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  1. i added another screen without graze. seriously i can't recall the damage being so low for many playthrough. are you sure the calculation is correct? if this damage is legit, how are you going to kill bosses with few thousand HP? also, my main character MIG is 20 by the way.
  2. I'm not sure but it seems like my main is dealing very little damage. Look at the screenshot: Dmg roll: 19.8 -50% graze +42% MIG +45% Sneak Attack +10% Sharp +45% Superb -35% Dual-Wield = 17.7 basic roll. My math isn't the best but, total stacked % damage should be +57%. How did it end up as 17.7? Is the game bugged or i'm not understanding the calculation correctly? Thanks
  3. I have 12 stealth and moving past NPCs the circle fills up very fast as though i have no stealth. Not sure if it affects all skills, but mechanics seems to work with chest.
  4. thank god! i thought i was the only one. also i have the issue with skills. i have 12 stealth and moving past NPCs the circles filled in very fast!. it's as though i have no stealth. anyone having this problem? edit also i have crash to desktop.. with some function call error. dang.. each patch the bug is getting so bad.
  5. I basically spam spacebar constantly, but there's still a pretty huge difference between rtwp and turn-based to me. I'll probably give it a try once just to see it myself. I hope this really does help boost sales/attach rate a bit, since that's the justification for working on this feature. I like the idea of semi real time? This is what I did. Set auto pause every 6s. I still enjoy the real time benefits of attack speed, triggers chance and still managing the battle without space spam. What I see is that TB take away elements of attack speed and chance to trigger.
  6. I'm also curious if attack time has any influence in this mode. And what's the relation between recovery/reload time and time between character's turns. Does it work like initiative from HOMM Heroes of Might and Magic? Or perhaps only the total action time is of importance for next character's turn, otherwise there could be problems with Bloodthirst, Tempest and such? Sorry for being off topic. But its great to meet someone who play homm
  7. i have improved warship reinforcement (+15 hull health) and stormwind sails. i did check on wheel, anchor and lantern. it seems like not really significant. do they really make a big difference? i honestly have no idea what i'm doing wrong though.
  8. swift flurry, heartbeat drumming all have been severely nerfed. i'm not even sure why are they not being outright removed.
  9. it seems i still suxs with ship battles. my canoneer 3-4 stars and even i hold to get accuracy, cannonball sometimes miss sometimes hit the sail. where as enemy turn, they have high damage and accuracy as well. even i'm about to win some of those cannons will still miss. some battles feel kind of ridiculous. enemy keep closing in distance and you try to keep the distance away.. it just keep repeating without giving up. same goes with when they hold, you know they are going to fire up. so you keep full sailing and they keep holding. once you give up they hit you with massive high accuracy high damage. you use the negate and you still end up getting hit with 4-5 cannons. basically they can wipe you in just 2 rounds of shooting. i have a dhow with most of the crew 3-4 stars. i use double bronzers and i position on the distance as well. i read about the guide few months back it doesn't seems as easy as people said. imperial long gun? heck enemy ships have them as well.
  10. You are itching for a nerf . Well maybe they won't because the obvious is that this game theme is piracy. So guns have to be great
  11. Better equip yourself with flame shield . Basically I would say the earlier you play the better. But since you are late we have the most balanced multiplayer game to date . For me personally I like every build to be viable and kick some good butt at mid late game. But the way I see it this game has many classes and subclasses yes. They were not meant to be made equal. There are some classes will deal higher damage. There are some classes that are great in tanking and some support. So you have to find the one you like to play in 2 of those classes. There are some classes which out right mediocre in dps if you choose to do so. But I kinda agree with you on the approach obsidian is taking. They are only eyeing on whatever build or item/Armor/weapon//etc. and they will nerf it. I think that's their answer in giving folks who wanted a challenge? Maybe they are waiting for a dark souls equivalent award or something
  12. If they think they can make tonnes of money with TB I like to see they do it with a new title start from scratch. See how well it sells. Do a poll and don't rely on bias opinion of some posters who prefer TB or RTwP.
  13. It's not hidden to the AI though. HP, Self, Under 50%, Second Wind. Or Healing Potion, if you'd prefer. Maybe Lay on Hands or some other healing ability if you're multiclassing. Best AI I've seen was an RTS game that's more than a decade ago called Age of Mythology. Their micro is crazy. Nowadays most AI or difficulty, developers just cheat their way out. Inflate HP, defense,swarm you, penalised you with crazy debuffs and that's difficulty in your face
  14. i think there's enough subclass. what obsidian needs to do is revisit those subclasses and improve them. i find many of those subclass having very steep penalties while having mediocre benefits.
  15. but it's missing out the fort debuffs. now i have to pick a no subclass fighter. i feel that the penalty of devoted outweighs the benefits. anyway regarding stats, is a 10 CON fine?
  16. i love lord darryn much better (for my personal taste). but sadly obsidian design is so bad that i'm forced on morningstar because i wanted a devoted and i can't play optimally. also, i can't decide on the stat attribute distribution. anyone any idea?
  17. i'm not sure there is any silly broken OP build. if there's one i'm sure it will be nerfed faster than lightning. i don't see any much powerful builds being posted anymore. most of the builds months ago are *outdated* and not applicable anymore due to the major nerfs. you have to understand the mechanics more to only perhaps having a slight edge to any other builds. i would say most builds are balanced. the most balanced multiplayer online game i've ever seen. /s
  18. I would rather that they scrap this idea if is going to take a lot of effort and resources. Did you see Divinity Original Sins 2 include a RTwP mode? If they think they are successful because it's TB then obsidian is plain wrong. TB alone is not a game seller. It's just like all the Devs are jumping to moba or battle royale bandwagon.
  19. bugs suxs i know. perhaps the intended way is go to the dark cupboard directly instead of going through the bath house first. after wearing the robes, latest patch the steel ironclad didnt get hostile. even if he does.. what i did was sneak pass through it.
  20. i wanted a death godlike but it's super ugly. sincere question, i'm wondering why folks at obsidian like ugly stuff? anyway.. is there a mod that makes godlikes to have human head and body? i wanted to make "Hela" like in avengers. thanks
  21. if i have a mod and there's this min and max version. do i need to modify the mod to the current latest version to take effect? or it's just for show? thanks
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