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  1. After the latest patch post-WM pt 2, the accuracy bonus isn't applied at all. This is very disappointing. I had it fully leveled on Aloth, and no bonus showed up for the item on the breakdown fly-out for accuracy. I tried severing the soul bound, giving it to Durance, and the reduced Accuracy bonus still didn't show up (he had no Weapon Focus at all) -- Updated: I reloaded my save game and then traveled and I noticed that the bonus is now there! Weird!!
  2. I tried all the suggestions then it occurred to me that it was hanging occasionally on startup so I looked in the Steam library and it was stuck on trying to synchronize the save games with Steam Cloud Saves. So I turned that off and it fired back up no issues, all my save games appeared again. Try that out-- personally, I use OneDrive to synchronize my PC save games anyway so it's not a loss for me.
  3. I'm not exactly sure what he meant as far as how far "ego-stroking" goes but I agree. I prefer for a "mature" title that character companions like what they like and dislike what they don't, and depending on their disposition they will voice it or not. On the "hardcore" mode you wouldn't see the influence changes but you might still get less and less enthusastic responses from them and their banters may change (ala BG characters when the party alignment drifts from theirs too far) and eventually they pick a fight or part ways. I really don't like the rival/friend mechanic from Dragon Age 2 which tries to ensure that you can always travel with companions up to the hard-coded points in the game where they have cutscenes to pick fights with you if their influence isn't high enough. My favorite characters though for influence were Kreia in KOTOR2, Gann in NWN2 MOTB, and Dak'kon in Torment. None of these characters fall into the typical good/evil dynamic where you can just be a "goodie-goodie" / paladin type or evil-**** type and expect to get easy influence, like you would with HK-47/Hanharr, One-of-Many, or Falls-From-Grace. Kreia and Dak'kon I think are even better because they require your character to use their stats/skills associated with smarts to unlock their dialog trees and influence. Kreia even more so because she observes what you do and when you manipulate the world around you to your advantage or "cause an echo in the Force" she approves-- getting that approval is a reward more so to me than just murdering some fool or refusing a reward.
  4. I would like a patch now that I bought AP for $8 on Steam's sale. -- edit: Ah here we go: http://help.sega.com/index.php?_m=knowledg...kbarticleid=865
  5. That is the best slick willy impression I've heard on a forum. Seriously, are you a political aide?
  6. When Feargus was interviewed by GameBanshee some months ago he mentioned that an original IP fantasy RPG was in development at Obsidian and to wait for the announcement. Did that project become Dungeon Siege 3? Did it used to be some other IP (such as "Baldur's Gate") but got switched between IPs during initial core tech development? (when it is easier to do so) Is there still an "original IP" fantasy RPG in the works at Obsidian? Inquiring minds want to know, especially in light of Brad Wardell's (Stardock) tell-all about the horrors of Atari accounting putting the kibosh on Master of Magic 2 sequel after everything had been worked out with their corporate and legal teams (why their upper management didn't kick accounting's ass over it, I will not understand). It makes me think that a game like Baldur's Gate 3 *could* have been made by Obsidian (D&D 4E probably, though, *sigh*) but collosal pricks at these IP owning companies (Atari/Hasbro) are messing it up for the fans.
  7. My problem playing DS1 and 2 was the completely broken skill system that punished players for playing with their desired skills of choice that weren't as powerful or using things as they were convenient (jack-of-all trades is a master of nerf). Will DS3 have a skill system similar to DS1, or something similar to DS2 (I admit I forget the differences between the two), or something new? My personal peeve is that it always seems like players who want to be a bad-ass dervish swordsman or walking tank juggernaught will always get shafted because ranged (playing keep-away) and magic (way more useful/creative) dominate most action-RPGs.
  8. Yeah, because Blizzard makes great games that were PC only, and Valve did too until recently. Diablo III and Starcraft 2 will sell like gangbusters, because people understand how much time and effort Blizzard spends on their products. Valve also spends a LOT of time on their games. Neither company values technology over substance and quality. I only wish more companies are like this. Set the system requirements to current day realistic values, and make it very fast on those systems. Forget about the top-end, it's worthless to try since the amount of people with systems that powerful isn't nearly as valuable as getting it to run on the low end in two years time. For every Half-Life 2 or World of Warcraft there is a terrible Far Cry 2, which hardly runs on any system and isn't a very interesting game, or an Age of Conan, all style over substance.
  9. I enjoyed this Q&A other than the first question, which was pretty much smoke being blown up our asses. Last I heard in the forums for MoW, Ossian has been development complete and waiting on Obsidian to implement Atari's authentication for quite some time now.
  10. I don't suppose you could change the patching program so we can download binary diffs instead of giant full files every time? I mean the hotfix couldn't have been that big of a change yet the patch is 45MB? wtf?
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