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  1. I have encountered an apparent bug in The Cornett's Call. I was asked to meet Dereo in the Delver's Row. I did not do this for a while, completing other quests first and never entering Delver's Row. I just entered Delver's Row and made my way to the thug on a bridge who guards Dereo's lair. My journal tells me that there should be a dialogue option for me to state that Dereo has called for me. However, this dialogue option does not appear. I can ask the thug a few questions, but in the end it comes down to either leaving or attacking him. How to fix this?
  2. I loved PoE I, and I love the setting, writing and atmosphere of PoE 2. However, having played for a while, the mix of difficulty spikes and bugs is getting to be too frustrating. For example: I have set combat levelling to full in the difficulty settings. The Tikawara related quests are not marked as too difficult for me in my journal. I sail to Tikawara, complete a few quests, and eventually pick up the quest that asks me to travel to the Poko Kohara ruins. Outside the ruins, I promptly meet a golem that it far too difficult for my level 7 party to defeat. Fine, so I return to Neketaka, thinking that I should complete simpler quests there, such as The Cornett's Call. I had been asked some time ago to meet Dereo in Delver's Row, but had so far not done it. I make my way to delver's row and meet the thug who guards Dereo's hideout via a bridge. My journal states that I should tell the thug that Dereo had sent for me. However, no such dialogue option is available - obviously a bug. I have not found a workaround for this yet, and it is frustrating not to be able to resolve the quest. So, in the end, unpredictable difficulty and bugged quests have made this a very frustrating experience. Can anyone convince me to keep going?
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