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  1. I thought it's just the name of status effect - so the player knew where it came from.If that bonus PL affects only chants and invocations... then what's the point of this subclass? (provided that its only +0.5 PL per phrase consumed) maybe there's something we didn't know? or it was given just for the sake of fulfilling "one extra subclass for each class" marketing? even if it scale with PL, still is it worth a 1 per encounter nuke? i really like a resource returning chanter subclass. skald 50% chance upon crit really kinda meh for me. i'm playing a devoted/skald in 3.11. not sure if that's the best for a crit offensive chanter build. arcane archer and blood mage looks interesting. perhaps only these 2 i'll be trying.
  2. still a range weapon. i'd really like a melee multi-hit weapon. sun and moon for one i guess.
  3. are there any melee weapon that does multi-hit except blunderbuss or frostseeker? or only way is the fighter clear-out with paralyze? hmm...
  4. Nope! It's not extra phrases that grants bonus to PL. It's the already stored phrases that grants the bonus. If you cast a PL 5 invocation (with 7 phrases stored) you get a 'based on 7 PL bonus' of some kind. question to chanter lover. is this really a good subclass addition? is this what most chanter player like this?
  5. I speak on potd upscale experience. Basically enemies have bloated stats. All your attacks, nukes and deuffs will mostly miss. Game is designed for plain auto-attacking early game. Your skill does nothing. Some drugs have been nerfed and only cost flat +5 ACC which not going to help you in most cases (for a short duration). The solution is to get up to certain level. 10 you start to get good. And feels really good at level 12. You can complete alot of content at starting at level 12. The simplest reason is controlled accuracy. There are other mechanics like armor and penetration as well. In conclusion, I find that I love poe1 system far better than poe2.
  6. Bellower: So the most phrases you hold before you invoke sounds nice. But if there's no way for you to acquire your phrases faster. There isn't a point. One time use of Sasha and that's it? Tactician: Basically this subclass discourage solo? Does your pet consider ally? Even so, has anyone soloed the game with a fighter/ranger before? Question in point: does interrupt from the 2nd class (that is not the fighter class) that interrupts, do you gain discipline? Debonaire: Basically this subclass going to fare badly against bosses or elites? You are going to graze or even miss? for immunity enemies. Not sure about the rest. Will need to play them to find out. Thoughts? The only most interesting subclass for me is the Arcane Archer. It would honestly be a godsend if they have modding editor to allow gamers to create their own subclass. Modders probably do much greater job than Obsidianites in my opinion.
  7. seriously you need people to convince you to not quit the game? maybe start learning the game mechanics, ask for help on certain battles. there are so many veterans here and i learn alot from them. now all my playthroughs are potd upscale.
  8. Chanter: - Fixed an issue that caused the base Cone effect from "Her Revenge Swept Across the Land" to bounce, not just the additional bolts.Meaning of this? Nerf? Also, not sure if it's just me. Conversation with Hazanui VO were abruptly cut incomplete. Anyone have this? Has it been fixed? PS. all my playthrus are potd upscaled. Was there a need or request to up veteran difficulty?
  9. It smells sci-fi to me. Unfortunately not that interested. Magic and fantasy mostly my preference.
  10. IMHO 4 will be best for consoles and controllers. You have less to control. Many TB RPGs having just 4 on consoles like original sins. They tried that with Tyranny. Calling is successor to baldurs gate with only 4 certainly wouldn't cut it. So they go with 5. Well if they have plan for multiplayer aka moba, mostly having 5 as well. So that makes a good number. Of course this is his my opinion. I'm sure many won't hesitate to attack me
  11. From a logistical / design point of view, I actually wonder what this means. I'm not saying they're wrong, of course, but on the surface it doesn't look like the claim is valid, which is precisely why I'd like to know the reasoning behind it. Consoles and controllers
  12. i would rather returning storm and all storm spells actually sound like a storm. really bad game design in my opinion.
  13. not sure if this is related to gog. i have set the vsync and triple buffering from nvidia control panel->program settings. added pillars of eternity 2.exe and set the vsync and triple buffering. it doesnt seems to work. anyone any idea? i also use rivatuner statistic server but i can't see the fps counter. i have very bad performance i'm using nvidia gtx1080. i'm getting 60fps on Assasin's Creed Origins. So i think gtx1080 should be running the game smooth enough without stuttering? but i've read the pinned thread about nvidia GPU. i've done the above but couldn't get it to work.
  14. The game seriously need cool looking Armor, more head for godlikes and different races. Of course aesthetically. For gameplay, the game needs new mechanics, spells, abilities and gear driven builds. Many of the class builds are gear dependent. So more new items, Armor and weapon please.
  15. @enoch you can use unity console and change serafen subclass to a no subclass if not mistaken.
  16. are there going to be new mechanics? new spells? new abilities? new level cap? or all are the same but just dungeon and story?
  17. my corpse-eater cares more about being fast. he's also actually a shaman (corpse-eater + priest of skaen), so I have extra heals, enemy accuracy debuffs, and I can Escape to eat corpses for more healing or even just for the temporary +50 deflection boost. Ironically, when I had serafen in my party (who was wearing heavier armor), serafen had much harder time staying alive. rekke is doing fine though (upgraded heavy armor + thick-skinned + armored grace + litany for the body = 25% under pen for many enemies but still fast) Hey now, Wild Mind may be a totally inadequate sidegrade to an inadequate core class, but you need a lot of room on the bottom to distinguish it from the truly bad (Brotherhood of the Five Suns) and figurative tire fires (Sister of the Reaping Moon). ...yeah they really need to do a companion unique subclass balance pass at some point. however much off the other special subclasses might be (and I don't mind Sister of the Reaping Moon at all), serafen's is the only one that has actively caused harm to me. I think the last straw for this paticular run was using Mind Blades and triggering a Wild Mind that made all enemies hit with it invisible. "Welp, time to go get Rekke." Anytime in the future I use serafen it'll be as a pure barb. i haven't been playing a barbarian yet in deadfire. still cant decide which is the other better multi-class option. i don't fancy using serafen for the things you mentioned. also the wild mind. but without him having the cipher subclass making it a little immersion breaking as the whole story and conversation was scripted as a cipher. maybe can use unity console and make him a regular cipher instead.
  18. That's probably the last thing to come out, except perhaps for some patching. well at least i still have pathfinder kingmaker to look forward to
  19. seriously do you guys wear aloth's armor on a barbarian tank? you wont stack enough armor with light armor. well except you are goldpact?
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