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  1. This was prior to 3.1 if not mistaken not only this. The daily wage I still have in 3.1.1. really facepalm
  2. well you are out of luck. let me tell you what's happening with deadfire. the more you wait, the worst it become. of course this is my opinion. they went overboard with overnerfs making everything a borefest. 200dmg+50slash? i'm really interested to find out if there's such a build even exists in deadfire. IF there is.. very quickly you will see it being nerfs to ground in no time.
  3. kind of weird why it wasn't shown on combat log. i didn't notice that mob die faster though. my understanding it works by per hit. so on a CWed enemy, minoletta, blunderbuss or damage with high number of hits should kill them pretty fast. but i didn't quite notice it. have to check it out again. thanks!
  4. does the radius 1.5m scale upon leveling? make sense due to the small radius. guess i have no luck with serafen then but have to specifically just buff the radius with so many items and abilities. honestly speaking, veterans of deadfire like this kind of changes? so many effort needed just to make the bigger radius. ps. also if the carnage radius doesn't show it should be clearly a bug. this was not the case in poe1. very badly design deadfire
  5. i have poleaxe for him. i notice when he attacks there are no highlights around him. when he hit, he only hit a single enemy. only the hand mortar when you aim has the target radius. can anyone confirm it's not bugged in 3.11? many thanks
  6. i wound rather it stacks the +1 armor if you have 2 paladins. by the way i have no idea. but may check it out later.
  7. the one from pathfinder kingmaker is nice it would be nice if character scren can look like this:
  8. So i cast combusting wounds. Then i use minoletta missile. It didn't trigger the combusting wounds. Not sure if physical hit works. gonna try it and see.
  9. Here's the issue, out of combat it seems to work. But in combat, powder burns doesnt distract with streetfighter. Is this a bug? I'm not sure if it's only me.
  10. i can confirm this. i saw it too but i didn't report it. i rather they fix more critical bugs.
  11. Run through a trap and get one wound with him and wear Rekvu's helmet. Now you are immune vs. interrupt. Thanks except that he's godlike
  12. The phrase resource is similar to monk wounds. You amplify the effects of recitation when you deal damage. Once the recitations gain enough threshold, you gain +1 phrase. Is it possible to do?
  13. Wizard for high dps having an evoker.. basically i'm not quite impressed. the damage don't quite make it for me.
  14. saw this on nexusmod: https://www.nexusmods.com/pillarsofeternity2/mods/265 just want to say many thanks and great job on working on this. what i found obsidian did was overnerf the game to the ground till the game became a borefest. i'm not sure what's on their mind. are they trying to shoo away their gamers or they have no idea what they were actually doing? may be possibly trying out this mod. thanks for the great effort! @AndreaColombo
  15. I hated the 4 character concept. But I like the no friendly fire. Seems to me positioning is more of an annoyance than actually contributing anything. Good luck in no pause challenge unless you can make the battle extremely slow
  16. chanter is a summoner i know. the skald subclass gaining +1 phrase on crit was mainly designed as an offensive invoker. nuking with a chanter isn't bad just that it's just plain long. this would have been different if chanter resource are like wounds or focus.
  17. Already did that. When trying talking to orron I have the option to lie. I've completed this quest before in previous playthru. He and his crew will leave after lying. But this time only orron go down. When following him downstairs, he return back up after going down. So I'm not sure this is a bug or not. The other option is paying him 1000 gold for him to leave (with diplomacy)
  18. I'm not quite sure what you're asking, but if all you focus is on invocations, then yes, brisk recitation will still be slow because it's still like 20+ seconds before using a super high level invocation. but that's not the right comparison. you're getting those invocations literally 100% faster. and those invocations are potentially extremely powerful anyway and worth waiting for. and if you think brisk recitation is slow, you should really try that AL7 chant that summons a skeleton, with brisk recitation on. you won't think it's very slow after that. Yes I'm playing offensive chanter. I'm focusing mainly on invocations. Correct me if I'm wrong, with brisk recitation each phrase is 3s long? So invocations are basically more expensive (+1 phrase). Since the time for 1 phrase is finite, so to cast just thrice was she wronged, you need basically 12secs or 18secs for seven nights. That's really long just to dish out 1 nuke. And the damage isn't impressive at all. Compared to other classes that can generate resource with damage eg. Ascendant, its really slow for me. I have since now trying evoker. He's fast but he lose out in infinite nukes. Ps. Skald is a nice subclass that suits my playstyle. But gain +1 phrase on crit isn't that good in potd? Especially mobs and bosses have ridiculous defense.
  19. Not sure what i'm doing wrong with this quest? Previous playthrough i can lie to Orron. He and his crew will leave and that can make enough room for 6 for Biha. Not sure if it's a bug, now after lying to Orron, he will just go downstairs and they back up again. And there's no way to make room for all of the children unless you pay Orron.
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