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  1. Sound to me like the OP just wanted each companion to have it's own AI directed skill path without you needing to set it yourself if you don't want. Shouldn't be too hard to do that and let you modify it yourself too (actually the modifying it yourself part would be the one that would require more effort from the devs, wouldn't it?)
  2. I was thinking something like this: Make the attributes* (Str, Dex, Int etc.) climb slower and be more like in D&D, where they affect more stuff and even a slight increase matters. Have every level for Melee, Ranged and 2 Magic skill (or whatever you call them) actually just give you access to more feats for that skill tree (and it would have more feats then previous games, especially passive ones) and you'd have to chose one from all the ones available so far each lvl-up, and have your attributes only increase every like 10 levels (and once for the first level in that tree) for each skill tree by the appropriate attributes (e.g. melee = +5 Str, +1 Dex, +4 Con; ranged = +3 Str, +5 Dex, +2 Con). And the two magic skills would affect Con (life basically) and the 2 magic attributes (Int and Wis - which fit Combat and Nature Magic respectively pretty well, don't they, and you can ). *note that i'm using the D&D 3.5 type system and terminology to make it easier to understand But anything that makes it feel less like just swinging your sword over and over and gives you more options (especially for the melee character) would be welcomed.
  3. Yeah he probably did. But how much he cared? It was kinda obvious that he was feeling the Force again because of her and their bond. And also that whole her death being lethal 4 him. What really annoyed me was that option after the council on dantooine that goes kinda like : "Kreia was a Sith all along!". For crying out loud she even tells u as much even without influence. Then again maybe the exile hit his head one 2 many times when the Ebon Hawk was drifting in space.
  4. Can't wait 2 use it on Darth Traya. Anyway why did anyone think it was cut? And what's the diference between sounds? (gonna check it out tommorow if i remember)
  5. I've got force crush after Kreia zapped me on Dantooine (the masters were dead already) and i remembered that someone said that it was cut. Anyone else have gotten it? (i was a Sith Lord with DS mastery and 3 force forms) It's really cool an i almost killed Atris with it in like 3 castings.
  6. IMO Kreia didn't really had a plan from the beginning, she just wanted 2 find out how and why the exile broke his connection 2 the force and didn't turn out like Nihilus and some revenge on the others. In the end she sees that he did it because he/she was afraid (after she kills the council on dantooine - LS) and decides that death is her only way out. Frankly Kreia is very suicidal, especially at the end. She's torn between her desire 4 the death of the force and getting people ready 2 fight the true sith.
  7. If u finished the game u sould know not 2 trust anything Kreya says. Also it was the Sith which belived u were the last Jedi, which wasn't true (Kreya made them belive that 2 serve her interests). Also Jolee wasn't a Jedi in K1 anyway, he exiled himself. And acording 2 the chronicles from www.kotor2.com after the jedi civil war many other Jedi left the order in self-exile because they belived the council caused the war.
  8. Crap! It kept giving me an error! How do i delet the others??
  9. The ultimate sith lord: http://www.starwars.com/kids/explore/colle...ws20050223.html
  10. The ultimate sith lord: http://www.starwars.com/kids/explore/colle...ws20050223.html
  11. The ultimate sith lord: http://www.starwars.com/kids/explore/colle...ws20050223.html
  12. The ultimate sith lord: http://www.starwars.com/kids/explore/colle...ws20050223.html
  13. Does anyone have a problem with the movies? I don't know why but "Kreia's Fall" and "Visas Marr Introduction" show only a black screen with the sound plaing ok. Any1 got any sugestions? I have a GeForce 4 mx 128 P4 2.6GHz 512MB Changing res or refresh rate didn't help, neither putting everithing at minimum.
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