, i'm really looking forward the game as those e3 impressions really changed the way i think before.
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